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Obama Hides Behind Hillary’s Skirt

Talk about a spineless wimp. That is Barack Obama when it comes to Libya. Hillary Clinton tonight, while speaking in Peru, takes full responsibility for the failure to have the consulate in Benghazi properly secured and Ambassador Chris Stevens appropriately protected. And she’s right. She is at fault.

But having Hillary take the hit does not get Obama off the hook. She ultimately may have been responsible for the security failure in Libya, but she was not the one who sent Susan Rice out to lie to the American people. That was Barack Obama’s call. Here is the irony–when Obama was busy spiking the football for taking out Bin Laden he was quick to claim the credit for making the tough decision. He could not wait to get in front of the cameras and set in motion leaks that completely exposed a top secret US Navy Special Ops unit.

But while Ambassador Stevens’ corpse was still warm, what did Barack do?

He jetted off to Las Vegas to raise campaign cash. He had no time nor inclination to brief the American public on this epic fail on 9-11, 2012. His campaign was counting on doing a triumphant foreign policy march waving the body of Osama Bin Laden as a victory scalp. That meme turned to ashes with the shell of the burned out US Consulate and annex in Benghazi more than one month ago.

So, Hillary accepts responsibility? Fine. She should tender her resignation. She failed to do her job and four Americans are dead that should not have died. If she stays on the job, then we know this is just a cheap, political gesture with no substance. With her should go Pat Kennedy, the Under Secretary for Management, who had the job of directly supervising and managing Diplomatic Security.

I am not saying that Hillary personally decided not to provide security to Benghazi. That decsion was taken at a lower level. But it is her job to be responsible. We had no responsibility in place during the Bush Administration in the aftermath of the first 9-11. No one lost their job then. Now we have the debacle in Libya. While we have lost far fewer American lives there as compared to the deaths in New York City, Pennsylvania and Virginia, it is a serious breach of security.

Now we have the spectacle of Barack Obama cowering in the White House, praying that Hillary takes the heat and that he gets off the hook. But Obama is delusional. Just because Hillary proved that she has bigger balls than Obama does not mean Obama gets a pass on this disaster. Where does the Buck stop Barack?

  • Eyes Wide Open

    Was here during the 2008 election, Larry and this site were Hillary’s dedicated supporters. I wasn’t but I hung around because I just felt at home here and I still do.

    I don’t presume to know Larry, it appears to me that he does not give or take his support without much thought.

    The first scenario is strictly my opinion.

    The Clinton’s have their eye on something higher than her becoming president of the US. I think the hand Hillary played involved Bill Clinton becoming head of the UN. She falls on the proverbial sword for Obama and he, Obama uses his connections at the UN to secure that position for Bill.


    Now let me tell what one rumor is going around. The plot of Benghazi thickens, the tale being told is this.

    The attack was supposed to be fake, resulting in the kidnapping of the Ambassador. Enter stage left, Obama rides to the rescue, just in time for the elections. One ambassador free, one more election secured.

    • HObama HObamanana

      Your “rumor” is understandable considering who we are discussing, but it is completely false.

      • Eyes Wide Open

        Very well could be, regarding the botched kidnapping rumor. As for my opinion of Clinton and the UN only time will tell.

        This whole Libya thing has been like an evil episode of the Keystone cops.

  • Hokma

    Hillary’s statement is very carefully crafted and the responsibility is limited and could be driven by policy that was not decided by her. There still is a gaping hole for investigation as well as the investigation of the audacious cover up.

    I agree that her stature towers over Obama’s diminutive presence by doing this. “Spineless wimp” is very fitting.

    They thought this would go away because the media would not cover it. They were right about 95% of media not covering it but wrong about it going away.

    While there are going to be questions about why Stevens went to Benghazi at all knowing about the danger, when the skin is all peeled away, which will likley not be until after election day, there will reveal a policy from the oval office that mandated reduction in security force to give the appearance of normalcy. Obama is all about kumbaya foreign policy without regard to reality and this would fit right in.

    • HoosierinDixie

      Agreed.It is also very telling she chose to do this in Peru instead of on American soil facing a full room of media outlets.

  • bbf

    Hillary should have never accepted any position with the Obama Administration. Hillary should resign..but unfortunately she has this “team player” thing..and she won’t do what she should have done months ago.

  • Popsmoke

    Add to this idiots like Peter King who sees terrorists under his bed and we have a complete security breakdown.

  • KenoshaMarge

    So she has balls enough to take responsibility, that alone is rare in the circles she inhabits, so I can respect that. Now show some more guts and retire. Immediately. The Clintons both climbed aboard the Obama band wagon and will now have to pay the price of admission.

    Otherwise, “taking responsibility” is just another cheap political trick that the Clinton’s perform so well. The timing is not only suspect, it reeks!

    Retire Hillary, show some integrity. And while you’re at it, take that windbag, attention seeking missile you call a spouse with you.

    • getfitnow

      After 2 weeks of stonewalling?
      The debate’s tonight?
      The timing of this “Come to Jesus” moment strikes me as political cover for That One tonight.
      In the ’08 primaries she made a point of telling Obama where the buck stops. I guess she changed her mind.
      4 Americans are dead, including the first Ambassador to be killed in
      decades. If she wants to take full responsibility, then I expect her

      • getfitnow

        I also meant to include this.

        • KenoshaMarge


      • KenoshaMarge

        I agree. If she actually does take full responsibility then her resignation should be on Obama’s desk by now.
        Taking responsibility needs to mean more than a political statement. Playing politics over the bodies of the fallen is despicable!

  • artist

    You’re spot on Larry. Once upon a time the Dems ran a choice between Hillary and Barry, Barry snagged the nomination and like a cosmic joke/tragedy became POTUS…. bottom line is that both of them failed America big time and no one was there to answer that damn phone at 3 am. Major Fail, throw the clowns out.


    some more questions about benghazi that need answering.

    In April state dept suspected that libyan guards at benghazi consulate had tried to attack it.

    was all information about benghazi and it’s security and it’s history passed up the line or was there a cya and don’t let the boss know what really going on atmosphere in the state dept??

  • TexMexSoup

    Remember the speech where obama was campaigning and as he spoke of hillary Clinton he raised his middle finger as to scratch his face? Basically telling Hillary FU. Looks like he is doing it again and she is much obliged isn’t she? I have zero respect for Mrs. Clinton since she just stepped aside and let this bozo win the nomination/presidency. She should resign.

  • nickoury

    I’m sorry.

    I can’t picture sitting there listening to the terror for six hours, knowing that there exists at one’s immediate command countless trained US forces within striking distance of almost any distressed Americans in need of assistance. Granted, not every circumstance requires military intervention, but in this case, in an unstable armed environment, a show of US forces to aide in response, defense, and personnel evacuation should have been initiated at some point during those six hours. It would have not been ignored.

    There are NO excuses for this neglected judgment and FAILURE to guard American treasure, otherwise those heroes died in vain.

  • nickoury


    You could have scrambled a strike force, something, anything.

    You could have explained the fatal incident as a rogue terrorist attack, hinting that terrorism was involved, at least within the orbit of reality.

    The list goes on and on, so many reasonable, logical choices to save a few Americans who put their lives at risk in harm’s way.

    This is NOT a laughing matter by any means, the dire need of extreme emphasis that Jonh Belushi would employ, now for anger, not laughs-

    But NoooooOOOOO

    Your choice:

    Blame ROMNEY/RYAN.

    Are they out of their minds?!!!

    • piattq

      OR—maybe you can not scramble a strike force these days? What do we really know about the status of our forces these days in the hot spots of the world?

  • nickoury

    Basically it boils down to this:

    You’ve had a lot of fun and a really great time playing President of the United States of America.
    Now just GO AWAY, GET LOST, PLEASE, all of you and your worthless team, before any more damage is done.

  • nickoury

    Let me get this straight “folks”.

    SIX HOUR, REAL TIME, LIVE transmission of the events unfolding,
    broadcast directly to the State Department, is not enough time to get
    your act together?
    I guess the show wasn’t very good so you just switched to bragging about some other video. Yeah, that’s it, just continue hiding the truth you bunch of pathetic LOSERS.

    Those six hours will go down in history much the same as the missing 11 minutes of the Nixon tapes.

    • HARP2

      Hillary……..Yes I`m responsible for the deaths of 4 Americans and no I don`t feel that I should resign.

      Tell that to the faces of the families of those Four heroes.

      You had the chance when you lied your ass off during the return of the coffins you gutless wonder.

      Fog of war you know.

  • Theymustbemorons

    Can an Ambassador get the Secretary of State on the phone whenever he or she needs to do so? I have no idea how this stuff works but I would think Ambassador Stevens could have called Secretary Clinton if he needed to speak with her and that he would have direct access. I would love to know if Ambassador Stevens picked up the phone in 2012 to call Sec’y. Clinton and discuss the urgent need for more security.

    • Retired_from_SPOnaj

      Actually, an Ambassador can get the President on the phone directly in an emergency, because the Ambassador is considered to be the President’s direct representative to the country to which s/he is accredited. I’ve arranged such a communications link in time of crisis overseas, it can be done. Well, it can be done with an adult in the White House. Actually, we have an adult in the White House, and her name is Valerie Jarett. But I guess that she wasnt taking any calls from Chris Stevens.

      • Popsmoke

        While I get the reason for the attack and I get the security issues, especially the mission of the MSG which is very limited as far as protection of the embassey and embassador.
        What I am not getting is stevens himself? Why place yourself in harmsway?

        • Hokma

          That is the issue that is at the heart of this. Why was he there? Why was there intel (as they claimed) at a consultate? Is it possible that Stevens was told there was a threat of a security breach in Benghazi and was told to go there to clean house?

        • Retired_from_SPOnaj

          Foreign Service Officers, along with their CIA and military counterparts, place their lives on the line every day. You just don’t hear about it much in the case of CIA officers, and even less in the case of FSOs, but those in the business realize that it comes with the territory. Most of the time you survive, but sometimes you do not,
          I don’t know why Ambassador Stevens thought that he needed to be there, even without a security detail. But at the end of the day, he put himself in harms way for a reason that he believed warranted his presence and it went bad. And like always when things go bad, those on the pointy end of the spear get killed.
          And the rest of us knock back a drink, pick ourselves up, and move out smartly. While the politicians in Washington try to figure out how to distance themselves personally from the death of four brave men.

  • mgm

    Never underestimate a Clinton.
    Hillary is the only grown-up in the Obama administration, and while she should take responsibility, so should any number of others. And no one with more than half a brain is going to believe she came up with this mea culpa all on her own on the very eve of a presidential debate. Does anyone really think she doesn’t know how weak this makes Obama look?
    Either she is taking a small measure of revenge by exposing Obama as the warty little toad he is, or Obama has been cornered into a Supreme Court nomination for her ( or Bill).

    • HoosierinDixie

      Mgm you may have a point about Hillary taking a small measure of revenge and making Obama look weak.The polls are already showing women shifting towards Romney. It will be interesting to see how they respond to her taking the heat and him getting away unscathed.

    • Hokma

      Supreme Court is not in the cards for Bill because of the felony and after this admission it is not in the cards for Hillary. But there is more to this. Remember who she is. The “scandels” during Clinton did not start with Bill’s adulterous affairs. It started with the white water land deal which did involve Hillary and she was able to skateboard through that and come out clean.

  • Deapster

    Who sent Rice to the UN. Was this Rice’s choice alone or was there some high-level pow wow ahead of time plotting this strategy.

    Yes, the assassinations muddied Obama’s OBL foot-ball spiking. So yes, his naive view of world politics along with his inner circle’s tone-deafness may have thought the Rice move was going to be good cover.

    But since it was not the truth, the truth came out. Hilary has to have a damn good book deal coming out of these past four years.

    • Retired_from_SPOnaj

      Rice is a buddy of Valerie Jarrett, the de-facto President.

      • Fred82


        I don’t think the KGB could have come up with a better agent in the executive branch than Valerie Jarrett.

        If you want to wreck the United States and turn it into a non-player on the global stage in a few short years, Valerie Jarrett has to be at the top of your list of those able to get that job done.

  • tushdi

    BHO: It’s Bush’s fault. It’s the video’s fault. It’s Hillary ‘s fault. I’m clueless but I sure sound good with a TelePrompTer

    • Hokma

      You left out Romney’s fault for the politicization of Beghazi and for Obama not doing well in the first debate.

      Anyone who used to watch Welcome Back Kotter would remember Epstein and his excuse notes which were always signed “Epstein’s Mother.” Obama must have been the one in school who perfected the art of excuse notes.

  • samb1

    The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round.
    Why now before the debate?

    Hillary is no victim she made her choice, Obama.

  • Deapster

    Bill Clinton would know making Hillary appear to look bad here is in fact making Obama look even worse. Nicely finessed.

    • Retired_from_SPOnaj

      Yep. Hillary was gone anyway. Obama can’t fire her three weeks before election day. If she doesn’t resign, it just makes Obama look all the weaker.

  • HARP2

    Hillary just became another “bump in the road” for Obama.

    • KenoshaMarge

      What a woman, she just threw herself under the bus.

  • binky354

    “I am not saying that Hillary personally decided not to provide security to Benghazi. That decsion was taken at a lower level.”

    But the lower level did not set the policy the followed. Who set the policy. Who decided to weaken what little security they had by pulling out security on two different occasions. Someone set that policy and it wasn’t money. There was plenty of unexpended funds at the time security was pulled. So who set that policy? Hillary or was she following orders from higher up?

  • Betsy Levin

    Hillary has been planning to resign after the election. She stated that publicly months ago. It will probably happen sooner rather than later but she will resign. Congress, specifically Darrell Issa, have been tiptoeing around her and treating her with kid gloves. They want to go for the Big Prize. If she can come up with a plausible explanation she might be able to save herself. Condi Rice never resigned after letting the warnings and PDBs in August 2001 slip through the cracks. Why, gosh darn it, she was promoted to SOS!

  • HARP2

    Come on out Barry.
    We can see your big ears sticking out from behind Hillary`s pantsuit.

  • JohnnyTwoDog

    At least someone in the administration finally admits Benghazi was a failure. Now they can’t continue to trot out out the lame excuses. Well, they still can, and likely will. But who can believe any of it now that Hillary has spoken.
    Hillary’s confession does not blunt the damage to Obama.

    • KenoshaMarge

      For many it will. She threw herself on her sword for Obama and now the buck doesn’t have to stop at his desk. But then it never does, it doesn’t even slow down.

  • HARP2

    Hillary claims “fog of war” for Rice.

    Was it “fog of war” when you and Barry spent taxpayer dollars to put Ads in Pakistan apologizing for the video.

    Be gone woman……you are a stain on this great country and history will mark you as such.

    • binky354

      Fog of war? That’s what I thought when I heard the statement. I thought Al-qeda was finished with the death of Bin Laden. That’s lame, even for Hillary.

    • Retired_from_SPOnaj

      Perhaps if Rice would put down the Hope bong for a few minutes, the “fog of war” would begin to clear somewhat.

  • JohnnyTwoDog

    Four Americans dead as bad as it is is just a small symptom of the larger cancer. Intellegence lost, Middle East and world relations set back for a generation or more. Al Qaeda spreading and taking root in Africa and Asia.
    Good work Democrats. Thanks for saving the free world.

  • HARP2

    Hillary expects us to believe Rice went on 5 Sunday shows without the correct information ?

    According to Brit Hume you have to deal with the WH when booking someone for the show.

    So who gave her the bogus story and since she works for you Hillary……..why don`t YOU fire her ?

    • piattq

      Aren’t ambassadors presidential political appointments? Don’t they work for the president? Do ambassadors report to the SOS or do they report to the president? Aren’t ambassadors serving at the pleasure of the president?

  • JohnnyTwoDog

    Hillary has come a long way from “Our people can’t live in bunkers and do their jobs.”
    Scary smart my ass. Just plain scary.
    The Clinton legacy is raw sewage. The Foundation can never cleanse it.

  • pghpuma

    He’s always creeped me out with his freeloading on the backs of Women, but Hillary has a unique perspective on men in office. C’mon! Did the Men of the Senate, her colleagues, treat her any better? And the New York Delegation, Charlie Rangel couldn’t WAIT to release all his gut-busting Super Delegate members to flip off their constituents and give their vote to him. She’s just a tired, old axtress. I say, Retire in Good Health, Hillary, and launch a Clinton Foundation dedicated to Women Entrepreneurs. Nothing ensures Peace like Prosperity and Women with Money.

    • Hokma

      Don’t sell her short just yet. She is not exactly taking one for the team by doing this.

  • HARP2

    I remember saying at the beginning that Hillary should not have taken this spot because he would take credit in the good times but shit on her when things went south.

    Now…….they both disgust me.

  • DianaLC

    Is there any chance that we will ever get any testimony as to why Stevens was in Benghazi at that time or why he was meeing with the Turkish amabassader? It has been prett darned clear for a while that Hillary is stating the obvious today in regard to the incredible stupidity of having no real security in place on this year’s 9/11. However, shouldn’t she also be asked to explain why Stevens was there in the first place at that time?
    I’m sure the administration and the MSM want to say that now this incident is behind us with Hillary’s statement. But you are right that O needs to explain the stupid statements about the video. And….will they get to hide behind he “top secret” excuse for not explaining Stevens’ presence there with NO SECURITY in place on 9/11 of all days?

    • Theymustbemorons

      That’s the $64,000 question!

    • jbjd

      Thank you, DLC. I had no idea Ambassador Stevens had met with the Turkish Ambassador that same day, according to the State Department.

      But I would bet, the topic of conversation was Syria.

    • Madame_deFarge

      Mysterious indeed. However, I always look to the results when you want to know why. The answer no one wants to voice: someone wanted Ambassador Stevens dead.

      • binky354

        I think you nailed it! Someone wanted Ambassador Stevens dead. No other explanation for gutting his security force the way they did.

        • Madame_deFarge

          A new story emerging is Obama had set up a kidnapping of Stevens. He was not to be hurt, only “scuffed up a bit”, giving FlimFlam Man the opportunity to send in a team of Seals to rescue him, once again allowing FFM to bask in heroic glory and sweep into the 2nd term and celebrate the demise of America. The Libyian conspirators accepted a better offer or were swept aside by Al Quida…whichever…who decided to extract revenge for the drone killings of their leaders. Thanks FFM for the constant crowing of killing OBL. They not only heard you but acted in such a way to rub your nose in it and make it abundantly clear that they are alive and active wherever they choose. The other scenario is Stevens had personal (not necessarily intimate) knowledge of FFM’s history at Man Country in the Chicago gay community and needed to be eliminated joining the other gays around FFM who knew him when he was just another closeted gay pol.
          Frankly, I believe anything is possible from these filthy thugs. When will the gay community turn on him? Enough!

          • binky354

            I heard that story of the planned kidnapping and I can believe it. Kevin Dujan and Larry Sinclair have done their best to expose Obama, but nobody’s listening where it counts.

    • Hokma

      “why Stevens was in Benghazi at that time”

      That’s a question I asked the other day. In addition they claimed that there were intelligence files in the Benghazi consultate – why?

      I think the timing of the meeting with the Turkish Ambassador is probably coincidental since this was planned well in advance. But what was the nature of their meeting?


    I am seeing stories that backtrack has military on standby to go to Libya and get the attackers.
    It has been over 30 days and what makes anyone think they would stay in the same place??
    If the CIA was blinded by the attack and no one secured the scene so we are not sure how much intelligence was compromised, what kind of military attack would work??

    No one has ever said just who mrs lamb contacted while she was watching the attack in real time. Did she notify the proper people? Since she and her two immediate superiors refused the request for security, does anyone know if the requests ever went higher??

    Hilary is right to take the responsibility for the state department failure. The timing is a little weird.
    I have had a General Manger lose his job because of an engineer who caused a major wreck.

    Who will take responsibility for the lies and trying to cover-up and the lack of just being interested by the executive branch??

    • Retired_from_SPOnaj

      It really doesn’t matter who they kill in Libya, because whoever gets killed, they will be identified as the murderers of Chris Stevens. They just need to kill somebody to take away the argument coming up next week that Benghazi is a failure.
      Carter tried this, it was called Desert One. I hope that the operators on this political adventure have better luck and get home safe.

  • HoosierinDixie

    I think this is a cheap,political gesture with no substance now. The time for her to have accepted responsibility as the SOS was on 9/12. Not today in Peru on the eve of a presidential debate.She not only condoned the actions of the administration to blame a movie, she stood over the caskets of four dead Americans and played along. She will not resign and Obama will not ask for her resignation. He needs Bill to campaign for him. She needs the support of the party if she decides to run in 2016.

    • JohnnyTwoDog

      Hillary is done. The Clintons are done. Obama is done. Or is it dung.

      • KenoshaMarge

        Dung works for me. I know bullshit when I see and hear it.

    • HObama HObamanana

      The purpose of her decision is to shift the blame away from Obama so as to give him a chance at tonight’s debate.

      • KenoshaMarge

        Exactly! Wonder what this little piece of theater will cost the Obama campaign? Support for a run by Hillary in 2016?

        I wouldn’t vote for this disgusting woman if she was the last female on earth!

      • HoosierinDixie

        Yes but that is only partly true. The Clintons don’t do anything unless it benefits them in some way as well. Just as she screwed her supporters to get the SOS job in 2008.

  • Constance

    I say first things first. “We had no responsibilty in place…”, referring to 9/11 2001. I am not sure I know what that means. Plenty of people had plenty of titles and plenty of duties…but not responsibilities??? Anyone who has seen photos of Hillary immediately after the Benghazi incident, cannot honestly doubt that Hillary feels a sense of personal responsibility for what occurred, but invoking chain of command and a title to call for her resignation is political theater and hypocrisy at its height. This website may fall in line with the official lie of 9/11, but many other websites do not and more people than the social engineers dare to acknowledge have been paying attention. If Hillary were to resign, it would be like sweeping the crap under the carpet. But the stench is never going to go away until we get rid of the crap. As far as I can tell, some of that crap will be found among Mitt Romney’s foreign policy advisors or should I call them handlers. What wevreally need is a honest, unrigged of 9/11 2001.

    • mgm

      How did you reach the conclusion that Romney’s advisors are involved in this debacle?

      • Constance

        No one said Romney’s advisors were involved in Benghazi. But if numerous reports are to be believed, a number of his advisors are Neocons or have Neocon sympathies. These are the people who said we need a “new Pearl Harbor” to launch us, the American people, into a 21st century crusade against the evil terrorist, jihadist, al-qaeda devils. The “new Pearl Harbor” was 9/11 2001. The Neocons cannot complete their mission with people like Hillary standing in their way.

        • KenoshaMarge

          Might have been better had Hillary used her authority, and power, to stand between the terrorists and our Ambassador rather than worry about some neo-cons who may/might obtain some power sometime.

        • Sonya A. Willis

          “Numerous reports?” Name the hard evidence please. Also, stop cherry-picking lines out of the Project for the New American Century’s report, “Rebuilding America’s Defenses.”

    • retire05

      Constance, Hillary Clinton is Secretary of State. Do you understand what that means? She holds a Cabinet position. That puts her square in the loop. And she controls everything that happens at State. She is not just some lacky.
      Now, you may want to [in your ignorance] want to somehow find a way to link this to Romney, but it falls squarely on the man, and his cabinet members, that sits at the Resolution Desk (when he’s not putting his dirty shoes on it).
      Charlene Lamb testified that a) additional security in Libya was NOT denied due to budget problems and b) she had run the denied requests for additional security past her superiors. Now, what does that tell you? She ran it past Hillary, and if she didn’t then she didn’t do her job and should be gone and Hillary did not have control over her own people.
      There just ain’t no putting lipstick on the Benghazi pig, no matter how much you want to. Hillary sold her soul for the SoS position and now she has to pay the devil.

      • Retired_from_SPOnaj

        I knew that it was only a matter of time before someone blamed Romney “and his advisors.” Yep, those “advisors” will do it to you every time. Kinda like Valerie Jarrett, the current Advisor in Chief.

      • Constance

        Oh please. Get real. It is this kind of mentality that the Neocons are counting on to get us back to the good old days of George W Bush. Remember Iraq. I doubt if Hillary sold her soul for the SOS position. She is a self-made, sensible realist, which is why I like her. She more likely did a deal, the way of most politicians. And whatever measure of power she gained is probably one of the reasons Obama’s fraudulent adminstration has not become entirely unraveled. Oh, and in case you haven’t figured it out yet, we are all ignorant.

        • MJP

          Romney is not Bush. None of us want to go back to that.
          Nor is Obama, Clinton. Far from it. Why the Clintons keep propping up this fraud and failure is beyond comprehension. They are not captain of the ship, he is. And they are going down with him.

  • Theymustbemorons

    It’s over a month after the attack and it’s the day before the next debate. If there’s any sincerity in these remarks, it’s too little and too late. She should resign … but I’d like to hear her testify before the congressional committee in open session before she takes her balls and leaves.

  • MrLynn

    Just listening to you on John Batchelor’s show. Missed the beginning of the segment, but as you point out there was actionable information coming in right after the attack started; it was available to every intel and military center in the US govt web.

    So where was the President and his National Security Advisor? Why was no air action ordered immediately to protect the consulate? Aren’t there huge military resources near to Libya?

    Can you imagine Ronald Reagan letting this happen?

    /Mr Lynn

    • Larry Johnson

      Barack was busy packing his bags for a night out in Vegas. C’mon man, he had his priorities straight (snark totally intended.)

      • MrLynn

        This is “the 3 AM phone call”, except it came at 3 PM (Eastern time). If The Puppet President ignored it, this is the story of the year. What do we have to do to get the MSM asking, “Where was Obama?”

        The failure to act when the attack was under way is worse, far worse, even than the subsequent lying and cover-up. It amounts to gross dereliction of duty, and is an impeachable offense.

        /Mr Lynn

      • elizabethrc

        But he has reassured all of us that the Nicki Minaj/Mariah Carey fight will be resolved. I feel so much better now, so much safer.
        Obama has no priorities. He just goes whichever way the wind blows him. The man has no substance and is a Potempkin village unto himself.

    • Charlotte Ahern

      well I don’t know about that Mr. Lynn. Remember the 241 marines killed in a barracks attack in Lebanon in 1983. Casper Weinberger had advised Reagan against having the marine there. I loathe Obama & Co., but this isn’t the first time politicians and bureaucrats have misjudged danger.

      • MrLynn

        Misjudging danger is one thing. Not responding to an ongoing attack is a monumental failure.

        /Mr Lynn

      • nickoury

        The circumstances surrounding this attack are much different than most other terrorist occurrances.There are numerous indicators that serious caution should have been exercised. The previous recent Benghazi attacks, the many requests from the consulate itself for more security, the registed discontent of the local Libyan forces, the 9-11 anniversery date, the listed threats by various groups of an impending regional attack surrounding that date, the general instability in Libya, any one of these should have raised a red flag.

        Oh, I forgot to mention, the attack lasted SIX HOURS satrting at 5:00pm EDT and was broadcast in a REAL TIME LIVE FEED directly to the US State Department in Washington,DC.

        Yeah, there was nothing much to do for those unfortunate, stranded Americans. Just make up some story about a lousy video, you’re got SIX HOURS of cover.

        There’s a plane to catch and money to be collected. You’re talking ’bout the President, whose time is most valuable, gotta go.

        • HObama HObamanana

          Exactly, there is no way that Obama did not know what had happened and that there was no crowd, no mob, no spontaneous protest as Rice alleged. All of the evidence points to Obama being fully aware of what really took place (and why) and directing a distraction and a coverup because of political considerations.

          Even if we were to buy into the BS that Obama was not aware, what does that say about the seriousness with which he takes his responsibilities? So either way you look at it, Obama screwed up big time and 4 Americans are dead as a result.

          • HoosierinDixie

            Agreed. This was not the case of vandals throwing a rock and breaking a window. It was a major terrorist attack on 9/11 all caught on tape. Add that to the fact the American ambassador went missing for hours.There is no doubt in my mind he damn well knew it.

      • Hokma

        One of the major differences was that the Reagan Administration did not have the audacity to trot out a lie about why the attack happened which in Obama’s case was a video.

        Islamic terrorism then and our intelligence on it is not the same then as it is 30 year later now.

        The big thing here was the cover up bu Obama and his people for his personal political future.