* Bumped Up *

Half-Time Report, September 13, 2012 (Andy Levy’s commentary on the show at the half-way mark, usually humorous, but this one also has a GREAT summary of the violence in the Middle East) + Bernard McGuirk (Don Imus show) is on. Bernard knows news and remembers everything from past episodes of violence in the Middle East. JOHN BOLTON (!) is also on the panel and is funny but also RIGHT ON in his warnings about the Middle East and Obama’s stupidity (already described in Larry Johnson‘s latest posts — see right column for a list of ALL of Larry’s posts dating back to July).

(This half-time report includes the PB&J insanity from the principal at an elementary school in Portland, Oregon (WHERE ELSE? Portland, Oregon makes Santa Cruz look like Pat Roberts’ favorite hangout — except when he’s in West Hollywood. [That IS a joke.])

Oh good. This next one is not only Gutfeld’s monologue but The Five gang also get in on the conversation. Even Bob Beckel has a few lucid seconds (but only about 5%). Eric Bolling and Dana Perino hit that damn nail on its sore head yet again. (Dana’s even wilder than that biker chick Biden was hittin’ on the other day.)

What’s really being built under the White House?