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UPDATE: THIS TIME, NEXT WEEK, GUESS WHAT WE’LL BE DOING on October 11th? That’s next Thursday. The countdown begins … Paul Ryan is watching his wife sew the kids’ Halloween costumes, and all he can think about are those tricks and treats that await him. (Sorry honey, sorry kids.) We wait and wait … Damn, but there are lots of treats for all the good boys and girls. You too, Janna Little Ryan and Miss Liza, Master Charles, and Master Sam, who nobody ever talks about or asks for their names. (Might that be because the MSM never feature Ryan’s beautiful family?) … Bronwyn, who’s hopin’ the kids get to have a Shirley Temple and a Roy Rogers after the debate, or am I dating myself?)


Leave it to Honest Joe Biden to portray Barack Obama as a 21st century version of an Edgar Allen Poe villain–Barack Obama burying middle class people alive:

Yes, let’s give Joe credit for at least one thing. He knows a true disaster when he sees it.

Obama cannot afford to run on his record. His economy sucks:

Tonight will be fascinating, especially if the issue of Obamacare comes up. Romney will be able to take Obama apart on this piece by piece. He is better prepared substantively to discuss the matter than Obama is.

Bring it on.

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