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Matthew Weaver said it all in his e-mail: “Obama thinks this was/is more important than the fires in the Middle East or his recession here at home.” Matthew linked the New York Post‘s revelatory story of the BASH with champagne (photo and video below). First the photo … a thousand words? Uh. (And a h/t to Anita Finlay’s great post.) Now, from the UK Daily Mail‘s “Speaking to the 47%: The $105,000 champagne tower featured at Obama fundraiser hosted by Jay-Z and Beyonce“:

UK’s Daily Mail: “Friends in high places: President Obama chats up Beyonce and Jay-Z at the $105,000 New York City champagne fundraiser the couple threw for him on Tuesday night.” (Click image to read story; see more photos.)

Then … a couple thousand more words:

UK Daily Mail: “$105,000: The champagne tower at the Tower 40/40 Club that costs twice the average income of a US family.”

WAIT! There are about ten thousand more words, including quotes from Hillbuzz and Daily Mail:

Just like Matthew Weaver, Hillbuzz took few words to say it all, and then some:

That tower of golden bottles cost $105,000.  This is twice the median income for an American family under Obama’s rule (which has shrunk to just $51,000 or so).


BELOW this video, the UK’s Daily Mail reveals far more:

From the Daily Mail:

President Barack Obama attended a fundraiser at Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club in Manhattan that featured a champagne tower of 350 bottles worth $105,000 – more than twice the median household income of an American family.

The tower of $300-a-bottle Armand de Brignac Brut Gold, known as ‘Ace of Spades’ because of its label, is a permanent fixture at the club.

‘It’s floor-to-ceiling gold bottles in the entire space,’ a 40/40 representative told the New York Post. ‘It’s beautiful—breathtaking. It’s the first thing you see when you walk in.’

The median income for an American family was $51,413 in 2011. …

Read all: “Daily Mail‘s “Speaking to the 47%: The $105,000 champagne tower featured at Obama fundraiser hosted by Jay-Z and Beyonce.”

What adjectives, nouns, verbs come into your minds?

Stunning? Shocking? The DEPTHS of Audacity? The Decline and Fall of Obama’s Rome? MORE?

Want one more photo? Just for good measure? Sure thing.

This is what Obama did before the big bash with Beyonce and Jay-Z (I keep having to look up how to spell his name because I don’t and never will listen to his music):

Daily Mail: “Celebrity circles: The President also appeared on Letterman last night where he said he stands up for ‘ALL America’ following the 47% furor over Romney’s secret tapes.” Hilarious! AND HOW IMPORTANT.

Again, from the Daily Mail:

On the Late Show with David Letterman, Obama added that anyone seeking the presidency ought to be for ‘everyone, not just for some’ and talked about the hard work of single mothers and auto workers.

We’re touched, Barack. Really touched. Actually, you’re touched if you think we believe you for one second. Have you EVER done anything as president except run for a second term, lounge around half the day watching ESPN in your flip-flops while Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama RUN the White House? (Yes, they do, astonishingly.) And you watch ESPN only if it’s too rainy for golf — although I hear there are black balls when it’s snowing lightly. (Don’t you dare make any jokes about that!)

But there’s always basketball and bowling in the White House basement. Glad to hear that you’re still lousy at bowling. Word is that you’re not any good at basketball either. Golf? Who knows. Only your “body man” and John Boehner, who’s too much of a gentleman to reveal your real score.

Well, there were those first couple years when you ignored the economy and unemployed AND growing problems throughout the Middle East — including Iraq (!), every Muslim nation around the globe, and failed to ensure the SAFETY of your ambassadors and THEIR security teams in every one of those DOZENS on countries.

REMEMBER WHY you were so busy? You just had to pass Obamacare (er, Affordable Care Act) so that you would go down in history as the next Franklin Roosevelt. Get your wish, Barack? Not if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan can help it … and please, we’re AKIN for a Republican-controlled Senate. Sigh.

Just a word about Iraq, that I’ve mentioned before. We have no residual troops of any kind in Iraq. Had we had special forces units in Iraq, they could have helped with Libya. But no, of course not. And Iraq is turning into Iran’s twin. Lovely how that all turned out. Now, I thought it was stupid to invade Iraq but, as long as we got there, I thought we should get U.S. companies in there to control some of the oil production. I honestly don’t know if that’s true, but I hope so. Wish Larry Johnson would let us know because he KNOWs, or he knows who does. What a guy, that Larry Johnson.

Let’s not forget the Muslim countries in Africa and the Far East, like Indonesia and, sadly, Malaysia (where a friend of this blog is a Christian, and I worry about him, but it’s too hard to reach him by phone or e-mail most of the time). His father is a Christian minister. What a perilous time for such an endangered profession in Malaysia where the Muslims are hell-bent on taking over the entire country. And who ever hears about Malaysia in any U.S. newscast? Never.

Then there’s Afghanistan. Let’s not go there. I mean, let’s REALLY not go there. Anymore. And let’s get the hell out of there. Except for only the most exceptional and gifted special ops soldiers, and I wish they would not go there. Pakistan either. Even India is a powder keg at times…. thankfully, its “democracy” is not quite that democratic.

We miss Mubarak, Saddam Hussein, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, and all rest of the dictators. At least Mubarak kept the extremists in jail (although they were tortured — let Code Pink worry about them).

Saudi Arabia knows just what to do. And let’s hope they stay in control.

Oh, and our sole real ally in the Middle East region: Israel. Tiny, tiny Israel. Thank god they have those “secret” nuclear weapons.

Pray Iran doesn’t get nukes, but probably will because, sadly, I don’t think anyone knows how to stop them … unless I’ve missed something in the news. And I hope I have.

Well, this turned into a long rant. So be it. At least we’re not all drinking champagne with George Clooney (SO sad about the Sudan, George!), David Beckham (!), Beyonce, and — how do I spell it? — Jay-Z. Nah. Jay-Zzzzzzzzz.


P.S. And thank you, Matthew Weaver, for thinking of this story and giving us everything we needed to make this post happen!

[UPDATE] By the way, here is what Matthew does in “real life” besides being a dad, a husband and a ferocious blogger!

Matthew Weaver is president/CEO of Project Weavers, which offers project management skills and PMP exam prep training.