Larry Johnson wrote in “Hillary & Barack, The 3AM Failure [Video],” October 26, 2012: “Do you remember the heroic sacrifice of Delta Force operators Randy Shugart and Gary Gordon in 1993 in Mogadishu, Somalia? … They were outnumbered and outgunned but went to save their brothers. Shugart and Gordon died fighting. They were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor posthumously.”

That’s what Tyrone Woods and his CIA compatriots did [in Benghazi]. The failure to garner the immediate support of CIA Headquarters is on David Petraeus. He always has been a political asshole masquerading as a general. On September 11, 2012, Petreaeus proved his true colors. Tyrone Woods, if he were still on active duty, would deserve the Congressional Medal of Honor. …

CIA Director David Petraeus has put out the following statement, writes Matthew Weaver, quoting The Weekly Standard, “No one at any level in the CIA told anybody not to help those in need; claims to the contrary are simply inaccurate.”

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Who next will desert Obama?

– with Bronwyn’s Harbor

  • Justine00

    So, what’s the deal with the firing of the ME Admiral (Gaouette) and Africom General (Ham)?;

  • Hokma

    Catherine Herridge who has been the reporter for FoxNews who has been a stellar job of investigative reporting on Benghazi.

    She was just on Huckabee and reported that her sources said that our Ambassador was in Benghazi completing the negotiating of arms to the rebels in Syria which begins to link into Larry’s assessment.

    It is becoming evident that those that serve Obama have all engaged in a cover up of this situation and his mismanagement of the situation for his personal political reasons.

  • Popsmoke
    • TeakWoodKite

      It appears that our ambassador to Libya was working with the CIA. It appears that the CIA was providing arms to al Qaeda and other Islamic Jihadist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood for the purpose of taking down governments in the middle-east – with the President’s knowledge.

      aka Supporting Jihad.

      • Cheryl Writer

        Support is right! At least $2 billion a year to the Muslim Brotherhood, and now an “emergency” $450 million all compliments of our Islamic president,Barry Saetoro (BO)

    • Retired_from_SPOnaj

      I seem to remember someone here mentioning this some time ago. They were asked for a “link.” Now we have a “link,” so it must be true.

  • TeakWoodKite

    “No one at any level in the CIA told anybody not to help those in need; claims to the contrary are simply inaccurate.”

    I am having trouble with the inclusion of the word ‘not’ in this sentence.. Does anyone else?

    • Justine00

      No one… told anyone… not to help…

      • TeakWoodKite


    • Retired_from_SPOnaj

      A commander is responsible for everything that his command does OR FAILS TO DO.
      “I didn’t tell them not to help” is an odd choice of words for a commander.”
      Of course, the actual words were penned by the CIA Public Affairs Office. Perhaps the current D/CIA has become so bureaucratized that he just lets them do the talking for him.

      • Justine00

        Now I see what Teak was saying…

      • TeakWoodKite

        It is as if the words indicate that they were told “not” to help by someone up the food chain “not” the CIA.

    • mgm

      Tortured syntax. Purposeful? It’s hard to refute something that is so unclear.

  • jbjd

    Well, somehow, the news is getting out. Gallop reports today that Obama’s job approval rating just dropped 7 points in past 3 days. (I downloaded the spread sheet just to confirm…)

    • Hokma

      Without a sliver of good news until Election Day, Benghazi will continue to sink Obama into oblivion.

      Ironically, the Harvey Weinstein puff piece on Bin Laden will backfire on Obama given the testimony of Tyrone Woods’ father and other Navy Seals.

      At some point after he is kicked out of office, Obama is going to learn that there is a difference between governing and campaigning – when it comes to the lives of soldiers and State officials there is no room for campaigning.

      What the Iran hostage crisis was to Carter and Watergate was to Nixon, Beghazi will be Obama’s legacy.

      • jbjd

        I believe that everyone with an ounce of brains knew before Obama was elected, there was no there there; and that they nonetheless chose him, for various selfish reasons, rationalizing that surrounded by competent people, any one man, alone, could not do too much harm.

        These are the same people who, describing that first debate, tried to tell us, Obama had an off night; knowing, in fact, not surrounded by anyone else, or his teleprompter, he confirmed for the rest of us that he is exactly as he appeared to be. And that, by extension,simultaneously was exposed the depravity of all of those people who put him into office, now trying to avoid paying the personal and professional price for their folly.

    • Matthew J. Weaver

      This was a surprise. Nice to see that even if the mainstream media is ignoring Benghazi, that the American people have not. And if not Benghazi, what else might be cause for such a sudden drop?

      • getfitnow

        I think people are also sick and tired of being sick and tired, and many now are willing to accept what made them sick and tired in the first place—overdosing on KOOL AID is a dangerous thing.

  • getfitnow

    And speaking of Tyron Woods:

    I’m sorry but I wished his dad had slapped the sh*t out of Biden.

    • KenoshaMarge

      I wish someone would! I am so tired of the media giving Crazy Uncle Joe who is a heartbeat away from the presidency, a pass on every stupid thing that he spews.

      This has to be the tackiest duo to have ever been elected.

      That is in addition to all the other corruption and dishonesty they share.

      I’ve hated Biden since the Anita Hill hearings. I cannot believe that someone who behaved as he did has the chutzpah to ever mention a “War On Women.” He waged a war on one woman that I know of.
      But then chutzpah is the least of Joe Biden’s sins.

  • sowsear1

    Panetta blocking miltary leaders from answering questions on Libya

  • Theymustbemorons

    This CBS story (link below) is a few days old. It manages to leave out information and twist things around to get the administration off the hook for not supporting a rescue effort in Behghazi. What’s amazing about it (and to me, it’s also encouraging) is the long list of comments from readers that shows the level of growing contempt the public has for the mainstream media. Forgive me if someone else has already posted this. I just came across this article on my own:;contentBody

    • Canaan

      I think CBS News is now blocking comments with the keywords ‘Pravda’ and ‘Treason.’ They are blocking my comment:

      So Obama has found a way around the First Amendment. CBS News is reduced to State-enslaved media. CBS-Pravda is lower than Soviet Pravda — because in the Soviet Union, Pravda was not committing treason like CBS.

      With the current diseased state of CBS, Americans would never have heard of the Watergate burglary. Nixon wouldn’t need a cover-up, he could just dictate public awareness to CBS-Pravda, like Obama on Benghazi. CBS House of Treason!

  • Deapster

    If they are fired they can’t talk or be subpoenaed in their official capacity? Bury the witnesses.

    Or is this a bold move by our President to get to the bottom of this chain of command failure. Gosh, hard to tell just a few days before an election he is now clearly losing.

    • MJP

      Put nothing past BO. Unsolved murders of “close acquaintances” of BO that were fellow members Rev. Wright’s church in Chicago.

  • HARP2

    Obama is firing people left and right.

    I can`t wait for Larry`s assessment of this.

    Obama Administration Replaces Top Generals Following Benghazi Disaster

    General Ham then received the order to stand down. His response was to screw it, he was going to help anyhow.
    Within 30 seconds to a minute after making the move to respond, his
    second in command apprehended General Ham and told him that he was now
    relieved of his command.


    The Obama Administration also relieved the admiral in command of an
    aircraft carrier strike group in the Middle East, Rear Adm. Charles M.
    Gaouette. It is highly unusual for the Navy to replace a carrier strike
    group commander during its deployment.

    • TeakWoodKite

      The Stennis group deployed from Bremerton in late August and had entered the Navy 5th Fleet’s area of operations in the Middle East on Oct. 17 after sailing across the Pacific. The Stennis made port visits in Thailand and Malaysia on its way to the Middle East

      It was on station after the event. He must have pissed in someones beer.

    • Sharon Pealer

      Just sent off e-mail to my Senator asking him to speak out for impeachment.

    • PortiaElizabeth

      Time for Operation Valkyrie II.

      • BronwynsHarbor

        Hilarious, PortiaE! I bet you were smiling … of course you don’t intend any harm to anyone. But SOME people might think so. IRONY is a wonderful tool …

        • PortiaElizabeth

          Bronwyn, I came back to delete the original for the very reason you mentioned. I don’t want my snarks to reflect negatively on No Quarter or cause problems such as what’s happened to Ann Barnhardt. This site is too important to be jeopardized by a smart ass like me.

          • TeakWoodKite

            But I do so enjoy your Smart ass PortiaElizabeth. :)

  • MJP

    Mark Steyn has great article called “The Incredible Shrinking President.”

    • Guest


  • PennsylvaniaRed

    The latest rumor making the rounds is that Obama replaced General Carter Ham at Africom after the general made a move to help the US security officials at the Benghazi consulate and annex. Ham was replaced by Gen. David Rodriquez on October 18.

    • TeakWoodKite

      Thanks for the mil-toid.

  • jrterrier
  • jrterrier

    Saw this on another website:

    “Having a back and forth with a former legendary Delta operator. Here is the gist of what he is implying:

    The news is breaking today but there is a small bit that is being overlooked. According to the statements from Fox News:

    The security officer had a laser on the target that was firing and repeatedly requested back-up support from a Specter gunship, which is commonly used by U.S. Special Operations forces to provide support to Special Operations teams on the ground involved in intense firefights. The fighting at the CIA annex went on for more than four hours — enough time for any planes based in Sigonella Air base, just 480 miles away, to arrive. Fox News has also learned that two separate Tier One Special operations forces were told to wait, among them Delta Force operators.

    Everyone is reporting this but they are missing a key point. From the retired Delta operator:

    ‘Having spent a good bit of time nursing a GLD (ground Laser Designator) in several garden spots around the world, something from the report jumped out at me.

    One of the former SEALs was actively painting the target. That means that Specter WAS ON STATION! Probably an AC130U. A ground laser designator is not a briefing pointer laser. You do not “paint” a target until the weapons system/designator is synched; which means that the AC130 was on station.

    Only two places could have called off the attack at that point; the WH situation command (based on POTUS direction) or AFRICOM commander based on information directly from the target area.’

    If the AC130 never left Sigonella (as Penetta says) that means that the Predator that was filming the whole thing was armed.

    If that SEAL was actively “painting” a target; something was on station to engage! And the decision to stand down goes directly to POTUS!”

    • DianaLC

      I wish there were far more reporters willing to talk with ex-military about this incident.
      If this sort of information could be widely broadcast so that all could hear and read, the story would be much bigger, as it should be.
      So now I’ve been thinking about the early voting here in my state. I’ve never minded it because, for instance, in the local elections especially, I get that ballot and can have it in front of me to do the research on the candidates. That sure helped me during the mid-term I was not even aware until then that we could vote on the members of the Board for the regional transportation system.
      It never bothered me to go stand in line to vote. I do remember a few times when it was a terribly long wait in cold weather, but nothing I couldn’t deal with.
      But since this is all playing out so very close to the official election deadline, I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to make everyone wait. For example, I was trying to engage a liberal family matter and explain the Benghazi story as it’s been explained here and on FOX. That person refused to listen because she had already voted so what difference could listening mean to her.

      • KenoshaMarge

        Even if she has all ready voted isn’t she interested in the truth? Integrity used to count for something. Sounds to me like she doesn’t want to know something that will show her how wrong she was to vote for this POS.

        • DianaLC

          Well, she’s a one-issue voter. Her husband is very ill, and she’s convinced that Obamacare is the answer for that. These are two people who are not hurting for money. And because of the nature of his illness and his age, I instead worry he will be subject to a “death” panel review under Obama care. I don’t say anything because their minds are closed about it.

          • KenoshaMarge

            No point in dealing with closed minds. Waste of time and energy.

    • jbjd

      FOXNews credits the line to Jennifer Youngblood, CIA spokeswoman, and not Gen. Petreus.

      CIA spokeswoman Jennifer Youngblood, though, denied the claims that requests for support were turned down.

      “We can say with confidence that the Agency reacted quickly to aid our colleagues during that terrible evening in Benghazi,” she said. “Moreover, no one at any level in the CIA told anybody not to help those in need; claims to the contrary are simply inaccurate. In fact, it is
      important to remember how many lives were saved by courageous Americans who put their own safety at risk that night-and that some of those selfless Americans gave their lives in the effort to rescue their comrades.”

      Read more:

      In fact, the part of the video of the interview with Fox’s National Security Correspondent Jennifer Griffin which made me cry was her description that for several hours after shooting began, at least one person on the roof of the CIA annex was pointing a laser at the mortar which became the instrument of his death, despite the fact, a U.S. drone positioned televised the whole thing and, whether armed, transmitted information which could have timely brought help.

      Given that ‘we’ know this much about what really happened at Benghazi, with access only to the limited news outlets reporting on the event, and the internet; it makes no sense that either the Executive branch or the Legislative branch still cannot tell us what went wrong. Rather, what makes sense is that they will not.

    • Karmo

      He is absolutely correct. As an one who has also spent time in some shitty places in around the world you have to have synchronization.

      Three basic requirements for using laser designators with laser acquisition devices or laserguided munitions.

      (1) The PRF code of the laser designator and the laser acquisition device or LGM must be the same.

      (2) An agreed-upon direction of attack is necessary. The laser acquisition device or LGM must be able to “sense” the reflected energy from the laser designation device.

      (3) The laser designator must be lasing or designating the target at the correct time.

      If the AC-130 was on station then we need to ask why and who were they supporting? Don’t forget predators are also armed and that we know was on station.
      Regardless if the 10th Special Forces Group in Germany or another tier 1 unit was in proximity, they could have done nothing, due to distance and time.
      I dought our SEAL brother was actively painting the target. PSD,s normally don’t paint targets regardles if they are former SEALS, SFOD, or SF.

  • KenoshaMarge

    Petraeus probably figured he’s better throw Obama before Obama threw him. Obama being a lot more experienced at the under the bus toss and all.

  • elizabethrc

    Obama’s secure little house of cards seems to be collapsing, just like his numbers.
    Mark my words, there will be people talking as the election closes in and those involved see that the only way they can save themselves is by telling the truth and naming names. Obama can’t be protected much longer.