John Batchelor’s response to any unhappy with his remarks about Romney’s speech: “Whatever Romney is or wants to be, it is not the determinant of the election. Obama and the economy are the question before us. Romney is a stand in for NOT POTUS.”

Bronwyn’s Note: You may not like his thoughts about Romney’s remarks — and portions of Romney’s remarks were omitted, I hear — but John has a point. Why? My two cents: To get rid of free-loaders, hire enough inspectors to find out who legitimately needs assistance. But verifying status requires many man-hours and real proof. Reward and protect whistleblowers. Social service budgets often get cut before other agencies so there aren’t enough inspectors. Batchelor again: John follows with the coal miners of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and wife Ann Romney jet ski on Lake Winnipesaukee in Wolfeboro, N.H., earlier this summer. Charles Dharapak/AP/File (John Batchelor blog – click image to visit blog)

The class warfare themes of the OFA [Obama For America] moves the SuperPac Priorities USA to use the now infamous secret Romney video from May as an appeal to the middle class voters to protect their interests and stay the course with POTUS. This is a surprising interpretation to my thinking.

The “middle class” is a marketing concept, not an actual group of American who can be found on a list of lists. It seems useful to mention that the idea of the middle class dates from the 18th century as a general tool to make a distinction between the insufferable upper class and the inedible lower class; however, the early 20th century definition of the middle class as professionals who possess human capital, that is brain power and educated skills, is most appropriate here in the 21st century.

OFA asserts that Mitt Romney is no friend to the middle class: “If Mitt Romney wins, the middle class loses.” This conditional threat is a let-down from the build-up of Mitt Romney’s sniffy arrogance at the Boca Raton fundraiser that 47% of the population are victims, dependent losers, helpless, irrelevant parasites, proles, etcetera mob.

Gee, Mitt, do you think there is another way of speaking about human beings who were not born as a prince of princes like you?

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World of Romney.

The only excuse for this sort of rubbish from Romney is that it is an attitude so uniform in elitist America that no one even notices the cruelty in it. Or perhaps they notice and figure Romney is just saying that to pander for cash?

Or perhaps the political class all believe it, and when you go to fund-raisers you expect to hear the pol disdain the mob? Or perhaps the American monied sharpies retain a smug distrust of democracy as regarded by our well born and well to do founding fathers? Is the American demos the villain in the World of Romney? Unknown.

This is a campaign, not a philosophy class or something credible like the chapter of a novel, “The Way We Live Now & Again.”

OFA [Obama For America] and the Priorities team are pitching the Romney remarks in the most general direction. Who cares about the middle class? Not the middle class. We care about us, who live here, who work in this economy, who own this threatened mortgage (along with the banks too big to fail and the nationalized Mother Mortgage, Fannie Mae).

In sum, I am unconvinced that the Obama campaign knows how to exploit the class warfare game other than to lob out these mud balls that Mitt Romney is a pompous and uninteresting rich guy.

We are going to vote for Candidate Obama because Prince Romney of the Middle Class is not actually of the middle class? Because Obama, himself a self-elected prince of the Middle Class, says that he likes the middle class more than Mitt Romney says he likes the middle class? Puzzle?

Coal Country.

In contrast to the OFA/Priorities generalities, the Romney video on coal country (below) appears focused on exactly the voter that will help the Electoral College count in the states of PA, WVA, OH, KY. Grandpa Miner does not think of himself as “middle class.” Grandpa Miner understands exactly who he is, and what he wants, and what matters in an election; and he will choose not because of what Mitt Romney is, an faux upper-class twit, but because of what coal country wants.

A coal miner cheers as Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney speaks during a campaign event at the American Energy Corporation, Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2012, in Beallsville, Ohio. Photo: Mary Altaffer / AP (John Batchelors Blog – Click to Visit)