Bumped Up. Matthew Weaver‘s Note: On Capital Hill today, Matt Olsen, Director of the National Counterterrorism Center now admits this was a terrorist attack with links to al Qaeda and Senator Collins expressed concern over the lack of security, as apparently confirmed in an intelligence briefing, that cost the lives of Ambassador Stevens and three others.


US Ambassador to the UN is a damn liar. She claimed that the two retired Navy SEALS were part of the Consulate security team. Nope.

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The SEALS apparently were working with the CIA base in Benghazi. They were not part of the State Department security apparatus.

Why was Ambassador Stevens sent to a high threat area without adequate security?

Let’s put this into perspective. My former boss at State Department, Morris “Buzz” Busby, was subsequently Ambassador to Colombia during the reign of terror of Pablo Escobar. Everywhere Buzz went he was accompanied by a State Department security force. That force was in addition to significant security measure around the Embassy in Bogota. The drug traffickers in Colombia were trying to kill him. They failed because the security measures defeated them.

Ambassador Stevens was not given that option. Hell, my friend, Ambassador John Menzies had a security detail of active duty Navy SEALS protecting him in Bosnia during that horrific civil war. Efforts to kill him were thwarted by his security detail. Stevens had nothing. A lone RSO and a local militia force is not an adequate or sufficient security team. Ambassador Stevens blood is on the hands of Hillary Clinton. She failed to give him what he needed to survive.

And it is not that there were no warnings. The Libyan Government warned us:

Three days before the deadly assault on the United States consulate in Libya, a local security official says he met with American diplomats in the city and warned them about deteriorating security.

Jamal Mabrouk, a member of the February 17th Brigade, told CNN that he and a battalion commander had a meeting about the economy and security…

“The situation is frightening, it scares us,” Mabrouk said they told the U.S. officials. He did not say how they responded.

Mabrouk said it was not the first time he has warned foreigners about the worsening security situation in the face of the growing presence of armed jihadist groups in the Benghazi area.

The last time we had an Ambassador killed was when Jimmy Carter was President. Obama has done him one better. We lost an Ambassador and a Consulate.

Heck of a job Barky.

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