The lies and deceit of the Obama Administration are Nixonesque. And the facts are trickling out to expose how President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton are trying to cover up the debacle in Libya that left the U.S. consulate sacked, the CIA base detstroyed and our Ambassador and three CIA employees dead.

Thank to ABC we have an email that documents the decision by the Under Secretary of Management, Patrick Kennedy, to withdraw key military support to the Embassy.

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I have uploaded the actual email for you to see yourself:

Now, what does this mean? According to Jake Tapper:

An “SST” is a Security Support Team, about 16 Special Forces troops assigned to protect officials from the U.S. State Department. This particular SST was assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli.

Shown the email uncovered by ABC News, a spokesman for the committee said the “document is consistent with what the Oversight Committee has been told by individuals who worked in Libya. Ambassador Stevens and the diplomatic mission in Libya made multiple security related requests that were turned down by Washington based officials. Security related transportation has been identified as one of the particular items where embassy personnel did not receive the support they sought.” . . . .

The U.S. government official who provided the email to ABC News – and wanted to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of the matter – described the small DC-3 plane as an asset for a security team to more freely and safely move throughout the country, and to more easily transport arms and other security equipment. In short, having the plane allowed the security team to better perform its duties, the official said.

The State Department official acknowledged that the plane was used to get around Libya, not just to get in and out of the country. But once commercial air service was re-established, the State Department decided that the SST didn’t need the plane anymore. The security team, it would seem, disagreed.

The average American may not appreciate how totally ridiculous and idiotic is the assertion by the State Department official that the military tean (the SST) could rely on “commercial air service.” I don’t care where you are in the world, commercial air service creates major obstacles in transporting weapons, which a military security team like the SST routinely carries.

The commander of the SST, ie Site Security Team, is Army Lt. Colonel Andy Wood, and he is sharing infor with CBS News and congressional investigators that is more damning for Obama. Wood reports:

that his 16-member team and a six-member State Department elite force called a Mobile Security Deployment team left Libya in August, just one month before the Benghazi assault. Wood says that’s despite the fact that US officials in Libya wanted security increased, not decreased.

Wood says he met daily with Stevens and that security was a constant challenge. There were 13 threats or attacks on western diplomats and officials in Libya in the six months leading up to the September 11 attack. . . .

Wood, whose team arrived in February, says he and fellow security officials were very worried about the chaos on the ground. He says they tried to communicate the danger to State Department officials in Washington, D.C., but that the officials denied requests to enhance security.

So, in the months immediately prior to the attack the ability of the SST to move quickly around the country is ended and the Mobile Security Deployment Team, which should have been protecting the Ambassador in Benghazi, was withdrawn from the country. So you need to ask, “who was in charge of Diplomatic Security?”

Let’s return for a moment to the memo leaked to ABC. Note who made the decision to pull the plug on the SST plane? The Under Secretary for Management, Patrick Kennedy. Guess who was in charge of Diplomatic Security? Patrick Kennedy.

But now there is an Accountability Review Board (aka ARB) named to investigate the attack and murdes in Libya. First the good news–the head of this ARB is retired Ambassador Thomas Pickering. A man of great character and experience.

Now for the bad news–who appointed the ARB and who does the ARB report thru? PATRICK KENNEDY. While Secretary of State Clinton is listed as naming the team and as the final person to receive the report, Patrick Kennedy actually is the intermediary in this process. Here is the announcement and please examine who signed the announcement:

Pursuant to Section 301 of the Omnibus Diplomatic Security and Antiterrorism Act of 1986, as amended (22 U.S.C. 4831 et seq.), Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has determined that the recent deaths of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Information Management Officer Sean Smith, and security personnel Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods in Benghazi, Libya involved loss of life at or related to a U.S. mission abroad. Therefore, Secretary Clinton has convened an Accountability Review Board, as required by that statute, to examine the facts and circumstances of the attacks and to report findings and recommendations as it deems appropriate, in keeping with its mandate. The Secretary has appointed Thomas Pickering, a retired U.S. ambassador, as Chair of the Board. He will be assisted by Admiral Michael G. Mullen, Ms. Catherine Bertini, Mr. Richard J. Shinnick, and Mr. Hugh J. Turner III. They bring to their deliberations distinguished backgrounds in government service. If you are contacted for an interview by the Board, please give them your full and prompt cooperation.
The Board will submit its conclusions and recommendations to Secretary Clinton within 60 days of its first meeting, unless the Chair determines a need for additional time. Within the timeframe required by statute following receipt of the report, the Department will report to Congress on all recommendations made by the Board and any actions undertaken in response to those recommendations.
Anyone with information relevant to the Board’s examination of these incidents should contact the Board promptly at (202) 647-6246 or send a fax to the Board at (202) 647-6640.

Dated: October 1, 2012.

Patrick F. Kennedy,
Under Secretary of State for Management, Department of State.

Patrick Kennedy should be a target of this investigation. He must recuse himself. We already have evidence that Kennedy’s decisions stripped the Embassy of critical security assets. This is a cover up in the making. What is quite clear even without an investigation is that Obama and his team out of the blocks lied about the attack and its causes in Libya.

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Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.
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  • MG6

    15% of the votes in Venezuela nullified…..Chavez wins…

    Read the comments…Sean Penn should butt out of Latin America affairs, that ignorant prick!

  • antielitist

    Check this clip from Steve Ducy (sp?) this morning.!

    This lends credence to the theory the Benghazzi ambush was a faux
    wannabe hostage situation gone wrong. I believe the POS is capable of
    having initiated a false flag hostage incident aimed at helping his
    re(s)election bid. Fothermucker.

    Colonel Andy Wood, who was in charge of Bengahzzi security, met with
    Stevens every day and warned the WH about the safety issues in Libya. He has
    been subpoened to appear before congress next week. I hope the truth
    about this assassination comes out before November.

    • getfitnow

      This lends credence to the theory the
      Benghazzi ambush was a faux
      wannabe hostage situation gone wrong
      Fast and Furious redux.

  • MG6

    As per exit polls in Venezuela, Chavez has lost the elections.
    Check drudge report.

    • getfitnow

      Hopefully the actual vote will reflect this. Fingers crossed

    • HARP2

      Sean Penn hardest hit.

      • TeakWoodKite

        I think Obama is unhappy his man didn’t win.

  • MG6

    If this is true. Then this is a treason and seditious administration this country has ever suffered under!

  • MG6
    • getfitnow

      Thanks. Comments are interesting too.

  • FormerLiberal9

    This White House is just sadly lacking Common Sense. Too many Ivory Tower types running the show.


    code pink stopped at border of waziristan.
    I was hoping they would come face to face with the taliban. what an awakening that would be

    • TeakWoodKite

      I thought they going to uzbecky beckystan. Even the Quran speaks of showing mercy to those who are truely insane.

    • getfitnow

      Walking vaginas.

      • HObama HObamanana

        Damn, I was counting on seeing what a walking vagina wearing a burqa looked like. Damned Pakistani buzz kills.

  • MG6

    Heard of the investigation done by Fox regarding the Green Energy programs promoted by the Obama regime.
    It appears that Obama/Val Jarrette goal is to collapse the US economy. By collapsing the economy, they would destabilize the US and make it easy for Americans to be invaded.
    Why hasn’t the media not investigated this….and where the hell is congress!!!!!


    off topic


    sounds like something meeeeschele would promote

    • piattq

      Affordable Care Act strikes again—at the patient’s ultimate expense.

  • getfitnow

    o/t today in FL. 12,000 “folks” show up for Romney.

  • TeakWoodKite

    16 redacted email addresses. Nuff said.

    • binky354


      • TeakWoodKite

        The email has that many email addresses redacted, which means 16 people were made aware of the decision to cut security. 16 people. And no takers?
        At least one gave it to CBS. Besides that 15 others knewand did nothing to correct a major blunder. What does that say?

        • binky354


          • TeakWoodKite

            and by way of reply :)

            During the 2008 campaign Obama’s passport records just happened to have been illegally searched by an employee of a firm headed by John O. Brennan, and Lt. Quarles Harris, Jr., who was cooperating with federal investigators in connection with the incident, just happened to be found with a bullet in his head, and the murder just happened never to be solved, and Obama later just happened to make Brennan his terrorism and intelligence.


    here is one result of blaming a movie trailer for a terrorist attack


    benghazi blowback

    does anyone know if the hearing on October 10 will be on c-span??


    house tea party members tell Hilary Clinton , examine your own role in cutting diplomatic security

    • getfitnow

      Small point, but I wonder why Tea Party is used.

      She has a lot to answer for.

  • I_cant_take_this

    This doesn’t have much to do with the topic above other than if there were more black men like this one, we may not be at this critical point.

    Have any of you heard of this guy? He’s amazing (IMO). I wish there were more like him…this country may have a chance. Alfonzo…or ZO.

    • Theymustbemorons

      This is great! Thanks for posting the link!


    some really weird policies coming out of this administration

  • HObama HObamanana

    As I am reading your report I find myself a little in shock. It’s so hard for me to believe that this actually took place. While in the middle of essentially a war zone our Ambassador requests additional security, and not only is his request denied but the previous security he came to rely upon is removed. Now I understand why he feared for his life. Little did he know that It wasn’t Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda that he had to fear the most, it was Obama been Campaigning.

    I’m certain it is very obvious that I want Obama out as President. But I sure didn’t want it to be because of something like this, not with innocent Americans being murdered due to his incompetence, or, more likely, indifference. I can’t force myself to be glad about this most likely denying Obama a second term. It only makes me sad right now. The only thing that would make me sadder is for Obama to get away with this by blaming it on Kennedy or Clinton instead of falling on his sword like a man of honor that has shamed his country.


    action on terrorists that killed the Ambassador , the Information specialist and the SEALS before election????

    • Hokma

      I agree with them that it will no effect on the election because it will not at all compensate for the complete mishandling that led to those deaths.


    the state dept delayed asking for security for the FBI to get to Benghazi to investigate the attacks.

    would that have been Patrick Kennedy???

    • TeakWoodKite

      I am I wrong to think that some Libyan “sensitivities” about having the US go about it’s biz with an assertive security presence, would be used by the “islamist” as propaganda? So to avoid this “perception” the security was pruned?
      A political “calculation” was the State Department’s basis for establishing the security requirements? Not the previous 13 “incidents” ?
      And when it backfired and got the whole operation wacked, they run for cover laying down one lie after another?
      I got that about right Larry?


    Libyian prime minister steps down.
    So who takes over now and will they work with the USA???

  • Theymustbemorons

    This should make every citizen’s blood boil. Oh yeah, he should definitely recuse himself. But why would Kennedy repeatedly leave Stevens and his team in such a vulnerable position? You would think Kennedy has the expertise to know better. Unless he was given a directive to save money? Or maybe saving money is what he’s always done? This is from the Wikipedia article

    Kennedy’s Career
    •Under secretary for management, U.S. Department of State, Washington, 2007
    •Director Office management Policy, U.S. Department of State, Washington, 2007
    •Deputy director management, Office Nat. Intelligence, Washington, 2005–2007
    •Chief of staff, Transition Unit, Baghdad, Iraq, 2004
    •Chief of staff, Coalition Provisional Authority, Baghdad, Iraq, 2003
    •Ambassador, United States representative for management and reform, United Nations, 2001–2005
    •Coordinator for reorganization of foreign affairs agencies, U.S. Department of State, Washington, 1997–2001
    •Acting assistant secretary for diplomatic security, U.S. Department of State, Washington, 1998
    •Acting under secretary for management, U.S. Department of State, Washington, 1996–1997
    •Assistant secretary for administration, U.S. Department of State, Washington, 1993–2001
    •Administrate counselor, U.S. Department of State, Cairo, 1991––93
    •Executive director, then deputy executive secretary, U.S. Department of State, Paris, 1985–90
    •Supervisory general services officer, U.S. Department of State, Paris, 1981–1985
    •Special assistant to under secretary for management, U.S. Department of State, Washington, 1977–81
    •Personnel officer, Bureau of African Affairs, U.S. Department of State, 1975–76
    •Regional administrative officer, Foreign Service, 1973–74
    •Member, Foreign Service, 1973.

    • Canaan

      “But why would Kennedy repeatedly leave Stevens and his team in such a vulnerable position?”

      My question is, was it so as not to offend Muslim sensibilities?

      • Theymustbemorons

        Maybe that’s it. If so, then the same lack of security should prevail in every other Muslim country where we have a diplomatic outpost I would think. What a pattern that would be.

        • TeakWoodKite

          I was headed in the direction as well.

    • TeakWoodKite

      “Chief of staff, Coalition Provisional Authority, Baghdad, Iraq, 2003″ Under Paul Brenner? Kissenger’s shop?


    Intelligence community not happy about coverup try and blame trying to be shifted to them

  • HARP2

    Jarret had more protection in the Hamptons.

    • DianaLC

      And we still do not know how much protection the Obama daughter had on her hs trip. I want those girls protected, but I also want to see the side-by-side comparison about whose life was more important.

  • beyond partisan

    Thank you for covering this, Larry. It is a mortal sin how the media has covered for Obama on this one.

  • DianaLC

    Since 9/11, I find myself constantly thinking about Stevens and his last moments. I should have never looked at the photos. I can’t imagine why this issue isn’t on the front page of every newspaper, why the banner headline of every newspaper, news blog, t.v. channel isn’t about this story. That one amassador is/was in place of all of us here in the safety of our homes. We owe him a thorough investigation.
    Please don’t make this political theater. It needs to be done in all seriousness.

    • Matthew J. Weaver

      It is inconvenient at best for Obama and Clinton to address, they have not acceptable answers, so they instead bury it and hope it will all go away.

      • TeakWoodKite

        The report is due in 60 days, on December 4th.
        It’s findings will not have a direct impact on the election unless the info is leaked.
        Considering the situation on the ground is going from bad to really worse by the minute, as a direct consequence of the dangerously clueless “policies” that BO is pushing, it’s no wonder Ice T is tweeting BO’s crib.

        Message to the President: “No weed before the next debate homie….”

  • JohnnyTwoDog

    This decision obviously could not have been based on need and must have been political. It was a decision to rapidly reduce any trace of a US Military presence in an Islamic country. The hell with protection of US assets and personnel.


    I brought this up from downstairs about Pickering.

    So he can be trusted to to the right thing and tell the truth and make sure the people who should be are held accountable?
    I ask because of the lobbying for Iran.

    If Patrick Kennedy had any scruples he would resign

    • jbjd

      I followed the links you provided (and more links provided in those) and absolutely agree with the conclusion implied by your question, which seems rhetorical: no, Mr. Pickering cannot be trusted to neutrally investigate events in Libya. Because given that, based on the information provided in the articles linked, he is aligned with Iran; and given the close relationship between Iran and Libya; at a minimum, his oversight lends the appearance of impropriety.

      • TeakWoodKite

        The question then becomes is Ambassador Pickering an honorable man who is serving American security interests even as a lobbiest for Iran or …is not such a man and would in essence be a double agent with a personal motive to game the situation?

        On thing is for certain. The 50 years of history this man has experienced and the places he has been is nothing short of an amazing career.

        • jbjd

          Any analysis ‘after the fact’ of Mr. Pickering’s overview, that seeks to determine if the results were unbiased is doomed to fail, whether we support or reject his findings ascribing blame to this cause, or that. Who can say? The agency cannot police itself, without an appearance of bias; and Mr. Pickering compounds that appearance with his extracurricular affiliations.

          As for a stellar record of accomplishment in public service, no doubt Clark Clifford ‘did him one better'; but who could forget BCCI?

          • TeakWoodKite

            Who might then be a better choice as I agree with the perception part but consider that while Pickering might be an Irainian lobbiest, he has a roledex 5 decades deep of contacts outside the echo chamber.
            If it is your inferance that the Ambasddor would betray this country then I wonder what evidence is in the public domain that would speak to this concern?
            you and I both know the report will not be detrimental to very many careers in the state dept so I am not putting much stock in it out of the gate.

    • HObama HObamanana

      Is it even permissible to place the words Kennedy and scruples within the same sentence?

      • HELENK2

        my first vote was for JFK. I was 21 and did believe we could make a difference in the world. I would have voted for Bobby. Teddy was always the weak link.
        The more that comes out about the Kennedy family really does make me question a lot of what was covered then.

        • DianaLC

          My eyes were opened a bit by my partner’s connections to Martha’s Vineyard in regard to Teddy, and then finally the blog here about the whole Chappaquiddick incident. Makes a person sad and ashamed about her own naivete as a young person. I tried to tell my brother that when he agreed to vote Obama because so many young people liked him. I tried to tell him about how stupid I had been and naive when I was a young voter.