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Paul Ryan, Mission Accomplished

Paul Ryan had one job tonight–prove to the vast majority of Americans that do not know him that he could be trusted to be President. What did America see? An intelligent, measured man who treated a buffoon with respect. He was knowledgeable and articulate. He did not say anything stupid. He did not say anything ignorant.

He looked at the camera and did not have to constantly glance down at notes. Not the same for Joe Biden. Biden played well with Democrat partisans. But flash polls of independent voters–the key demographic for the upcoming election–found Biden rude and bizarre.

What does this mean?

Romney and Ryan took another positive step tonight towards winning on November 6th.

  • adagioforstrings

    Biden’s performance seemed targeted to mobilizing the netroots Kos Kids MSNBC Kool Aid drinkers vs appealing to the middle.
    Ryan had to balance trying to be assertive vs being a jerk like Biden & risk alienting independent voters. Some callers (mostly men) to radio shows complained that Biden basically bunted vs hit a homerun & acted too much like a wimp by allowing Biden to walk on him. However, most female callers thought Biden was off-putting & overbearing & alientating. It still looks like a close race, unfortunately.


    is this the tape that Issa was talking about.
    not only cameras from compound but also from drone overhead


    UN wants plan for Mali in 45 days.

    are we going to get in the middle of this??