Told you so. The emails and cables documenting what happened are voluminous. Just wait till the classified material sees the light of day. Obama is a goddamn liar. And he is a coward. When this attack was underway, Obama spent his time worrying about how to avoid taking political damage. He did not focus on how to save or assist the U.S. diplomats and personnel being attacked. He worried only about himself and how to deflect any potential poltical damange. Shameful.

So, let’s look at the first cable and I will help you interpret the message:

This message was sent at 4:05 pm eastern daylight time from the Department of State. It originated either with the State Ops Center or the Diplomatic Security Watch. And who received the message? “@NSS.EOP.GOV” means National Security Statt.Executive Office of the President. That’s the White House, probably the chief of the watch in the Situation Room. Addressees also included FBI, the Pentagon and a blacked out US military entity.

So, within minutes of start of the attack on the Benghazi “Diplomatic Mission,” the White House, the Department of State, the FBI and the Pentagon were alerted.

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Fifty minutes later, this message is posted, which notes that the firing has ceased and a response team is on site searching for the Ambassador:

Note, once again, that the White House and the Pentagon are informed.

Two hours later (6:07 PM) comes the real news:

Let me help you with some of the terms. “SES_DUTYDEPUTIES” and S_SPECIAL ASSISTANTS refer to senior State Department personnel. SES is the acronym for Senior Executive Service. These are the equivalent of General Officers in the military services. “S” is the abbreviation for the SECRETARY of STATE. In other words, Hillary and her assistants were notified. The Bureau of Counter Terrorism was notified. The White House, the FBI and the Pentagon were all notified that an Al Qaeda group, Ansar al Sharia claimed credit for the attack.

This exposes in stark detail the bald face lies of Obama and Hillary. Shame on them.


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