Mr. Obama is delusional to think that a phone call to Cairo can turn back the cunning massive wave against America, fed by the Islamists, the jihadists, and Iran.

Briefing notes that I used for the Larry Kudlow Show, CNBC. Of course we were not able to get to most of it, but the nature of TV news is that you overprepare, because the blizzard of intelligence shapes the tone and direction of the presentation and reaction.

1. LIBYA THREAT: Benghazi and Libya: the Stevens death was an ambush by jihadists. The Libyan authorities knew the date of Ambassador Stevens’ arrival, at their invitation. Stevens was directed to the safe house because the ambush was waiting to strike him.

Stevens was ambushed by Al Q linked fighters, all under the umbrella of LIHJ (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group). This was a revenge attack linked to the drone killed of Al q senior commander Abu-Yahya al-Libi on June 4 in AfPak. Al-Libi’s older brother is a senior commander of LIHJ in Libya, Abd al-Wahhab.

There are many more strong links between Libya and the Al Q revenge saga. Famous LIHJ commander Belhadj was trained and protected by the dead al-Libi while he was in AfPak and Malaysia. If the White House doesn’t know this, it does NOT want to know this.

2. EGYPT THREAT: President Mohammed Morsi and the Supreme Council of the Moslem Brothers planned and endorsed the demonstration in Cairo at least two weeks before the event. Morsi and Moslem Brothers continued to endorse it. The video provocation did not exist before September 10. The video is excuse. Morse wants $10 Billion from US. Latest information is that Morsi WILL NOT meet with Obama in NY during UN meetings.

3. FRIDAY Embassy THREAT: Friday prayers, tomorrow, demonstrations called for in at least seven Arab capitals so far. The Yemen incident today not directly linked to Cairo and Libya, but there are plenty of Iran elements present, and there will be more trouble after Friday prayers. There is active planning in Cairo to revenge on the Copts for the video. There is evidence of Turkish Jihadist elements in Berlin who could run an anti US operation, and the evacuation of the Berlin embassy makes sense.

4. Iran and Syria benefit from all of this chaos and will drive it. US recruits fighters from Libya for “Free Syrian Army,” so the link is that the attacks in Libya were run by the same LIHJ we use for Syria.

5. Re video of Mohammed. Evidence that film produced by Rogue Coptic Egyptian with family in Egypt. He is not a Jew. No Jewish money involved. Evidence that film doesn’t exist, just crude trailer. Evidence that the trailer was constructed under fraudulent circumstances in order to raise money. No film evident. Film Producer, aka Bacile, has a criminal record. No Israeli would say he used “100” Jews for sponsors.

Thursday Reporting on the Crisis.

Spoke Thursday with Malcolm Hoenlein, John Bolton, AEI; Mary Kissel, WSJ; Devin Nunes, CA-21; Salena Zito, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review; McKay Coppins, Buzzfeed: re the crisis in the ummah.

Devin Nunes reported that the State Department refused to brief House Select Intel Committee re the Benghazi and Cairo events. John Bolton declared that the Arab Spring is in failure, and the Obama administration has failed to show strength in the region and now suffers the results.

Salena Zito reported that her conversation with former DNI Michael Hayden indicated that the region is in collapse to extremist, anti-American elements.

McKay Coppins reported that the Romney camp, after feeling tender about its quick response to the first day of the crisis, is now feeling stronger that the continuing collapse in the region underlines the Romney message of peace through strength, not apology and accommodation of aggressors.

Malcolm Hoenlein emphasized that the video is a fraud, produced by a fraudster, and that the video was not the cause of the Cairo or Benghazi violence: it was used as an excuse, and will now be exploited by the enemies of democracy.

We also spoke to former IAEA inspector, Dr. Olli Heinonen, Harvard Belfer Center senior fellow, who estimated that Iran can produce a nuclear weapon by the summer of 2013. Other voices pointed to the likelihood that while Iran did not concoct the Benghazi and Cairo operations, Iran has uses for them and will now drive protests in the Gulf.

Anti-Americanism strengthens Tehran.

Obama Calls Morsi.

Late reporting from David Kirkpatrick, NYT, that POTUS Obama turned from campaigning on Air Force One to make a twenty-minute telephone call to Mohammed Morsi to speak forcefully that the Egyptian leadership must contain the violent protests in Cairo and other cities planned for the next hours.

The White House version: “The President made his point that we’ve been committed to the process of change in Egypt, and we want to continue to build with the Egyptian government….”

Translation: Candidate Obama is aware that the collapsing Middle East picture and the fervent anti-Americanism is a direct threat to his re-election song that he has restored American prestige and defeated the jihadists.

Will Morsi obey? Only in English. The Moslem Brothers entirely endorse the protests.

Cairo University’s immam entirely endorse the pogroms against the Copts.

Mr. Obama is delusional to think that a phone call to Cairo can turn back the cunning massive wave against America, fed by the Islamists, the jihadists, and Iran.