Just as when I plan dinner party menus, I love to save the best for last. Cheesecake, anyone? Earlier today, I shared with you the superb article in Investor’s Business Daily on Artur Davis and his former buddy Barack. But I held back this section of IBD’s article:

[Joe Biden] “Romney wants to let the–he said in the first 100 days he’s going to let the big banks once again write their own rules, unnnn-chain Wall Street. They’re going to put y’all back in chains.” […]

Judging by Biden’s practiced histrionics, the disappointing moment may well have been planned. Nor was Obama bothered by a recent super-PAC ad suggesting that Romney causes fatal cancer.

But maybe Obama should have a problem with all this.

Clearly, with no achievement record to run on, the Oval Office occupant has decided there’s more to gain politically this time by dividing Americans into tiny camps and attempting to cobble enough of them together with treats, promises and windmill subsidies for victory come Nov. 6. Then what?

America is not a large Chicago. Buying and playing off one faction against another may work well in that one-party principality.

With a childhood spent in another culture, the man once known as Barry Soetoro misreads this nation. Despite all the noisy acrimony at times nationally, there is a fundamental decency and sense of fairness that unites diverse Americans in their hearts, even in the worst of times.

Barack Obama may well discover come November that his increasingly desperate bid to retain power at any cost, any tactic, any phrase finally did unite conscientious Americans in the privacy of their voting booths.

And their collective decision was to go in a different direction, y’all.

With that, I’ll pop into the kitchen and pour some brandy and, of course, coffee. If you insist, it will be decaffeinated.

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