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Regardless of how the debate actually went, we will quite likely be left with the choice of believing the media or our lying eyes.

  • Barack Obama desperately needs Joseph Biden to win last night’s debate to slow down his free-fall.
    [Read more at Slate or Politico.]
  • It is clear that among Barack Obama’s media lackeys, expectations are so low for Joseph Biden that, if he said anything meaningful and supportive of Barack Obama, he’d be declared the victor.
    [Read more at CNN.]
  • Why is it that these presidential and vice presidential debates keep getting stacked with biased and often partisan moderators (recall Gwen Ifill in 2008). Paul Ryan not only faced Joseph Biden, but also long-time Barack Obama friend-turned-moderator Martha Raddatz. Did she betray her bias in favor of Barack Obama and Joe Biden?

    Even Huffington Post says she should recuse herself. Tucker Carson and Neil Patel at Daily Caller exposed Raddatz’s over 20-year-old personal ties to Barack Obama. Lori Lowenthal Marcus at Jewish Press clarifies the conflict of interest and the apparent collaboration of ABC. Read more at Memeorandum.

    On the other hand, for all of Jim Lehrer’s efforts, it didn’t help Obama much last week. [See Todd Kinsey or ABC News.]

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I am going to add a great story that, in the rush last night, Matthew didn’t get a chance to add. It’s a great story that tells you everything you need to know about Joe Biden. ‘Til then …