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Bronwyn’s Note: Steve has it nailed. Last night, I turned to NPR, the one FM station on my car radio with news.THE HEADLINE? On BBC World News? First, BBC described Obama’s efforts. Snort. Romney? Chris Christie’s remarks headlined the segment. Screw him. “Priorities.”

Christie and Obama in September
(Charles Dharapak/AP)
Aren’t they a cute couple?

Governor Chris “Hey, look at me being a big fat jerk again!” Christie had plenty of praise for President Obama’s response to the hurricane in interviews Tuesday.  And the liberal press had a field day misquoting him out of context because of it.

“Chris Christie ‘Doesn’t give a damn’ about Romney photo op!” screeched one headline, which was quickly picked up by several lib-blogs.  As if Mitt Romney wanted to fly to New Jersey just to pose next to Chris Christie and other Eastern Seaboard disasters.  The way Chris Christie sucks the air out of a room, perhaps some scientists can figure out a way for him to suck the wind out of the hurricane.

I doubt anyone really cares what this self-absorbed POS has to say, except of course Chris Christie.  I swear, he’s the biggest name dropper in the world, provided the name he drops is “Chris Christie.”  This guy refers to himself in the third person more than Bob Dole and Queen Victoria combined!

“I’m Chris Christie, and Chris Christie said, ‘President Obama gave me his personal iphone number and he ^friended^ me on Facebook, not that Chris Christie needs anyone to friend him on Chris Christie’s Facebook page or any other Chris Christie social media!  And Chris Christie especially doesn’t need Mitt Romney’s help with anything, because we all know it’s Mitt Romney who needs Chris Christie, not Chris Christie who needs Mitt Romney.  And anyway, Chris Christie is going to run for president in 2016, so Chris Christie hopes Romney loses to Obama anyway so Chris Christie will be the next nominee of the Republican Party.  I sure know that I, Chris Christie, will be pleased to endorse Chris Christie in 2016.  And I want to thank my new BFF, the President, again for calling me personally THREE TIMES today!  And did I mention that he gave me, Chris Christie, his personal phone number so I could call him back anytime Chris Christie wants to sabotage Mitt Romney?'”

Or words to that effect.

Chris Christie on ABC’s Good Morning America 10/30/12


Chris Christie, who used to play Norm on the old sitcom Cheers (snark!), is a leading surrogate spokesman for the Romney campaign, so it’s kind of irksome to hear him heaping praise on the president, even in an emergency situation.  I don’t mean to make light of the storm (it’s not a hurricane anymore, even though people are still calling it one).  Storm Sandy is a nightmare scenario for everyone but Barack Obama, since it gives him a chance to “look presidential” issuing states of emergency, which was about as difficult a call as leaving a golf game so he could watch the SEALs storm the bin Laden compound on video.

Next, I expect Christie to say, “I’m not sure Mitt Romney would have had the guts to call this an emergency if he was president.”  Or maybe, “When I’m elected president in 2016, I’ll be one of those presidents that flies around in a helicopter, rubbernecking at all the storm damage so I can look presidential too!”

Does anybody really still believe that Christie wants Romney to win?  If you do, I have some former beachfront property in New Jersey to sell you.  Just ignore the skeletons the erosion exposed.