* Bumped Up *

Once again, I applaud Daily Beast columnist Kirsten Powers for her courage in calling out the irresponsible mainstream media and their “nothing to see here” attitude regarding the recent preposterous White House spin and Ambassador Susan Rice’s false statements regarding the current Libyan horror show. It is rare these days to see an affirmed liberal speak out against their own brethren and sistren. Looks like Ms. Powers has finally reached her tipping point. Can the mainstream media please stop trying to influence the upcoming election for five minutes — just long enough to report the real news?

After all, if Mr. Romney is really the “disastrous candidate” the media keeps telling Americans he is, and President Obama is really such a lock for re-election, they shouldn’t need to keep harping on it, should they?

Belated H/T to Jake Tapper of ABC News for his recent interview with Laura Ingraham finally decrying (a little) media bias as well. The only other one I can think of who bothers to do this is Glenn Greenwald of Salon.com. Feel free to share more names of honest reporters below. I would certainly like to thank them, too.


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