We know that we need a president with, oh, experience starting and running a business … the kinda guy willing to stock shelves and talk with employees to earn their trust (see the video below). “Romney had reservations about Staples: Staples revolutionized the office supply business, but its success was far from guaranteed. Mitt Romney’s recent testimony reveals insight into its rocky beginnings.” (Boston Herald)

“Rocky beginnings”? Romney did his “due diligence.” Hang on. You’ll love this: I just heard Eric Bolling’s great idea on Fox’s “The Five.” Why, asked Eric, didn’t Obama use some stimulus money to put our electric lines underground? So hurricanes won’t blow them down? Not as sexy as electric cars. Uh-oh. Electric cars NEED … electricity! Even George Clooney has to admit it. George, try making a movie without it! Or showing your movie. You’d be selling that Italian villa and getting in the unemployment line soon.

Here’s what got my search going. I spotted this video, then …

Watch When Mitt Romney Bet On Staples on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

I’d been hoping there was video of young Mitt Romney helping stock the shelves at that Staples store. This is an excerpt from the PBS Frontline special on both Romney and President Obama. (You can expect another post later with more video from the special.)

I had a bit of trouble hearing Mitt’s great story about a polar bear. Funniest thing, it had never hit me why those mammoth white bears are called “polar.” Heh. Now I get it. Of course!

The Staples history comes from Boston Herald, which just endorsed Mitt Romney for president, “Romney’s The One.”

P.S. I was wondering how many subscriptions THAT endorsement is costing the Herald in liberal Boston. But then I recalled that there’s a large population of Catholics in Massachusetts.

Well, I’ll be. Right after that thought hit my noggin,’ I typed “number of Catholics in Massachusetts” in my browser address bar. Here’s what popped up: “RI loses position as most Catholic state to Massachusetts.” There are 1,373,752 Catholics in the state, and it’s straight from the Catholic Encyclopedia. (Who knew there was an encyclopedia for Catholics. That’d be fascinating to thumb through.)

Life. One long search for meaning, news, ideas, connections and some comforts. I see a video, look for news stories and spot the Boston Herald’s, then recalled their endorsement because I’d posted it last night, wondered about the Herald’s subscriptions, thought about Catholics, looked up Catholics, and discovered that Massachusetts has more Catholics than any other state. And I found out that there’s an encyclopedia for Catholics that’s all about Catholicism. Fun times!