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The incompetence and negligence of the Obama Administration, especially Hillary Clinton’s State Department, is coming more into focus with each passing day. I take no delight in having to focus on Hillary’s failure, but there is no other conclusion. She is ultimately the person at State Department responsible for the failure to ensure that Ambassador Stevens had adequate protection. As more information comes to light she may have to resign.

Jake Tapper is out today with another blockbuster highlighting the fact that the Department rejected a specific request from American Embassy Libya to extend the SST (Site Security Team).

Remember, I was one of the first in the blogosphere to tell you that memos like this existed and would come to light.

The leaks are only getting started. Patrick Kennedy and Hillary Clinton will probably have to resign. What remains unclear is whether Barack Obama will pull the plug on them before the election.

But, firing Hillary and Kennedy does not explain why Susan Rice was out on all of the TV shows repeatedly telling a goddamned lie–i.e., that the attack on the consulate was a spontaneous reaction to a stupid videotape. That one is squarely on the White House. Rice does not have the best of relations with Hillary and tends to play up to Donilon and Brennan–Obama’s National Security guys at the White House.

And it gets worse. Both James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, and David Petraeus, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, also deceived and misled Congress in their breifings the week of the attack. This was not an intelligence failure. This was a failure of policymakers to pay attention to intelligence. And that blame lies squarely on Barack Obama, who was too busy playing golf and raising campaign cash to attend his daily Presidential Daily Briefs from the intelligence community.

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