But have no fear, the media started today out with new marching orders…

Yes, Obama may be AWOL, but the media is happy to shift the focus to Romney:

  • Romney abruptly shifts strategy–Politico
  • Inside the CampaignHow Mitt Romney stumbled–Politico
  • Blogs pounce on Romney’s stumbles–Politico

As Memeorandum illustrates, Romney is the topic of the day.

Well, Romney isn’t the real story of the day. No, not so easy. The Middle East didn’t kindly cease and desist for Obama, nor did the economy.

  • Obama’s Libyan Story Collapsing–Fox News
  • Intel Source Challenges Obama’s Account of Deadly Consulate Attack–Fox News
  • Obama’s Mideast Meltdown–NewsWeek
  • The day Obama jumped the shark–Flopping Aces

And the Middle East is not the only news spot. The American economy continues to falter:

  • The Obama Administration reports that for every dollar raised in tax revenue, the U.S. is falling three dollars farther into debt–Treasury Department
  • Easy question, easier answer; America not better off under Obama–Boston Herald.
  • Chicago court delays Emanuel’s bid to put striking teachers back to work–Fox News

And by the way, is peeing at an Obama event a political statement about the president?

What’s catching your attention in the news today?
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