Salon‘s snarky story takes us to a new site to check out! From “The website where Mitt Romney’s winning in a landslide,” Salon magazine, September 25, 2012 — with this subtitle:

At UnSkewed Polls, “liberal media bias” is removed
from every survey that shows Obama ahead.
Guess who wins?

I present, the best new website on the political Internet. UnSkewed Polls finally removes the “liberal media bias” from every single national opinion poll, and it turns out that “unskewing” them means “making it so that Romney is ahead by a lot.” Rick Perry approves!

The UnSkewed Average has Romney at 51.8 percent and Obama at a mere 44 percent. How does the genius behind UnSkewed Polls go about unskewing all the polls — like, for real, the vast majority of polls — that show the opposite result?

Well, Dean Chambers, the polling genius behind the site, simply “re-weights” every single national poll to reflect his belief that Republicans are undersampled, based on right-leaning pollster Rasmussen’s partisan breakdown of the electorate. (Scott Rasmussen blurbs: “you cannot compare partisan weighting from one polling firm to another.”)

Oh, I am impressed. One of the sources? Wonkette … check this out:

Wonkette’s story today? “DON’T WORRY, REPUBLICANS, WE HAVE FOUND THESE AWESOME MADE-UP POLLS FOR YOU.” That bit of top-drawer journalism is cited by Salon here:

[O]bviously “re-weighting” every single poll to reflect an electorate made up of a plurality of self-identified Republicans also involves a bit of guesswork! Like, for example, sometimes polls don’t include crosstabs, so Mr. Unskewed just assumes they’re skewed with liberal media bias, and corrects accordingly.

Rasmussen’s party ID makeup does not remotely resemble any other organization’s party ID makeup. Every other organization finds that more Americans identify as Democrats or independents than Republicans, and that has been the case for years, …

Hey, if you insist, read it all here: “The website where Mitt Romney’s winning in a landslide.”

Or, better yet, go here: