Breaking 09/28/12: Today (17 days and counting), DNI James Clapper claimed that intelligence officials needed more evidence before asserting the Benghazi ambush was terrorism. Further, the FBI reasonably asked for “perimeter support” by the U.S. military but permission was denied. Fran Townsend is carrying water for Obama, saying it takes “time” because each department (State, etc.) must sign off. (Film at ll. that’s true; it’s around the time CNN posts AC360 videos. I’ll add the transcript, and wait for Larry Johnson to blast D.C. out of its Hari Krishna stupor. PROTEIN! That’ll make Obama’s brain work. Although commitment, work and honesty would do.)

BELOW: Anderson Cooper’s 09/27/12 rant about the Obama administration’s cover-up.

                       “The world rolls round for ever like a mill;
                       It grinds out death and life and good and ill;
                       It has no purpose, heart or mind or will. […]

NOTE: Listen to Bob Baer’s remarks about the FBI and military. Yesterday, in a derisive tone, a Fox News host asked why the FBI is involved in investigating scenes of international terrorism. (Ask Larry Johnson about Fox News.) In 2006-2007, I read (and referenced) Lawrence Wright’s must-own The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 in which Wright describes in excruciating detail the FBI’s efforts to investigate the USS Cole bombing and more. Larry knows Ali Soufan, the FBI’s former Supervisory Special Agent who “supervised highly sensitive and complex international terrorism cases, including the East Africa Embassy Bombings, the attack on the USS Cole, and the events surrounding 9/11.”

Soufan, who also speaks Arabic fluently, doubtless became discouraged with the bureaucracy of the FBI. He, like many others including you, was astonished to find himself one of approximately seven agents who spoke and wrote Arabic, a language that — Pat Lang can tell you — is very difficult unless one lives in the region, as Pat did. Furthermore, there are numerous slight and not-so-slight differences in how Arabic is spoken, depending on the region and the culture.

Now, on to Anderson Cooper. Unfortunately, CNN failed to include a video of Cooper’s verbal essay in the top-of-the-show “Keeping Them Honest” segment. Here are brief excerpts from the CNN transcript:

Late word tonight from the U.S. State Department they’re pulling more staffers out of the embassy in Tripoli because of security concerns. …

Today, 16 days after the attack, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta stated plainly what was obvious to many, including Senator John McCain, who joins us shortly…

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) LEON PANETTA, DEFENSE SECRETARY: As we determined the details of what took place there and how that attack took place, that it became clear that there were terrorists who had planned that attack. (END VIDEO CLIP)

COOPER: Best we can tell, this is the first time any administration official has uttered the word “planned” to describe what happened. Asked how long it took to reach his conclusion, Secretary Panetta said, “it took awhile,” …

Multiple sources now tell 360 that officials knew this was a terror attack almost from the get-go … intelligence officials. Yet this is what they were saying for more than a week publicly after the killing.


COOPER: Now there are many possible explanations for why the administration took so long to budge from that line .. [F]rom an excess of caution to the fog of war to incompetence or domestic politics. [We have] a collection of inconsistencies between the administration line and our own understanding of the facts. […]

“Keeping Them Honest,” though, Libya’s newly elected prime minister told CNN’s Arwa Damon a full week ago that investigators had been invited into Libya and that the Libyans would provided any needed protection. Whether or not the Libyan government could have delivered on that promise, we’ll never know. What we do know is that no FBI agents are in Benghazi, according to our reporting. The crime scene remains unprotected and somehow the official line seems to be that everything is going fine with the Libyan government and the FBI investigation. …

Anderson Cooper is not confused about the role of FBI Special Agents at scenes of international terrorism. Cooper KNOWS either through his own reading, most likely, or through his guests. But Fox News does not know, nor do its hosts. More irony abounds … Fox News rants day and night about Benghazi, yet doesn’t know Terrorism 101 — known by any average American who’s read newspapers or books or listened to guests interviewed by far more objective reporters like Anderson Cooper.

Now, a brief excerpt from the interview of a CNN producer on Tripoli and Benghazi:

JOMANA KARADSHEH, CNN PRODUCER (via phone): The embassy in Tripoli [id] on high alert since the attack in Benghazi. .. they evacuated nonessential staff and travel within Tripoli has been restricted.

The concern here among the Western community [NOTE: NOT JUST THE U.S>] in Tripoli and diplomats, I earlier spoke with a security advisor for one of the Western Diplomatic Commission and they say they’re concerned about the demonstrations that are expected tomorrow in Tripoli … also in Benghazi. … A senior Libyan security official in Tripoli told his mission that they were worried [protests may turn violent].

These are not anti-American or anti-Western protests … they’re a continuation of what we saw in Benghazi last Friday, people taking to the streets to put pressure on the government to disband militias and create security forces. They actually protest against extremism, …

The U.S. embassy this evening posted on its Web site a warning for U.S. citizens in Tripoli and in Benghazi who remain in country to avoid the two main squares because of these demonstrations, saying that while they are expected to be peaceful protests, that they could turn violent.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama is on The View.


More from the once-famous poem “THE CITY OF DREADFUL NIGHT,” by the 19th-century Scottish poet James Thomson:

             “Man might know one thing were his sight less dim;
             That it whirls not to suit his petty whim,
             That it is quite indifferent to him.

             “Nay, does it treat him harshly as he saith?
             It grinds him some slow years of bitter breath,
             Then grinds him back into eternal death.”

Encore recently aired “Crimson Petal and the White,” a 2011 BBC mini-series from the novel of the same name. The main character, a literate prostitute who lived during the repressive Victorian era when women were treated like trash (and still are in too many countries), quotes that poem. I jotted down the title and poet’s name, nearly forgot I’d done so, and the rest is … well, the rest of the poem is here. If Starz/Encore continue to air exceptional programming like this, I may be enticed to subscribe. In fact, Starz has two such dramas in the works, one starring the same actress in the BBC mini-series.

Being somewhat known for my digressions, allow me to add that the BBC is owned by the British government, as is PBS in the United States. The hue and cry from members of Congress — nearly all of them Republicans — to slash or do away with the funding for PBS is disgusting. Of course, it is rare to hear a Democrat in Congress (or Barack Obama) defend PBS’s programming.

Yet, PBS cannot hope to compete with the budgets of Starz/Encore, which snaps up these programs and, said to say, has aired the mini-series so far but once. In contrast, I believe — if memory serves — that I can watch all of “Downton Abbey” at PBS’s Web site, for free.

The amount PBS derives from U.S. taxpayers is infinitesimal compared to annual budgets of the departments of defense, housing, and more. Larry Johnson also wrote about the cuts needed in the Department of Defense and other government programs.

Yet, on Fox News, the sole reference to money for the arts is that of the sicko “artist” who put Jesus or a crucifix in a glass of urine. Yes, that is disgusting. No, that is not art. But, if it is anything at all, it is an example of the extremes to which the United States will go in allowing “free speech,” which Fox News only cares about when the words come from a Republican. Again, I’d like to encourage anyone who hasn’t to read Larry Johnson‘s post about Fox News.