Thanks to OllieGarkey at Daily Kos — your eyes do not deceive you — for posting this story, linked via Memeorandum. We can hope it is true because it is heartening news. Of course, there’s a caveat: The left and the media need to make Libya look less of a disaster than President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and Press Secretary Jay Carney already have.

The reports come from the BBC, Reuters, and foreign news organizations. So I am more convinced that the BBC report is true.

Breaking: Libyans Storm Headquarters
of Islamist Militia that
Killed Ambassador Stephens

According to the BBC, a huge demonstration against Islamic militants in Benghazi ended when ordinary citizens stormed the headquarters of Ansar al-Sharia, the Islamist militia responsible for an attack on the US Embassy. 30,000 protesters marched today against the Islamist group, with the march culminating in a spontaneous attack on the Militia Headquarters. A number of buildings and vehicles have been torched.

The BBC Also Reports that Libyan Security forces joined in with the protesters, attacking a number of militant facilities and forcing the Militia to flee.

The story is still breaking, and there aren’t a lot of details yet.

Here’s the poster for today’s “Save Libya” protest: …

Well, he did not link to the BBC News story. Not good. However, he did link to RT News‘s “Libyan pro-government activists attack militia headquarters (VIDEO, PHOTOS)”:

CAPTION: “A demonstrator stands next to a burning car which the demonstrators set alight and said was full of ammunition as they stormed the HQ of the Islamist Ansar al-Sharia militia group in Benghazi September 21, 2012 (Reuters)”

Footnote: It crossed my mind that Obama can manipulate news coverage, however these reports come from several sources and are NOT being shown on Fox News (or at least that I have heard).

I remembered that Obama got the Secret Service (!) to erase all news stories — domestically and abroad — of his daughter’s opulent vacation to Mexico with 12 friends, 2 U.S. jets, and 24 Secret Service agents, further manipulation of the press is possible. (But then he had a plausible excuse: The safety of his daughter and her friends in kidnap-crazy Mexico [hence 24 S.S. agents]. And, although she’s a First Daughter, the girl is entitled to an exciting trip with friends because that’s what teens do, even tens of thousands of upper-middle class American teens, hopefully with chaperones.)

When I was a junior in high school, I won a trip to the United Nations with a group of 15 other teens. We rode in a bus across the entire border of Canada, down through upper New York State, making our way through Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and the United Nations.

In those days, life was so different. The Secretary of State was Dean Rusk, and I walked in, all by myself, to his office and peeked in. Not a single person stopped me or asked me what I was doing. We also toured the United Nations with some low-level U.S. employee of the U.S. delegation, and we sat in General Assembly while the U.S. employee took our questions.

Now fast-forward to Spring 2012. I am the teenage daughter of the President of the United States. I doubt she’d be in the grueling competition to go, although she is surely bright and knowledgeable, which was all it took. And I bet she speaks well too, given that both of her parents do.

But the security nightmare of covering a month-long trip, stopping at mom-and-pop motels and restaurants along the way — both ways — then going with a large group of teens to Philadelphia and New York City, would be unimaginable. And the cost of bringing along Secret Service agents and special protective vehicles would be enormous.

So, no. In the unlikely event that that fictional First Daughter ever got to go on such a trip, she couldn’t travel 3,000+ miles through Canada and then another 3,000+ miles back across the U.S., also staying in major cities like New York and Philadelphia, and visiting a target like the United Nations building, I doubt she’d be able to make the trip.

Her safety and that of her fellow travelers would be in constant jeopardy. Every single restaurant and motel would have to be checked out in advance as well as every single monument (the Liberty Bell in Philly) and the Vanderbilt mansion (in New York state, I believe) — my mother threw out all of the souvenirs long ago — would each have meant new challenges for the Secret Service.

It’s sad, really. Sometimes it is really better to grow up as an anonymous teen in a small town who happens to love politics and was a international news “nerd” long before that nickname was ever thought up.

— Just some thoughts on a Saturday night —

By the way, it is great that Mitt Romney’s children are grown but, if he is President, the Secret Service will have a very large headache on their hands: Five sons and wives, and all those grandchildren. Plus the Romneys’ homes. Then there are Paul Ryan’s wife and three small children, far easier. But each and every one of them will be at risk of kidnapping or worse.

Let’s hope that the Secret Service budget doesn’t get cut. In fact, that budget needs more money badly; the number of Republican primary candidates, who demanded Secret Service protection even when they didn’t get it, was a real hardship on the Secret Service. There’s Joe Biden charging the Secret Service $2,500 per month to rent a cottage on his property. Then how about Newt Gingrich, anyone? And, as I mentioned recently, the Secret Service has other jobs to do, including fraud and counterfeiting.