We’ve heard a lot about “taking our country back” in the last four years from the various political blocs that did NOT support Barrack Obama’s election in 2008, from Hillary supporters to the most extreme right-wing nuts.  And of course — OF COURSE! — the Obama supporters latched onto this sentiment as RACIST!!  “Who do you want to take your country back from, huh?  We know you’re talking CODE TALK, and you want to take it back from the black man in the White House!”  RUBBISH!

Hmmm… “Back” is spelled like “Black,” without the L.  And L stands for Liberal!  So take the L out of BLACK and you have BACK!  Aha!  It’s so obvious!

We just want to take our country back from the kids!  It’s all about “responsible, mature citizenship.”  It’s about the adults who stayed home in 2008 and let their kids do the voting, or who allowed their children to talk them into following the fad of voting for The One.  It didn’t help that the Republicans rolled over and let the rudderless John McCain have the nomination, knowing the Dems would win, no matter who they nominated.

So my contention is that it’s simply another Generation Gap issue, and has nothing to do with racial issues or even typical right/left issues.  It’s about the grown-ups taking the car keys away from the teenager who drove the family’s only vehicle roughly, and returned it with an empty gas tank!

I’m not saying that kids are currently running the country, per se.  I mean that our kids got us into this mess by turning the act of voting from an act of good citizenship into a cultural craze.  In the past, I’ve likened it to the Beatlemania of 1964, but at least Beatlemania had some basis in reality!  I mean, come on!  It was The Beatles, fer cryin’ out loud!  Obama?  Feh.

In 2008, this nation had just limped through two terms of a different kind of madcap group that took the nation by storm, Dubya and the Neo-Cons!  They were famous for such classics as “Saddam Has Weapons of Mass Destruction,” and “Ay-Rabs Bombed Us, So We’re Bombing Them!”

The Republicans were so disgusted with their own administration that they didn’t even bother to register to vote that year.  They just didn’t have the will to campaign.  They just threw up their hands and tossed the keys to the kids.  They figured they couldn’t do much worse.  Boy, were they wrong!

I turned 61 on Thursday, the same day Mitt Romney formally accepted the nomination of his party for the office of president. So after going to work as usual and having the same old Thursday supper I always have, and watching my usual Thursday TV shows, I finished the day by watching Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech.  It wasn’t a bad conclusion to the day at all!

Birthdays are for kids, so I don’t put much stock in them.  I had no expectations, so I wasn’t disappointed when nobody made a fuss.  Well, maybe a little.  But I’ve got a decent job and I have learned to avoid letting anyone at work know my age, and nobody knows my birthday there.  I’m keeping it that way, because I don’t want anybody marking days on the calendar, counting the days until I can be pushed into retirement.  I can just see them now, waiting at my office door on my 62nd birthday with a one-week severance check and a cheap knock-off brass watch!

As they say, “old age isn’t for sissies!”  Now that I’m officially in my 60’s, I feel blind-sided with psychological oldness, but the reality of declining energy and increasing pain reinforce it exponentially! The worst indication of age I’ve noticed is that I tend to forget what I was saying and ramble on about things pointlessly, just like when I used to smoke pot in the “old” days.

Now where was I?

Oh right, taking our country back from the kids.  Well, there’s only one thing we can do about it, and that is to get the vote out for Romney.  But first, we’ve got to make sure all our friends and relatives who would vote for Romney remember they must register to vote!  So how will we remember?

Heh.  I think the real question would be:  After the last four years, you really think we’ll forget?

It was the unusually large turnout of young voters that gave Obama the edge to win the election in 2008, but that was only part of the equation.  It was also the fact that older voters and more conservative voters stayed home.  And it’s a fairly well-accepted premise that as we age, we become more conservative.  It’s not universal, but in general it seems to be true.  We become more patriotic, more civic-minded, and more responsible.  We take fewer chances, being less willing to gamble away what we have built as a nation, less willing to throw away the values of our elders.

This year, I don’t think the elders will be sitting out the election like they did in 2008.  And I suspect that many of those kids who voted for Obama have matured enough to see the mistake that was made in handing over the country to a man with no experience in governance or business.  I hope they have learned their lesson.  The future of this country rides on it.