UPDATE #5: I cannot resist. I found this photo while going through the rich collection of photos at Zimbio (great site). PLEASE read the caption that Zimbio provided, without an iota of irony, on August 28th — THREE days before Romney made a trip to New Orleans and SIX days before Obama is finally going to New Orleans. I don’t know much about campaigning for president, but WHY Obama did not go to New Orleans DURING the GOP Convention, just to upstage Romney, is beyond me! Is he really that lazy? Well, at least he traveled to the Diplomatic Room at the White House. WTG, Barack!

President Barack Obama arrives to speak to the media about preparations for Tropical Storm Isaac from the White House Diplomatic Room on August 28, 2012 in Washington, DC.. Obama outlined emergency efforts already underway and urged residents in the storm’s path to follow local officials’ directions and evacuation orders. – ZIMBIO (Click image to view the slideshow of ALL of Obama’s photos — thousands of them)

UPDATE #1: I was stunned to see that this very post was ranked sixth in Google News’s search results on Saturday morning, and first among blogs. That is NOT a compliment to me or my writing. That is because most blogs, except the conservative ones, FAILED to mention Romney’s trip unless they made fun of it. Imagine that. I wrote a “breaking news” story that was worthwhile. AND Drudge Report was right there too, deciding it was also breaking news (who knew!):

But that image is at the top of this post: “Mitt Romney To Halt New Orleans Recovery For Some Air Time” at … oh, screw the name of the blog where it was posted. The link will suffice.

UPDATE #2: Are you sitting down? NBC News actually gave Romney’s trip to New Orleans a few seconds coverage, and noted that Obama’s trip to Ft. Bliss, Texas was “political.” Will wonders ever cease:

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UPDATE #3: Are you standing up, or is your remote control ready to TURN OFF CBS NEWS? CBS News mocked Romney’s trip to NOLA. From “Romney in New Orleans asks where the water came from.” In a SIX-paragraph story, CBS News devoted THREE paragraphs to mocking Romney, and included Harry Reid’s sarcastic comment:

Surveying the flood damage produced by Hurricane Isaac, newly minted Republican nominee Mitt Romney on Friday told Gov. Bobby Jindal that he had come to Louisiana to learn — and then asked where all the water came from. [What a riot! So glad you made that the LEAD and the TITLE of your story, CBS “News”.] …

Romney expressed concern about the welfare of the 5,000 residents, some of whom had evacuated. He then asked, according to a journalists’ pool report of the visit: “Did the water come from the sky, or the rivers, or the ocean?”

The comment brought to mind another observation about the natural wonders that Romney made during the primaries, when he returned home to Michigan and remarked, “I love this state. The trees are the right height.” [Hilarious, CBS “News.”]

Mitt Romney asked a legitimate question. Because the water WAS coming from more than one source! Jesus Christ Almighty (and I am not using Jesus’s name in vain).

HARRY REID got to be sarcastic too — what a lot of “news” CBS packed into SIX paragraphs:

President Obama will travel to Louisiana on Monday, the White House announced today. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., issued a statement criticizing Romney’s Louisiana visit as the “height of hypocrisy,” saying that vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan’s budget plan in Congress would cut funding for disaster relief.

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ABC News: “Romney to Visit Areas Damaged By Hurricane Isaac,” and WHERE IS OBAMA? At Fort Bliss, Texas to “celebrate the end of the war in Iraq.” That is RICH. (Read Larry Johnson’s post, “Iraq Helps Iran, Dog Bites Man, Bear Shits in the Woods.”)

ALSO read Larry’s post here: “Americans, Killed and Maimed for Naught in Iraq.”

And here: “Obama Still Doesn’t Get It on Syria” (yes, Larry’s post is about Iraq, about the fact that we do not have Special Forces operations capabilities via Iraq in order to get into Syria, thanks to Obama)

And here: “When It Comes to Iraq L. Paul Bremer Still Clueless.”

And on and on and on Larry Johnson has repeatedly written about the dangers of pulling out of Iraq so precipitously!

And all of the above posts were written by Larry in 2012 or very late 2011.

MEANWHILE: I just KNEW that Mitt Romney would take action on New Orleans. Bless his huge heart. (And it is damn smart politically. Has Obama gone?) Earlier, I wrote: “I am not going to post more above the fold so that Matthew’s post isn’t interrupted further.” I am so sorry, Matthew.

OF NOTE: While ABC does give Romney the headline, it is Obama who they focus on in the story:

As his Republican rivals kick off the final stretch of their campaign, President Obama today will publicly remind voters of his record as commander-in-chief, traveling to a Texas military base to thank service members and commemorate a war he brought to an end.

Obama will visit Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas, home to Army units that deployed in the Iraq War, to hold a private roundtable discussion with service members and deliver an address to mark the two-year anniversary of the end of U.S. combat operations Iraq. The last American troops withdrew from the country in December 2011.

The trip, billed as an official White House visit, is also an opportunity for Obama to highlight what is one of the signature achievements of his first term and the fulfillment of a popular campaign promise from 2008.

“His record is a substantive record when it comes to the profound commitment and decision to end the war in Iraq and bring our troops home. And his record is substantial when it comes to supporting our veterans,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said Thursday of the trip. …

Be still, my heart.