I’m rubbing my eyes like a kid on Halloween, and I can’t wait to open all that candy. Want some? Gome and get it, just like those kids in Cape Cod are doing this very minute. Come on, Mom and Dad, let them go door to door. Give the parents a Romney brochure while you’re at it.

Cape Cod Times: “Romney For President”

Yes. Those are real children in Cape Cod, Massachusetts … wearing home-made costumes (just like a lot of children are doing this Halloween).

Overall, what we’ve seen of Romney over many years — from business success to running a state to impeccable personal attributes — convinces us that the time is right for someone with his broad skill set. We recommend Romney for president.

Boston Herald: “Romney’s The One”

During the last four years the world has become a more dangerous place. We can’t afford four more years of a leadership vacuum. Not when in Mitt Romney voters have the choice of a strong, smart hand on the helm, a decent, caring man, who lives his faith, who loves his country and would serve it well. For all of those reasons, the Boston Herald is pleased to endorse Mitt Romney for president.

More to come. I have to make my coffee or burn the house down. And then the phone rang! But it was ALL good news! I am so happy. Let’s hope we’re happy next week … and there’s still time for Trick or Treating. I have one apple left, however. And no treats. Oops. More to come … coffee is too hot, and I need to catch my breath. All this running around!

I am going to start adding more endorsements in a moment or two … in the meantime, here is the link to Mitt Romney’s site, to the page with the endorsements. I made the mistake of assuming that, because most of the newspapers I’d never heard of, they were small-city papers. No. Apparently, they are adding the endorsement as they come in. I finally scrolled down the page this afternoon and was astonished to see MASSACHUSETTS … OHIO … MICHIGAN … and there may be many more, because I’m not even to the end of the page yet, and I bet there are more pages.