We know that we need a president with, oh, experience starting and running a business … the kinda guy willing to stock shelves and talk with employees to earn their trust (see the video below). “Romney had reservations about Staples: Staples revolutionized the office supply business, but its success was far from guaranteed. Mitt Romney’s recent testimony reveals insight into its rocky beginnings.” (Boston Herald)

“Rocky beginnings”? Romney did his “due diligence.” Hang on. You’ll love this: I just heard Eric Bolling’s great idea on Fox’s “The Five.” Why, asked Eric, didn’t Obama use some stimulus money to put our electric lines underground? So hurricanes won’t blow them down? Not as sexy as electric cars. Uh-oh. Electric cars NEED … electricity! Even George Clooney has to admit it. George, try making a movie without it! Or showing your movie. You’d be selling that Italian villa and getting in the unemployment line soon.

Here’s what got my search going. I spotted this video, then …

Watch When Mitt Romney Bet On Staples on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

I’d been hoping there was video of young Mitt Romney helping stock the shelves at that Staples store. This is an excerpt from the PBS Frontline special on both Romney and President Obama. (You can expect another post later with more video from the special.)

I had a bit of trouble hearing Mitt’s great story about a polar bear. Funniest thing, it had never hit me why those mammoth white bears are called “polar.” Heh. Now I get it. Of course!

The Staples history comes from Boston Herald, which just endorsed Mitt Romney for president, “Romney’s The One.”

P.S. I was wondering how many subscriptions THAT endorsement is costing the Herald in liberal Boston. But then I recalled that there’s a large population of Catholics in Massachusetts.

Well, I’ll be. Right after that thought hit my noggin,’ I typed “number of Catholics in Massachusetts” in my browser address bar. Here’s what popped up: “RI loses position as most Catholic state to Massachusetts.” There are 1,373,752 Catholics in the state, and it’s straight from the Catholic Encyclopedia. (Who knew there was an encyclopedia for Catholics. That’d be fascinating to thumb through.)

Life. One long search for meaning, news, ideas, connections and some comforts. I see a video, look for news stories and spot the Boston Herald’s, then recalled their endorsement because I’d posted it last night, wondered about the Herald’s subscriptions, thought about Catholics, looked up Catholics, and discovered that Massachusetts has more Catholics than any other state. And I found out that there’s an encyclopedia for Catholics that’s all about Catholicism. Fun times!


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    just a quick drop by. I may have a real kitchen by the end of the day.

    was anyone annoyed by the msm making a big deal out of backtrack wearing a air force one commander in chief jacket when he went to NJ?? that guy would flunk f-troop. He has a habit of advancing to the rear when there is a problem

  • Bill O’Reilly

    Romney has been good at investing in other people’s ideas. Good for him and his rich and foreign investors. By the way there were many lining up to invest in Staples, so nothing special about Romney investment in Staples.

    Romney cannot carry his own state Massachusetts and at this point he has not been able to put away a single battleground state.

    The Catholic vote will be pretty strong for Obama, despite the attempted faux outrage about contraception and insurance by the Bishops. Catholics are largely listening to the Nuns who are pro-Obama.

    • Hokma

      “there were many lining up to invest in Staples”

      No there were not.

      • Bill O’Reilly

        “In short order they raised $4 million and opened their first store in May 1986. Romney’s Bain Capital was one of the early investors. As it happens, Romney did not discover Stemberg and Kahn–a friend at another investment firm introduced him to the duo. And Bain was neither the first investor in Staples, nor the largest–its initial investment was $650,000. (The other initial investors were Fred Adler of Adler & Co., Bessemer Venture Partners, and Hambro Ventures.)”


        And there were many others who were interested in investing in Staples.

        You should go back and read the history of Romney’s involvement with Staples. It is hilarious. Go read the on-the-record testimony by Romney for Tom Stemberg’s (Staple founder) divorce. He did not have many good things to say about Staples and did not consider the stock to be worth much. By the way Stemberg is now Romney’s campaign manager.

        Romney said: “I didn’t place a great deal of credibility in the forecast of the company’s [Staples] future.” (p. 441, appeals court document No. 95 P 286, Norfolk County).

        Like everything with Romney, his story is all bullshit. Romney is the ultimate bullshiter.

        • Hokma

          You learly don’t understand stages of investments and how PE firms operate and this writer clearly was not a fan of Romney back in January.

          What he conveniently leaves out is just how much Bain invested and when to take Staples from a local operation to a national operation.

          I guess not going past chapter one was a convenient narrative.

          • Bill O’Reilly

            Bain did not actively manage Staples. They did not make it a success and take it to a national level. The two founders of Staples did. I have probably forgotten more about PE investing than you know. Nobody is a fan of Romney, not even most of the GOP. He is the defaut candidate. Everyone knows he is full of shit about everything. No spine and no character with Romney. Master flip-flopper on every issue. Nobody has a clue what he would do if he became President. George Bush 2.0 on steriods.

            • Hokma

              “I have probably forgotten more about PE investing than you know. ”

              I seriously doubt that some basement dweller like you has a clue to investment. But according to Obama PE firms do manage companies they invest in. So which is it?

              Actually if you had a shred of knowledge of PE firms you would not have provided the answer you did Nazi

  • Retired_from_SPOnaj

    Electric cars may need electricity, but it would appear that one thing that they decidedly do not need is salt water. At least that’s the conclusion that can be drawn from the 16 Fisker Karmas that exploded and burned to a cinder at a Port of New Jersey holding yard when they made contact with that part of the Sandy-inspired Atlantic that did not recede under the Obama administration.
    Apparently, and ironically considering that the cars are built in Finland, Fisker Karmas and the Newcomers from Alien Nation have something in common, after all.

    • Retired_from_SPOnaj

      Ironically, just before Sandy, Fisker had unveiled two new planned models: the “Atlantic” (presumably named after the ocean that destroyed the Karma) and the “Surf and Sunset.” Moral: Kharma can be a bitch.

      • TeakWoodKite


      • HELENK2

        I do so love KARMA

  • HObama HObamanana

    I drove by the area where Mitt and Ann will be tonight. It’s going to be a huge crowd. They already have signs up telling people to choose a different route because of the abundance of traffic. I was delighted to find out that Paul and Jana Ryan will be there too. And John Boehner. Who knows who else might just show up!

  • mergeright

    Jennifer Griffin just reported documents prove officials were notified that the Libyans tasked with protecting the Benghazi consulate were taking pictures inside the compound a full 3 hours BEFORE the attack!

  • KenoshaMarge

    ‘No Red Tape’? New Jersey Turns Away Non-union Relief Crews


    Okay Chris Christie, you have a big mouth and know how to use
    it, say something about this bullshit! Don’t make me regret sticking up for your sorry ass.

  • getfitnow

    I seriously doubt the people without power could care less if a nonunion worker is helping to restore their electricity.


  • getfitnow
    • HObama HObamanana

      Unbelievable! And the Red Cross that Andrea Bitchell and her cohorts raved about seem to be nowhere in sight.

  • KataKimbe

    In my Inbox today I got some good links from MEMRI.http://www.memri.org/report/en/0/0/0/0/0/0/6785.htm
    Arab TV Report Exposes Lax Security At U.S.
    Consulate In Benghazi Prior To Ambassador Stevens’ Arrival And Security Breach
    Prior To Attack – Revealed By Documents Gathered At Consulate Following

    • KataKimbe

      “In the letters, the Americans complained about an incident that occurred on
      the morning of September 11, an incident they described as ‘troubling.’ The
      letters read as follows: ‘Early this morning, on September 11, 2011 [sic], at
      precisely 06:43, one of our diligent guards made a troubling report. Near our
      main gate, a member of the police force was seen in the upper level of a
      building across from our compound. It is reported that this person, who belongs
      to the police unit sent to protect the U.S. Special Mission, was photographing
      the inside of the U.S. consulate.’

      “One of these letters contains important information about the police car that was present at the scene: ‘The police car stationed where this event occurred was number 322.'”

      “As is well known, there is no professional police force in Libya, and therefore, the police and armed groups often work together. Thus, it seems clear, from the tone of the letter, that the Americans were extremely concerned
      about this incident, describing it as ‘troubling.’

      “According to the letter, they were hoping that the Libyan authorities would conduct an official investigation into this incident.”

      “The Letters Revealed That Since September 9, The
      Americans Had Been Requesting Special Security Arrangements In Preparation For Arrival Of Ambassador Chris Stevens” – But That These “Were Not Granted”

  • Guest

    OT… In my Inbox today I got some good links from MEMRI. http://www.memri.org/report/en/0/0/0/0/0/0/6785.htm

    • KataKimbe

      I have no clue why this shows as Guest… I posted and deleted because the image would not take.

  • HARP2
  • momule

    Take a look at the Las Vegas Journal Review editorial for Nov. 1. “Obama unworthy commander-in-chief” At last somebody speaks out!

  • HARP2

    Obama Has Touted Al Qaeda’s Demise 32 Times since Benghazi Attack


  • HObama HObamanana

    McCain implied on Greta that the reason we are receiving these leaks now is because the Counterterrorism Security Group (CSG) is pissed that it was not convened during the Benghazi attacks. Essentially they were unable to do the job they were hired for, as even CBS reports. In fact, according to CBS they had forces ready to deploy and were never given the order to do so.

    The official says a protocol set forth in a classified presidential directive calls for the Counterterrorism Security Group (CSG) to be convened in the event of a possible terrorist attack. According to a public military document, the directive was designed to “synchronize the efforts of all the government agencies that have a role to play in the Global War on Terrorism.”

    The Administration also didn’t call on the only interagency, on-call, short notice team poised to respond to terrorist incidents worldwide: the Foreign Emergency Support Team (FEST). FEST’s seasoned experts leave within four
    hours of notification and can provide “the fastest assistance

    • getfitnow

      I agree with McCain. Somebody in this administration is sick of these dangerous fools. See vid clip.


    • mergeright

      Could someone please let Geraldo Rivera know this information? His temper tantrum and insistance that military help was impossible to provide on Fox & Friends this morning was very unbecoming.

      • Retired_from_SPOnaj

        Geraldo had to make the case for Obama, and time is short. The shorter the time, the more shrill Geraldo must be.

        • TeakWoodKite

          Do you think he will draw a map in the sand this time?

          • FelixLRodriguez

            Or squat over the map as Rick Sanchez used to do. [South Floridians will remember that!]

  • Penngirl

    CNN, ABC & CBS have Benghazi coverage today.

    • KenoshaMarge

      About damn time!

    • getfitnow

      A damning quote:

      ““This is probably the biggest cover-up in American history – and you’re talking to an expert in cover-ups,”
      Former Sen. Fred Thompson


  • Woody

    If memory serves, W tried for eight years to get approval to beef-up the power grid. But congress … that august bunch we elected to facilitate such freedom-worthy endeavors …. would have none of it. Face it, the bas***ds have lined up against us.

    • BronwynsHarbor

      It’s a brilliant idea. We need a team of the best power grid experts — across the nation — to meet with President Romney. They can pioritize the largest urban areas first — hey, start with the states affected by Sandy and do it ASAP … Eastern seaboard.

      FIGURE OUT WHICH CABLES CAN GO WHERE — Television, CELL PHONES IS #1 imho + LAND LINES for poorer areas and people on public assistance. E.g., I keep a mobile desktop phone so I can carry it anywhere (the other night I made coffee while holding the phone on my good shoulder, and made coffee at the same time + took notes while I chatted) +++ I keep a LAND LINE in my kitchen so that if our cell towers go down (several times over 10 years), I can stay connected to the world.

      (NOTE to self: tape the thingie that goes in the wall thingie– heh. I have the perfect tape to do that.)

      I am using my mom’s ancient cell phone, and the plastic finally gave out bendable plastic thingie, and the cord is embedded in the phone, … GOOD thing, one less plastic thingie that can break off). Telephones back then were built to last for a decade or two. If I could find someone to fix the plastic thingie that goes in the wall socket, I’d be rarin’ to go. But i can’t plug my laptop in there. Ah … I have another phone, I can test it to see if it works, I can program it to dial 911, doctors, hospital, my aunt…. whatever my heart desires.

      If my mom could crawl up two short flights of stairs and to the phone … except she called her neighbors who called 911 :) — they came and took her to CCU and somehow she survived (nurses said her heart was like Jello) … I can get to the phone, knock it off onto the floor, whatever. Anything built to last 35+ years has “withstood the test of time.” … like my mom. She lived over 5 more years and died at 91.

      • BronwynsHarbor

        Same goes for laptops … even cell phones (can be run off generators … don’t know how but someone does)

      • getfitnow

        But, but..what about wind and solar? /s

  • getfitnow
    • TeakWoodKite

      Re Ignatz throwing bricks;

      Says Ignatius, “While there were multiple errors that led to the final tragedy, there’s no evidence that the White House or CIA leadership deliberately delayed or impeded rescue efforts.”

      butt scrapper…. who wrote that copy for him?

      • mgm

        There’s a quote by some general/commander (whose name I can’t remember) that goes something like: Don’t ascribe to conspiracy that which is likely to be incompetence. That seems to be
        what Ignatius is saying with his “multiple errors” theory. So, in his view, gross incompetence is less egregious than a deliberate decision to let those men die?

        • HObama HObamanana

          It allows Obama to blame this on someone else, I suppose.

      • HObama HObamanana

        So incompetence during a crisis is supposed to be a valid excuse? I read somewhere that the O team was confused about what to do. That doesn’t exactly breed confidence. But I guess from their perspective, they would rather be guilty of being stupid, unprepared and incompetent than be found culpable for the murders due to intentional non-action.

        I agree with you that Ignatius is nothing more than an Administration mouthpiece on this.

  • shelldoll2

    My Catholic grandmother could name all of the Saints. She also got a little testy when the government tried to tell her what to do.
    Obama screwed the pooch on that one.

    • HObama HObamanana

      The sick bastard screwed the pooch then ate it.

  • MrLynn

    Writes Bronwyn: “P.S. I was wondering how many subscriptions THAT endorsement is costing the Herald in liberal Boston.”

    FYI, the Herald is a conservative paper. Liberals read the Globe. So the Herald’s endorsement of Romney was to be expected, and won’t cost them any subscriptions.

    /Mr Lynn

  • HObama HObamanana

    I just got off from a Romney conference call hosted by Ohio Senator Rob Portman. I feel a lot of confidence coming from the campaign and rightly so. Mitt Romney has a comprehensive plan to work us out of the many problems we currently face. And it all seemed to gel to me as Senator Portman was answering the various questions. Senator Portman will be on Hannity tonight and he will be discussing Benghazi which he did cover on the conference call.

    I will be attending a rally with Mitt and Ann tomorrow night. Kid Rock and other musicians will be there too. Should be awesome! If anyone is interested in attending, go to mittromney.com/oh and get your ticket.

    • getfitnow

      Speaking of Benghazi, I picked this up on another blog.


      Rumsfeld was on Medved this afternoon. Didn’t hear it all, but he did talk Benghazi at length, and I paraphrase:

      WH situation room would have immediate access to same feed as State &CIA. NSA and Chief of Staff would have known of attack very early and it’s inconceivable that one or both of them would not have immediately informed POTUS.

      • HObama HObamanana

        If the information went first to his Chief of Staff and National Security Adviser and they didn’t communicate it to him that would be the only out Obama had. But I find it extremely difficult to believe that they would keep something like that from the President, especially given all the media coverage of Egypt.

        Obama would have had to have known what was going on in Benghazi. He may have chosen not to have watched it, or listened to reports but he had to know what was happening. I’m not cutting Hillary any slack but the President is the dude in charge of everyone else and must be held accountable.

        • http://twitter.com/jbjdjbjd jbjd

          But remember, O said, he ordered support. That means, he has confirmed, he knew what was going on.

          • HObama HObamanana

            Quite right!

      • sassysyl

        Read somewhere that anyone of about 10 people/agencies who had a certain type of security clearance could access that feed.

    • HObama HObamanana

      I just watched the Hannity show. Portman didn’t bring up Benghazi but neither did Hannity. My sense from the conference call is that Mitt will not bring the subject up unless someone asks him directly. Even then, I don’t think that is the focus of his close because he knows that the economy is the most important concern of voters.

      • mgm

        Right now I think Romney commenting on Benghazi would be a no-win move for him. The press would jump all over it and that’s all they’d write about him from now until Tuesday. It’s likely why he passed over it at the last debate.

    • sassysyl

      Hey HObama, I’ve already got my ticket too. Didn’t know that Kid Rock would be there. Should be a rockin good time.

      • HObama HObamanana

        There are supposed to be some Country bands too. Not exactly my cup of tea but I’d attend a Tiny Tim Marathon concert if it meant electing Mitt Romney to be President.