Tomorrow’s hearing on murder of four American “diplomats” at the hands of Al Qaeda linked terrorists on the 11th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks will put the final nails in the coffin carrying the political corpse of Barack Obama. His Presidency is dead, done and finished. We have breaking news tonight (thanks Helen) that two senior State Department officers informed the press (sans Fox News) that on the evening of 9-11 in Benghazi there was no protst or spontaneous riot. Nope. Just an organized group of armed men who stormed the consulate.

This completely blows Susan Rice out of the water and is the first of some major bloodletting that will ensure pitting Hillary’s State Department with Obama’s White House. The Obama team sent out Susan Rice to lie about what happened. Yet, with each passing day we are getting a new revelation destroying her farsical version of events.

Leave it to Newt Gingrich’s operation to hit Obama with a nuclear ad:

But that’s not all.

The Washington Post reports:

Less than two months before the fatal attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, the State Department concluded that the risk of violence to diplomats and other Americans in Libya was high and that the weak U.S.-backed government in Tripoli could do little about it.

“The risk of U.S. Mission personnel, private U.S. citizens and businesspersons encountering an isolating event as a result of militia or political violence is HIGH,” a State Department security assessment from July 22 concludes. . . .

The department’s former top security officer told the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform that he had recommended keeping U.S. military and additional State Department security forces on hand through October, documents released by the committee show.

“The (Libyan government) was overwhelmed and could not guarantee our protection,” former regional security officer Eric A. Nordstrom wrote Oct. 1. “Sadly, that point was reaffirmed Sept. 11 2012 in Benghazi.”

Can’t wait to watch Barack, in his new role as “the Angry Black Man,” defend this incompetence.

The lame attempt by Obama to hide behind the claim that, “there was no actionable intelligence,” is being systematically and thoroughly destroyed. The intelligence was plentiful and clear. The requests from the Regional Security Officer were unambiguous. The recommendations of Senior Military leaders on the ground left no room for doubt. The State Department and the White House, to quote Ricky Riccardo, will have a lot of splaining to do. And none of their explanations are defensible. Whatever legacy Hillary hoped to have at State is now in flames and turning to putrid ashes. She has the blood of four Americans on her hands. And as she goes down she is taking Mr. “I KILLED BIN LADEN” with her.

UPDATE: The rats are heading for the lifeboats. This call by State Department is a shot across the bow of the White House.

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