HelenK2 just found this news from BusinessInsider.com, and it’s a must to add to this post about the media. I haven’t read Niall Ferguson’s article yet but, unless he let Newsweek‘s editors “adjust” his writing, it should be a damning story. Here’s the link to Ferguson’s story and you can also click the image:

Original: CNN’s Soledad O’Brien blows. I’ve grown fond of Anderson Cooper’s shows — especially when he sincerely attempts to be objective — but what in the hell was CNN thinking in giving O’Brien the guest host spot while Cooper is off? O’Brien’s contempt for Republicans (accompanied, for emphasis, by her curled lips and haughty attitude) is too obvious. The only part of O’Brien’s biased Friday night segment attacking Paul Ryan that was EVEN worse were the incomprehensible defenses by the intellectually-challenged Erick Erickson, a “conservative blogger” hired by CNN.

Here’s O’Brien’s scoop: Paul Ryan voted for the stimulus bill but, while he protested taking stimulus money for his own district, he did it anyway. On a radio show, he said, “No, I’m not one who votes for something, then writes to the government to ask them to send us money.”

But, O’Brien claims, Ryan did seek money: “In 2009, congressman Ryan wrote to the departments of energy and labor seeking stimulus money for a pair of local green energy companies. One ended up with more than $20 million.” My take? Paul Ryan is an ambitious guy, and every House member does the same thing. Similar stories fill the honest biographies of every hard-core politician (and are the meat and poatoes of Starz’ “Boss,” about a fictional (?) Chicago mayor*). O’Brien quizzed Erickson (sigh), who replied:

You know, I think it’s a little bit of a problem for Paul Ryan. But I remember writing about this at Red State back in 2010. I’m surprised it’s coming up now. It was so out there then. With a number of the Republicans who voted against the stimulus plan wanted it. [sic]

Look, Paul Ryan is not as conservative as the Democrats would like him to be so that they can paint him as the term and he voted for TARP, the General Motors bailout, capping CEO pay. He voted against the stimulus in 2009. But he voted for the 2008 stimulus, Medicare part D and no travel up behind [sic].

Conservatives may not like it but it’s a little bit surprising the Democrats are pushing these attacks. I guess on the hypocrisy angle. They seem to not really have a cogent argument on Paul Ryan yet. And I think painting him as more of a moderate really doesn’t help them with the other rhetoric for pushing endorse him [sic].

Next, the tawdry story of how those press pool reports get made:

This isn’t an issue that makes or breaks news but, since the “pool reports” determine the stories that get emphasized in the 24-hour news cycle, it matters a great deal WHO controls the reports. Howard Kurtz, whose CNN show, “Reliable Sources,” I respect, discussed the controversy today:

KURTZ: Just briefly, Jonathan. You wrote this week about Vice President Biden and his team trying to influence on the trail the pool reports that are filed —

MARTIN: Right.

KURTZ: These are initial reporters who get in and share their findings with the larger groups of reporters who can’t get into small events. What did they do?

MARTIN: Right. They — well, myself and colleague, they attempted to edit some of what was being put in the pool report. And that’s just a no-no because those are — of and for the journalist.

KURTZ: They tried to offer their suggestions about what should go on there — is perhaps the kinder way to put it.

And those pool reports belong to us. The only reason that the White House is involved with them is because they — they’re the ones that sent them out to the rest of the press corps.

Look, the Romney campaign has set up a way where it’s the journalists who send them out. There’s a Google group or whatever, that’s probably the way it should go forward.

The technology nowadays allows us basically to put them out amongst ourselves. I don’t know why the White House is still involved putting them out anyways.

KURTZ: All right. Jonathan Martin, Steve Roberts, Erin McPike — thanks very much.

I’ll be darned. The Romney campaign is running the press pool system ethically. We already know that there’s nothing the Obama administration will not do to shape the stories that the press report about. It just never occurred to me that they’d mess with the press pool reports.

By the way, Kurtz’s top story this morning? How the liberal media bashed Paul Ryan. Yup. It’s true:

Paul Ryan got quite a media honeymoon when he was picked. You know, he works out, he goes hunting. He makes his own Polish sausage. It lasted for, oh, a long weekend.

Then, the coverage turned skeptical and sour.


LESTER HOLT, NBC NEWS: Tonight, Ryan is on the defensive over whether he asked for millions in stimulus money despite voting against President Obama’s stimulus package while calling it wasteful spending.

RACHEL MADDOW, MSNBC: “Roll Call” and “The Hill” and “Politico” all featuring articles right now about Republicans freaking out about what Paul Ryan’s addition to the ticket means for every other Republican on the ballot in November.

(END VIDEO CLIP). … (Full transcript.)

*About “Boss,” an original series starting its second season on Starz: For some reason, my local cable company gave me a free year of Starz and Encore. I just wish I had more time to watch all the movies, especially the classics that fill Encore’s calendar. “Boss” is not the greatest TV ever, but it is very entertaining and accomplishes what every TV show should do: It makes you anxious to see the next episode. If you get Starz, or its “on demand” episodes of “Boss,” give it a try — from the beginning (Season One). The acting is great, especially Kelsey Grammer as the mayor. Even Daniel J. Travanti of “Hill Street Blues” fame has a recurring role. And Troy Garity, who plays the by-any-means reporter out to get the mayor, is the son of Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden, a fun fact I soon forgot because he’s a great actor.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/floyda.john Floyd A John

    Brownwhyne can’t STAND those HAUGHTY ones

  • lola828

    Another hit job by Niall Ferguson. Not only has this guy been so wrong for so long, now he just straight out lies in this Newsweek piece of garbage.

    Here is some reaction to the Newsweek piece:

    “A Full Fact-Check of Niall Ferguson’s Very Bad Argument Against Obama”

    “But rather than make this straightforward case against the current administration, Ferguson delves into a fantasy world of incorrect and tendentious facts. He simply gets things wrong, again and again and again.”


    “As a Harvard Alum, I Apologize”

    ” A tenured professor of history at my undergraduate alma mater has written a cover story for Daily Beast/Newsweek that is so careless and unconvincing that I wonder how he will presume to sit in judgment of the next set of student papers he has to grade. It’s by the irrepressible Niall Ferguson, it is headlined “Obama’s Gotta Go,”


    “The worst case against the Obama administration”




    tourre doubles down. calls Arthur Davis Judas in a suit
    this fool does not learn

    • Hokma

      Can you just imagine if a conservative had done this to liberals? They would be banned for life from television. This guy Toure is a racist of the worst kind and I was shocked that he was not even suspended from the station at all.

      • HObama HObamanana

        But you are operating from the mindset that MSNBC is somehow opposed to or offended by his comments. They aren’t, just as the Obama Administration isn’t. They all fully support his racism. They actually encourage it. It’s the game plan.

    • getfitnow

      I’m sure Mr. Davis is ready for this and more. Sad and disgusting.

    • HObama HObamanana

      I’m a little surprised that he didn’t call him a house nigger or an Uncle Tom. But it’s still early in the week.


    Iowa Hawk

    Maybe Akin and Biden can partner as sensitivity training consultants.



    dad to kid
    look just sit there and move the stuff around the plate. I promise you we will stop at McDonald’s on the way home

    • HoosierinDixie

      Helen I am not suprised he was reading his response from notes. I think the whole thing was rigged. Fox had a clip of Ed Henry asking Carney if claims that Obama hates Mitt are true. Chuck Todd (MSNBC) actually signals Carney to say no by shaking his head. These guys are not fooling anybody but themselves.

    • FLDemFem

      Please God, let him lose Illinois. Just what he needs to bring him down to earth from whatever planet he is on.



    Romney’s cash advantage now stands at $185.9 million to $123.7 million, at the end of July.

    1 hour ago

    from twitter.com

    by editor

    2012 elections

    @ZekeJMiller tweeted:

    Obama campaign took in $49.2 million in July, spent $59.0 million

    • lola828

      We will see if Romney, Karl Rove and their billonaires will be able to buy this election. Romney bought the primaries. That is all he has got, which is money.


    I just saw on the ticker on Fox news. Backtrack says when you run for president, your life is an open book and asking Romney about his taxes is ok.
    Every time backtrack opens his mouth, I feel more like throwing up , than I did when I had morning sickness

    • HELENK2
    • FLDemFem

      Yes, he added the financials after a pause. I guess he figured that we would ask for things like school and medical records. I want to know what that scar on the right side of his head is and does it have anything to do with his left side, especially the leg, not working as well as the right side. It’s one of the reasons he bounces up and down stairs, to disguise the leg that doesn’t work that well. Note his left foot is turned inwards when it shouldn’t be.

    • getfitnow

      He really doesn’t want to go there, does he?



    broke Ill tried to pass bill to reform pensions. speaker spikes it and gets money from unions on same day. It is just your imagination if you think something is wrong here

  • foxyladi14

    Good for Mitt.



    a second Canadian pipeline. One that backtrack can not screw up



    new book says obamacare was designed ot unionize 21 million health care workers

    • Hokma

      Of course. Obamacare is designed to pave the way for nationalized healthcare that is completely controlled by the Federal government. And of course the only way the Obama communist revolution can happen is if you make workers dependent on the Federal government which is best done by building the unions.


    Breaking: Senior GOP official: Akin advisors making preparations for a withdrawal tomorrow.



    looks like backtrack got the message, he should throw some crumbs to the WH press corp

  • binky354

    Did you know GOP will take away women’s right to drive cars?


    • HELENK2

      but but enough of women’s tax money went to GM that every woman should have at least two free cars

    • lola828

      That would not be a surprise given that we now have Republican Senate candidates saying that women’s bodies can stop themselves from getting pregnant when they are “legitimately” raped. The GOP war on women continues, so why not find a way to stop them from driving.


      • Hokma

        You said candidates – plural. Other than soon-to-be-former candidate Akin, who else said that. You better have one more or just go back to your basement and practice your google searches.

        • lola828

          Akin has already said he is staying in the race.

          • Hokma

            He’ll be out soon.

            You said candidates – plural – and still waiting to support that – or just go back to your mommy’s basement and get more practice at your outside world with Google searches.

            • HObama HObamanana

              “and still waiting to support that”

              Almost the funniest thing I’ve heard in a week.

            • lola828

              Ryan thinks exactly the same way on abortion and rape as his buddy Akin does. Akin just represents what is now mainstream GOP thinking with regard to abortion, rape and women’s health. We will see what their abortion platform is that they are putting together this weekend. Sounds like their will be no exemptions for rape. The GOP would force women to have the baby of their rapist. Boy, that is going to turn a lot of women on to vote for the GOP.

              • Hokma

                “Ryan thinks exactly the same way on abortion and rape as his buddy Akin does.”

                Prove it slob. Show me where Ryan thinks there is legit rape and illegit rape. Show me where Ryan thinks that a woman can self-abort a potential fetus.

                You can’t idiot.

      • twobits2

        Give me a break – Akin is a jerk and a fool – there are plenty of those on both sides of the aisle.
        What I see as the war on women is the liberal idea that women are so weak that they have to have the government step in on every level of their lives to take care of them. It’s the same b.s. that operates with them and blacks and gays and other minorities.
        You are helpless, so let us control you.

        • lola828

          Akin actually sponsored national anti-abortion personhood legislation with your candidate Paul Ryan who has also said there are different kinds of rape. Ryan instead of using the term “legitimate” called it forced rape. Rape is rape. Akin’s and Ryan’s just reflect the broader Republican Party. The War on Women continues. Women will not be fooled. Ryan is a negative for Romney with women. Ryan has a terrible voting record when it comes to women. Romney/Ryan are currently polling terribly with women. Obama may actually get a bigger women’s vote than he got in 2008.

          • HObama HObamanana

            Just for the record, legally there are different forms of rape. There is statutory rape which is sexual intercourse with a minor, under the age of consent. And then there is the FBI definition of rape which is “forcible rape” which is always absent of consent.

            I agree that rape is rape is rape is rape. And I not only don’t approve of it I want to see anyone that participates in it harshly punished. Perhaps Whoopie Goldberg might define “legitimate rape” as rape-ity rape rape rape.

            I would call you an idiot but don’t want to insult idiots.

            • lola828

              Hobama your comment is another piece of garbage.
              Rape is rape. You cannot use ideology to try and redefine rape,as all of your Republican buddies try to do all the time.
              So you agree with Akin and Ryan or you disagree with them? Ryan tries to redefine rape in the personhood amendments that he sponsored in Congress.
              By the way statutory rape is also forceable rape. There is no difference. A minor because of their age is always forced.
              Ryan is horrible for women. He is far more right-wing than Romney on abortion, although Romney now also says he supports the concept of personhood, which would eliminate the most common forms of birthcontrol.

              • HObama HObamanana

                If you bothered to read, you would know that I have come out against Akin in the strongest terms from the very beginning. The only insult I didn’t afford him was to call him an Obot. I merely pointed out the legal distinctions of the word rape which are accurate despite your blathering.

                Try and get this straight. Roe v Wade will not be overturned. If the Republican party attempts to do so I will fight them tooth, nail and claw. Personally, I abhor and oppose abortion. But I am not a woman and it isn’t my body to decide with. I do not support Taliban-lite abuses toward women. So go pester someone else with your drivel.

    • getfitnow

      Yep, that skillet is getting hot.