Yup. It also dawned on me that GOP’s Research section had to have its own Twitter account. Thing is, it’s listed under RNC, not GOP. But I found it anyway. And here’s one of the first Tweets that captured my attention:

The Review Journal‘s editorial is BLISTERING HOT —   nearly as hot as the temperature in Las Vegas. Get a load out of these questions for President Obama:

– How does raising income tax rates on upper-income earners create jobs for the middle class?

– How does raising tax rates on capital gains and dividends encourage the investment needed to create jobs?

– To pay down the growing, $16 trillion national debt, Washington must achieve a budget surplus. The current federal budget is projected to have a nearly $1.2 trillion deficit, and the president’s tax plans would raise a little more than $100 billion per year (assuming there was no drop in economic activity). Where would the president cut spending to achieve a budget surplus?

– How do reductions in Medicare reimbursement rates, which discourage physicians from accepting Medicare patients, strengthen the program?

I LOVE that question above. It addresses the problem in getting physicians to accept Medicare patients. Things are going to get royally screwed up where I live. The county hospital, and physicians, HAVE to take all patients, regardless of their ability to pay. Here’s what the hospital’s director has to say about ACA (the acronym for Obamacare):

The plan provides much of the additional coverage [of uninsured patients] by bumping up the income level that qualifies individuals and families for Medicaid, a joint federal-state program.

Lewis said the state’s own Medicaid budget is strained and is likely to grow more so with the new plan. In 2014, 2015 and 2016 the federal government will spring for the increase in payments [HOW???], but in year four the state will begin paying a portion of the cost.

Eventually the state will pay 10 percent of the cost of covering those newly qualified for the plan, requiring significant new dollars from [the state legislature].

“The point is, the state doesn’t have any money,” Lewis said. “That’s the question. How does the state find that money?”


He pointed out that the law raises funds for the greater access in two ways: first, by cutting Medicare payments and second, by raising taxes.

He estimated that Medicare payments [to the hospital] will be reduced by $26 million over the next 10 years.
“We’re a Medicare-dependent hospital,” he said.

Lewis said while those payments will decline, expenses for the hospital are rapidly rising. “The cost of drugs alone — pharmaceuticals — went up 8 percent last year.”

Okay, that’s enough for you to have to read about a hospital’s predicament in another state. Let’s get back to the Las Vegas newspaper’s questions for Obama:

– Medicare and Social Security have promised tens of trillions of dollars worth of benefits that Washington won’t be able to pay. How can these programs be made sustainable? [SEE ABOVE.]

– How does making energy more expensive help the economy recover? [GOOD ONE. I’M STUMPED.]

– What serves college students better: policies that drive tuition prices and student loan debt higher, or policies that increase the likelihood that graduates can find jobs? [STUMPED AGAIN.]

– How are Mr. Romney’s previous tax returns relevant to the health of Nevada’s economy? [WELL, NOW THAT YOU MENTION IT …]

Well, let’s hope that those silly editors at the Review Journal don’t expect real answers from Obama. Mitt Romney? And Paul Ryan? We’d get answers, and solutions, up the ying yang. If people pay attention. If the MSM covers their solutions sans sarcasm. If idiots like Akin don’t succeed in f–king everything up. I already hear that the Democratic convention will be ALL AKIN ALL DAY ALL NIGHT ALL CONVENTION LONG. Thanks, axxhole. Again, it doesn’t matter that Akin, even if he were able to beat McCaskille, cannot on his own affect abortion policy in the Senate … but will Democrats stop and realize that? Hell no.