What David Chalian said before he was fired:

You probably have heard this report: “Yahoo News’ Washington bureau chief David Chalian was fired on Wednesday after a hot-mic incident during an online broadcast from the GOP convention in Tampa,” reported Huffington Post. The headline says it all: “David Chalian Fired From Yahoo News For Saying RNC Doesn’t Mind Watching ‘Black People Drown’ (VIDEO).”

“Media watchdog NewsBusters was first to post audio of the incident” [predictable — Newsbusters is great at finding these stories]. Then, “Politico broke the news of his firing.” GOOD riddance.

In the meantime, Retired sent me the story from The Blaze about Deneeta Pope, Paul Ryan’s black girlfriend for five years when the Republican vice presidential nominee was in college at Miami University in Ohio.

Deneeta Pope today
The UK’s Mail, in typical British tabloid style, wrote a salacious story that misrepresented Ryan’s past girlfriend. I felt sorry for her. But, the story about Paul Ryan and Deneeta Pope’s five-year romance is true — and it is a moving story. (And what a beauty she is!)

The Blaze wrote that “[W]hile he was in college at Miami University in Ohio, Ryan had a romantic relationship with [a cheerleader] for Miami University’s Redhawks team – a driven, fitness-obsessed young woman (not unlike him) named Deneeta Pope.”

“[T]o hear Ryan tell it, this prompted some ugly comments from people he thought of as his “friends’,” The Blaze reports via The Mail.

Then The Blaze and The Mail get into more details about Ryan and Pope’s long romance:

Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan, whose speech to the Republican National Convention recently electrified the country, and whose budget plan for entitlements can send otherwise sensible liberals into fits of rage, actually has quite a personal history with racism — not against Ryan himself, but against someone he was very close to. …

As you can probably tell from the picture, Ms. Pope herself was African-American. And to hear Ryan tell it, this prompted some ugly comments from people he thought of as his “friends.”

It is at this point in the story from The Blaze that I will stop because it is NONE of anyone’s business and it completely misrepresents Ms. Pope’s adult history of romance and marriage:

The relationship between the two lasted five years and eventually died when Ryan moved to Washington, DC. Ms. Pope, now a registered Democrat in her 40s, is now married to Michael Thompson, an IT specialist and President of a court reporter company. She has apparently endured a more turbulent love life than Ryan himself, according to the Daily Mail: …

Paul Ryan never talks about his romance with Deneeta Pope. Except, probably, if he is reminiscing with his fellow Miami College alums.

But the relationship, and his refusal to exploit it in any way at all, speaks VOLUMES about this man.

Who will be our next vice president of the United States.

And then will be the president of the United States.

I hope that every one of us gets to vote in every one of those elections and to enjoy EVERY moment as both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan FIGHT to save Medicare and Social Security — and to SAVE OUR ECONOMY and restore JOBS across the United States.

I worry about them because it is an enormous task. But Mitt Romney clearly knows how to organize in a crisis, and he knows how to hire the best and the brightest to help him. Mitt Romney is a winner, and Paul Ryan is too. I cannot believe our luck. We may actually be able to HOPE again because we will SEE change. Not just hear about it.

  • BronwynsHarbor

    If you ever go to Costco, do not let anyone ever ever ever buy you Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai Blueberry. It is NOT GOOD FOR YOU. It is a very bad food. Actually, it is rather healthy, and I am telling myself that as I eat it without saving much for my friend who got it for me. Ahem.

  • Retired_from_SPOnaj

    I can’t help but wonder if Ryan learned the “racial code language” that he is now so often accused of using during his five years with Deneeta Pope. (Yes, that is ironic snark.)
    Dems, look at the bright side. Romney/Ryan have now definitively lost the skinhead/neo-Nazi vote, although with Romney being a Mormon and Ryan being a Catholic, that vote was already pretty iffy. The Obama campaign is now free to go after it. Joe, chain’em up before November!

  • HARP2

    So Ryan had a REAL girlfriend.

    Odumbo was so obnoxious he needed a composite girlfriend.


    • HObama HObamanana

      A composite girlfriend, according to Bill Ayers Obama, that lamented their relationship couldn’t work out because she could never be black. Can one assume that it was actually Ayers Obama that lamented this fact and projected it upon his composite girlfriend?

      • BronwynsHarbor

        YES! I am also certain that Mssr. Obama did not write his autobiographies …. they were “auto” alright — as in autographed by Obama but someone else wrote the damn books.

  • akaPatience

    Apparently the only reason she, as an old girlfriend, is being singled out is because she’s AA. I hope she can handle the invasion of her privacy.

    • BronwynsHarbor

      Yeah. But I am glad Retired sent me the story since the LEFTIES are so ugly in accusing the GOP of racism.

  • JJ_the_PUMA

    The dating history of all four candidates for high office is interesting:

    Obama and Ryan dated someone of a different race…..
    Romney married someone of a different religion…..
    Jill Biden married a horse’s ass.

    • KenoshaMarge

      Perfect JJ!

    • politicsisdirty


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