Here’s Paul!

Please live blog your comments while Paul speaks and your thoughts afterward. Especially share what you observe via whatever channel you are watching.

Paul Ryan, Mitt’s choice for VP, addresses the Republican Convention tonight. Paul is a sitting member of the U.S. House of Representatives, 5th generation Wisconsin resident, born 1970, married, and father of three children. He is, in my opinion, about as regular-Joe as you can get–not from a “rich” family, a Catholic, attended non-Ivy League Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and even once worked for McDonalds. Ryan was first elected to Congress in 1998, re-elected six times since with at least 57% of the vote. He is chair of the House Budget Committee and recognized by both Republicans and Democrats as an expert on budgets and government spending.

Score card

  • Is Paul Ryan ready for prime time?
  • Is Paul Ryan a credible VP? E.g., to fill Romney’s shoes if needed and/or compared to either Joseph Biden or Barack Obama.
  • Do you view Paul Ryan as liberal, moderate, or conservative from whatever criteria you choose (fiscal, social, etc.)?
  • Does Paul Ryan enhance or detract from Mitt Romney’s candidacy
  • What does picking Paul Ryan say about Mitt Romney?
  • With Paul Ryan as VP does this confirm your choice to support Mitt Romney? Or not?

Matthew Weaver is president/CEO of Project Weavers, which offers project management training and PMP exam prep courses.