RUSH ANNOUNCEMENT SO YOU CAN WATCH: Tune in at 8 or 11 p.m. ET for Bill O’Reilly’s third Friday night segment, “What the heck just happened?,” with the equally hilarious and savvy Greg Gutfeld and Bernie McGuirk (Don Imus’s producer). Update: I hear O’Reilly bumped them (?).

O’Reilly, September 19: The “newest segment takes on chaos in the Middle East and PBJ sandwiches deemed racist.” McGuirk defends Egypt’s deposed Mubarak and Gutfeld defends the SEAL’s bin Laden book:

Last Friday’s segment was great too with Gutfeld on “Chaos in the Middle East” … McGuirk on Mubarak … Gutfeld standing up for the Navy SEAL’s new book on the successful bin Laden raid and execution.

Here’s the description up at O’Reilly’s site:

Friday regulars Greg Gutfeld and Bernard McGuirk began their segment with the state of the presidential race. “The two videos that came out this week,” Gutfeld said, “exposed the flaws of the candidates. But you have to ask yourself whether you’d rather have a cloddish capitalist or a charming collectivist? Would you rather have someone who knows business or someone who knows Beyonce? I would choose the guy who knows business, although I love Beyonce.”

McGuirk contended that Romney handled his “47%” remark clumsily. “Mitt Romney called attention to this by holding a stupid press conference where he looked timid and indecisive. Anthony Weiner showed more confidence and less contrition during his resignation press conference.”

Returning for a second segment, the lads turned to singer and songwriter Randy Newman, whose new pro-Obama song basically accuses Americans of racism. “This guy and people like him are the closet racists themselves,” McGuirk declared, “and this is to exorcise the demons in his own head.”

Gutfeld questioned Newman’s politics … and his talent. “Who told this guy he could sing, I’ve seen better pipes in a public toilet. You’ve got Bill Maher, David Letterman, Randy Newman, and all these rich old white guys chasing Obama like he’s a Playboy bunny. Hollywood has become the propaganda arm of the government. They’re supposed to speak truth to power, but instead they’re kissing its _ _ _ .”

Of course, ALL the liberal blogs had a field day with Bill O’Reilly’s commentary on Mitt Romney’s campaign performances. I dont’t know whose videos he’s been watching, but Mitt Romney seems plenty fired up to me!

Mediaite produced the video of that one segment out of many in “Bill O’Reilly To Mitt Romney: ‘Snap Out Of It!’“:

“On his show [September 21st], Bill O’Reilly dissected the reaction to the “47 percent” leaked video of Mitt Romney and how it played in the media as opposed to a video of President Obama. O’Reilly acknowledged the myriad of problems that the Romney campaign is facing, and said that the Republican candidate needs a “snap out of it!” moment in order to be a strong contender again.

I cannot beieve how many liberal blogs used this one clip to bash Romney, Uh, how’s that U.S. economy going lately, Barack?