EXPOSED: How the now-infamous film that mocks Muslims was made, then translated to Arabic to stir up trouble. Laura Rozen’s Tweet (@lrozen) takes you to the story about the American Coptic (Christian) community, some behind the making of this film (See trailer.)

I had assumed that our intel community (and Obama’s national security staff) had been tracking these filmmakers and asking the State Dept. to protect embassy staffs in Egypt, Libya and NOW YEMEN from hooligans and murderers. (Fox News says intel wasn’t onto the planning of riots and murders, and no one beefed up security.)

MORE Breaking News:Embassies in 7 countries warn of possible attacks,” A.P./WTOP News. “US: Warships move toward Libya, consulate in Berlin [GERMANY] evacuated,” A.P.).

Questions surround incendiary Islam film
(Note the self-rationalizations.)

See the film’s 17-minute trailer below.

From the Christian Science Monitor article, “The Filmmaker Who Wasn’t,” a segment about the faux film-makers who have strong ties to the Coptic community in the U.S., all the more troubling because Americans have been very concerned about the burning of Coptic churches and murders of Coptic Egyptians:

The man claiming to be the writer, director and producer of the anti-Islam film that reportedly spurred deadly anti-American protests in Libya and Cairo Tuesday appeared on Wednesday not to exist — at least, not under the name, nationality, origins, religion or profession he claims.

“Sam Bacile” told The Wall Street Journal and The Associated Press in interviews Tuesday that he was an Israeli-born Southern California-based real estate developer, who received $5 million from “100 Jewish donors” to finance his anti-Islam film, Innocence of Muslims, “Islam is a cancer,” he told the Journal and AP.

[S]everal elements of “Bacile’s” story [appear] to be phony. […]

A trace of the cell phone number used by “Sam Bacile” led the AP to a man named Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, outside Los Angeles Wednesday. Nakoula, of Egyptian background, acknowledged to the AP that he had been a manager for the company which produced the video, but denied … Court records show that Nakoula was convicted of federal bank fraud in 2010 and sentenced to 21 months in prison.

The AP said it had originally been given Bacile’s cell phone by Morris Sadek, an Egyptian-American Copt and anti-Islamic activist who is a principal with the National American Coptic Assembly. Coptic groups sharply distanced themselves from Sadek and the film, and expressed sorrow for the violence in Egypt and Libya. […]

Notably, a July 2011 letter from Klein on behalf of the Concerned Citizens for the First Amendment to the Los Angeles City Attorney was posted by Klein to the website for the National American Coptic Assembly. … (Read all: “The Filmmaker Who Wasn’t“)

A U.S. Ambassador — who LOVED Libyans — is murdered, along with THREE other Americans. American embassies in Egypt, Libya and Yemen are attacked and defaced, a Libyan consulate burned to the ground, and the American flag torn to shreds?

FOR WHAT? Because a couple nutjobs in California make a terrible two-hour movie and translate the YouTube trailer to Arabic that spreads like wild-fire and ignites the plots to attack U.s. embassies and murder Americans on September 11th.

What were the filmmakers thinking? To get help for Coptics? To incite Muslims in already unstable countries? When it is Americans who have been worried sick about the Christians in Egypt? Dear God.

Then we have a president is in Las Vegas campaigning and begging for money while he blows off the entire nightmare (and ignores Netanyahu)? Our next president carefully words his statements, yet is widely attacked? This is insanity that is indescribable. Read Larry Johnson’s posts for the best analysis of all of this.

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More Tweets on the Murders and Rioting Caused by a Fraudulent Movie-Maker Who’s Anti-Muslim:

Obama Says He Doesn’t Consider The Egyptian Government An Ally, Buzzfeed | by Dorsey Shaw

The president added that that current Egyptian government is not an enemy but the United States will have to “wait and see” how they respond to the attacks on the U.S. embassy.

THAT LINK ABOVE takes you below. Please try to explain this logic from a ?journalist? for ?U.S. News & World Report:

“Romney will pay for his cruel Sept. 11 opportunism in November.”

Mitt Romney will never be president

After Palin imploded in self-pity and bitterness in the wake of the Gabby Giffords shooting, accusing her detractors of committing a “blood libel” by suggesting that she’d gone too far putting Giffords in cross hairs during the 2010 campaign, I wrote, with easy confidence, “Sarah Palin will never be president.” I feel the same confidence saying the same thing about Romney after his performance today. Decent Americans recoil at his cruel opportunism.

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ONWARD: Whoever Anne Leary is, she is a pistol!

THEN there are the snot-nosed brats:

RECOMMENDED READING: CNN’s report, “Six things to know about attack that killed Ambassador Stevens,” is excellent, and covers the fraud perpetrated on millions of Muslims, Jews, the people of Egypt, Libya and the United States, and far more.


That DID take real courage, Nick Kristof. And you WILL lose readers. But screw ’em — just because you more or less agree with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan isn’t THAT big a deal … uh … I just hope you have a job come Monday.