This is the one to watch!

“I don’t think I’ve seen a
moment in our nation’s history when
a man and the moment have met so perfectly.”
“This man is a leader.” – Paul Ryan

“Who Will Do More?,” a short video attacking Obama’s failure to solve the auto industry’s woes; “Momentum” (above — the imagery is so beautiful, the words so moving); an ad directed at Catholics throughout the U.S.; and “Un Mejor Camino.” (I understand a bit of Spanish — quatro años. Oh yes.)

Who Will Do More?

Ways Catholics Can Help Right Now:

(We all can do these actions.)

Un Mejor Camino

I wish I were in a battleground state and could see these. Thank god for the Internet!

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  • DianaLC

    Great ads—that first one is EXCTLY what a patriotic campaign ad should be. Wow! Very Inspiring. Thanks, Bronwyn.

    • BronwynsHarbor

      You’re most welcome. Glad I went to their site at … subscribed, easy to find. And I give them a thumbs up, usually. Btw, I noticed they had to disable the thumbs down on one video. Some things never change.

      Yes, so patriotic and inspiring.

      (Listening to TV – Greta. Somebody forced an employee — probably union (see above post) — to get up in a crane with winds 90-100 MPH. Insane

    • BronwynsHarbor

      HELEN! HI! That is a hell of an image. Symbolic too. I’m going to steal that. Thinking where to put it. (Link to them of course.) Thank you!

  • PainKillerJayne

    I am glad to see romney put out an auto workers ad.

    Here is a story I just ran across and sat snickering for a few minutes. I can’t believe how childlike this current admin is behaving.

    “I think everybody grows. Everybody matures. Everybody develops their, you know, their confidence,” Jarrett said of the first term in an interview airing this morning on MSNBC.

    “As I think one of the things that he has said upon reflection is that he’s going to spend a lot more time traveling around the country,” she said after a New Hampshire rally. “A day like today is energizing, and the American people are hungry to be engaged and he wants to be able to spend more time doing it. And that will hold Congress accountable.”

    Do you think any of these people have had real jobs or REAL responsibilities?
    Romney/Ryan 2012……..VOTE IT!

    • BronwynsHarbor

      MSNBC. Of course. I haven’t watched that channel in a long time. Just couldn’t take it anymore. Used to watch Joe and Mika…. her Blackberry getting messages from Valerie or someone like her. (She’d keep looking down at her lap … and I don’t think she had a hotdog down there :):))

  • elizabethrc

    I’m sitting by my kitchen window and watching and hearing the coming “Sandy”. It’s a day that’s been filled with worry about what’s coming. I live about 14 miles from Long Island Sound in Connecticut and don’t quite know what to expect.
    I realized as I watched these ads that for four years I haven’t know what to expect. The sense of relief I felt at watching these ads, particular the first one and of hearing Ryan’s words about the moment and the man, impressed upon me how transcendent this moment really is. I can understand why the country is swinging so toward Romney because he embodies so much of the American spirit, of goodness and generosity, of industry, honesty and dedication that has been so missing for these past four years.
    I believe America will weather the chaos Obama has rained down on this country, with Romney’s guidance, and our exceptionalism will no longer be something to be disparaged, but embraced.

    • FormerLiberal9

      I’ll be thinking and praying for you today. Hopefully Sandy won’t be that bad.

    • jbjd

      Good luck to you!

      We live in a garden level apt. in a house just outside of Boston. I listened as what I thought was a screen fallen from the top floors scraping against the house; but when I opened the door it was a HUGE old pine tree, down in the backyard (our front yard). The branches stopped less than a foot from the door! (But at least we won’t get flooded this time…)

      jbjdjr said philosophically, ‘Now we can smell the pine!’

      • DianaLC

        Be safe!

    • Hokma

      “don’t quite know what to expect.”

      It could be the end of the world. But lose heart, Obama will come to your rescue – – – assuming you are in a state that matters to his election.

      I’m on Long island and just hoping with every gust that the electric stays on. Good news is I am on a hill so never get flooded. Bad news, the gusts are stronger.

      • elizabethrc

        Be safe and evacuate if you need to. I’m in Connecticut and I think we won’t get hit as hard as you guys, but Bridgeport and Stamford aren’t going to fare too well.
        Don’t know how I ended up in such a Democratic state!
        It’s quite nice, otherwise.

        • DianaLC

          elizabethrc, I just heard from my son who lives in Meriden. He had to leave his plant early as the Gov closed the roads. He’s from CO where the storms just never get as bad as other places, and his wife is from Turkey. They suffered through two years of storms with no power before anyone told them they needed to install a generator. The only people who have those out her are so far out in the boondocks they don’t really have power lines.
          Anyway, he’s sure that now that he put in the expense, he’ll go through several years without having to use it. Says all the trees that could have caused problems around him were downed during the last two years.
          I’m hoping you and Hokma don’t get it bad. You are in a more dangerous location.

      • jrterrier

        Hope you are doing ok. From what I see on the news, Long Island did not fare well.
        I’m not sure how long it will take NYC to come back. If the subways were flooded with salt water, not sure how long it will take to get them going again. And without the NYC subways, can NYC function?

    • BronwynsHarbor

      Elizabeth, YES! That is exactly how I felt when I watched these ads. (I put it in the post, then took it out, fearing people would think I was … I don’t know. This is true: As I began watching those two images of the trees — oh here I go again — I got tears in my eyes and a few streamed down my cheeks. I got such a LARGE, WARM, HOPEFUL FEELING that — especially if he and Paul can have 8 years. I have some ideas I want to share with them. In good time. Wish Hillary and Bill would get involved. Hillary is going to retire now, for sure. She loves doing good deeds — helping women in remote parts of Africa nobody ever heard about — visiting 88+ countries. And she probably knows the current/former leaders of every country! Bill too, probably. We’ll see.

      I can see all of us continuing to watch him and his major moves, particularly in his first days in office.

      (This is a horrible thing to say, but that storm may be a blessing in disquise. t is terrible to say, but most of the states involved go blue — New York, for example. We can only hope about No/So Carolina and send prayers to long-lost friends, relatives — all the military stationed along the coast! No, that WAS a bad thing to say, but it’s said. And done.) Bet I’m not the only one who’s thought of that.

      • BronwynsHarbor

        Romney IS worried, but not for that reason. Obama is in office until January. He won’t give a damn about any of them — from Florida all up the Eastern seaboard. Romney realizes that he has another major natural disaster to cope with. And I bet he is already thinking up ways to best deal with that, without ballooning the deficit/budget further. He could maybe get corporations and all of the conservative stars who’ve come “out of the closet” to pitch in with ads, concerts, whatever floats their boats. Jon Voight can be emcee and read from the patriotic songs Romney knows by heart — and keeps quoting. (Think he did that in the Iowa or Pensacola speech this last week.)

        Matt Weaver’s posting the text of Romney’s speech in Iowa last year. I wonder if we can find the phrases he used that come from songs, poetry, etc. (He WAS an English major, I believe … at first … in college.) Then he was in that horrific accident in France that taught him so much — what happens to people on bad highways,. Maybe he’ll work to improve our roads, in partnership with companies. Just some ideas.)

        • BronwynsHarbor

          Insurance too! And he will have open meetings, let’s hope, with insurance company execs … and invite the major Republicans and Democrats and let them talk to him and Paul — put it on C-Span, send snippets that HIS press office controls to make sure the most important parts are excerpted for the newspapers — who are turning to him because they’ve realized how desperate the times are for this country. Bless them! The Des Moines register! First time in 40 years?

          I have a lot of errands to do and people to see … I will post that editorial — maybe quote from more. I know just where to find that — all of the newspapers endorsing him. NEXT UP!

          • BronwynsHarbor

            Meant to add that Matt puts up his business ad at the bottom of each of his posts. Insufficient. I’ll put this up at the top of his posts, add my preferred code

            Matthew Weaver * * +1 (855) 871-9246

            Testing it … 1-2-3 times usually … third time’s the charm.

          • BronwynsHarbor

            Sorry. Got so busy with figuring out Matthew’s code, I forgot to mention that Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid — every one of them! — LET SECTION 8 HOUSING drop off the map of the ENTIRE U.S.

            My friend says there’s HUD housing. It’s not a good deal like Section 8 (one neighbor gets $789 for a one-bedroom wherever she lives — even a rental house — because she got Section 8 when GEORGE BUSH et al. were in charge of the nation. She doesn’t know the name of the current vice president, but she knows HOW TO WORK THE SYSTEM.

            She got free glasses, dentures, all her teeth pulled, free medical and prescription drugs (funny how she keeps losing her pain meds all the time — and the pain specialist, she told me, makes her go TWICE a month). And she gets her GAS paid for her frequent trips to doctors, mental health, etc. All paid for by taxpayers. She’s also a habitual thief – she stole two other neighbors’ things (set out by their door), and they told me they have to keep an eye out all the time now. But they work, and she hasn’t worked for years. She gets all this. She’s only 52. She also got bariatric surgery, but is fat again because — another neighbor told me — she stuffs her face with whatever she gets at a food bank. Plus she’s diabetic. (Very unhealthy food at those food banks — yhat one of the big reasons poor people are so fat.) You get the idea …

            • BronwynsHarbor

              Michelle Obama had a good idea – small grocery stores in poor neighborhoods carry fruits, veggies, etc. Bet she hasn’t checked that program in a couple years.

              • piattq

                Wonder if MO has checked the prices on those fruits/veggies in small grocery stores?

      • elizabethrc

        I heard one analysis that said that Northern Virginia swung Va. for Obama last time in early voting. If the storm stops people from early voting, it wouldn’t bode well for the big O. I suspect VA is going for Romney, anyway.

    • HObama HObamanana

      I’m pulling for you to be safe elizabethrc, as well as Hokma and jbjd (& jbjd jr) and any of our other frequent guests that live in the path of this massive storm. I’m in the Midwest and have been out for the past few days gathering essentials just in case the electric goes off here. With some of the predictions I really don’t know what to expect. But you all are right in the path of this thing. So stay safe as I am sure you are well prepared. I’m certain you will all be fine even if the worst of the predictions happens.

      • elizabethrc

        Thank you HOBama, I appreciate the good wishes from you and the others in this wonderful family. I hope that Hokma and Jbjd and others are safe. Those that live in lower Manhattan, Staten Island, NJ and farther south have gotten it far worse than we did.
        My power finally came on last night (Friday) and it’s good to have heat again! I found that sleeping with my dog in my car wasn’t all that bad. Minivans have a lot of room and a few down comforters worked well. Thank goodness the heat stayed in the car for a long while after I turned it off. My greatest frustration though, was in not having cable, internet, etc.
        A good friend lives across the street from LI Sound in Fairfield and though I haven’t been able to reach her, she apparently suffered major damage, so I’m anxious.
        It would appear that Obama’s house of cards is caving in around him. This storm hasn’t helped his standing much and there are a lot of very angry New Yorkers about now, especially with Bloomberg not sending generators and water to Staten Island and LI. He was sending them to the NY Marathon! He was so blasted with criticism that he canceled it this am. What a thoughtless, elitist little man he is!
        My stomach is churning over this election and I hope for a huge Romney win, not just a win, but a landslide! Either that or I’m going to have to stock up on anti-acid meds!
        Be well, all.

    • BronwynsHarbor

      Be safe. Hugs. Let us know, will you?

    • jrterrier

      Hope you made it through ok. We did really well. All through the night, the noise outside sounded like a jet engine was roaring at the door but thankfully we didn’t lose power and no flooding.

      • elizabethrc

        Glad you got through it okay. Scary stuff! It’s the aftermath that seems to be causing true agony in damaged neighborhoods and I hope politicians don’t try to use other peoples’ misery for their own political advantage. (I can dream, can’t I?) Bloomberg didn’t help when he displayed his usual arrogance in wanting to continue the NY Marathon, diverting needed generators and water from the damaged neighborhoods on the Island to benefit the Marathon. I’m glad he got shot down.
        This led me to this thought: the callousness and serious miscalculations of a number of politicians will likely put an end to their political careers. Hillary is one of them. I doubt people will forget her smugness and demeaning snort when she was pooh poohing the reports on Benghazi. Christy has certainly given me pause for thought with his praise of Obama after the storm. Pandering is something I would never have expected from him.

  • HObama HObamanana

    I like “A Better Way” the best. It contrasts Obama’s failures and attitude with Mitt’s credentials and plans for our future. Very “forward” looking.

  • FormerLiberal9

    Every time I see Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan together I think I could be watching the next sixteen years of American Presidents.

    • foxyladi14

      I see that too.

    • Sally Vaci

      Yep, me too. The day Romney picked Ryan was massively revealing. Among Mitt’s many hallmarks is his ability and willingness to find, mentor, and promote young talent. This tells so much about his character, not the least of which is generosity. And an ego that is strong & healthy, not petty and damaging.

      • jrterrier

        Not just Ryan. That’s the way it felt at the Republican convention, with all those young & not-so-young office holders making a difference. On the other side of the aisle, were the old & tired pols, who are still holding on to failed ideologies.