Mitt Romney’s concession speech was excellent. I pray that he and Ann sleep. “Give their all?” Oh they did. He and Paul Ryan, and their families. Did you notice, ALL of you, that Mitt made sure to thank every single one in the audience as well as his big family? He is a class act. Sadly, he’ll be 70 in 2016, and I haven’t got a clue … wait. Paul Ryan? HE could run. THIS time, having learned what they needed to do this time, they’ll make a good run for it.

Earlier: Karl Rove, a great number cruncher, says that only 991 votes separate President Obama and Mitt Romney in Ohio. We will hang on and hope after all …

I had switched to a local NBC affiliate to listen to local results, which concern me a lot. NBC has declared the race over. Then thankfully, I switched back to Fox. It doesn’t look great because of Florida, but we can hope.

This is part of a post I wrote last night and thought I’d get to it today. I have another portion of a post that is very important: It outlines the great challenges that a President Romney would face.

So, let’s keep our hopes up. Please laugh (and sneer) while you scan this:

Famous liberal-minded comedian Bill Maher threatened anyone “thinking” (what a concept) of voting for Mitt Romney: “Blacks know who you are and they will come after you and get you.”

Thanks, Greg Gutfeld, for showing that video today. Are you ever a breath of fresh air in the world of comedy. “The first Mormon president will never make Eva Longoria swoon.” And then Greg added, “We don’t need another hero. We just want someone who gets the job done.”

OOPS! Half-empty? [Update: Oh well. It had all been decided by then anyway.] Not even Bruce Springsteen, Jay-Z too … oh what did Greg Gutfeld call Springfield and John Cougar Mellenkamp types on Monday? “Aging Pirates.” And he added, “Never trust anyone over 50 who wears an earring.” That sums it up, doesn’t it.

Jay-Z’s a real winner, singing a racist song, subbing “Obama” instead of n—-rs. I’d never type that word if you forced me to. It is a repellant, racist term, but it is astonishing that he and his ilk (“artists”?) smear it all over their hate-filled songs, instead of bringing fresh fruit and vegetables to poor African-Americans who, oh my god, do they ever need a break these days.

Has Obama ever once mentioned THESE numbers to you Obama lovers, the few of you left? How about, in ONE single month (September to October), the unemployment rate rose from 13.4 to 14.3 percent. And young African-Americans? Remember, this is just one month. “40.5 percent, rising from 36.7 percent.”

By the way, I noticed a little problem in a YouTube video that bugged me, so I knocked on the Twitter doors of Karl Rove, Ann Coulter, a bunch of people at Fox News, Greg Gutfeld, Laura Ingraham (I even went to her site and e-mailed her). I’m determined that way. Someone got the message because the issue was fixed. That’s conservatives for you. Like Mitt Romney, they hear about a problem and get it fixed. Was it Karl? We haven’t always liked him much at No Quarter, but I confess I enjoy listening to him on Fox. He is smart, concise, makes his points, and gets off the air. … show after show! PLUS! GET THIS! He has volunteered his time for THREE YEARS to American Crossroads. New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, Karl said, slammed him in a column for making money off Crossroads.

Thing is, Karl noted, “Paul Krugman never bothered to pick up the phone and ask me.” Liberals. Making false assumptions. I used to like Krugman because he SAW THROUGH Obama’s health care plans, and he declared Hillary’s health care proposal far better. But little by little … well, I never read his columns anymore. And to think he is the recipient of a Nobel prize in economics. Economics is all about FACTS, not assumptions.

Maybe Karl Rove should have gotten that prize. I know, that’s silly. But it makes more sense than his receiving it.

On the homefront: I keep telling myself to relax more. Thing is, I can’t get Mitt off my mind. I’ll relax on Thursday. [Will I? I am a bit dubious.] Just please, media, stop using those two words, “provisional ballots.” Oh well. I’ve been through that before. Remember Al Gore? Who may or may not have done something to a woman somewhere? Anyway, that’s all worked out. Tipper is in New York City, looking great and may be dating, I think I read. SMART! (Not politically, but getting away from that blowhard.)

Forgive me, but I was terribly worried about George W. Bush.

I’d noticed an article in 1998 — when I used to read real newspapers, which I still prefer, although they’re awfully skinny these days (like Barack, who looks god awful). I read that George Bush had gathered up a bunch of big money people, or they’d gathered him up is more like it. Nice family. And George actually did have a tough childhood, trying to make his mom laugh when she was grieving the death of her beloved little girl.

George probably didn’t have any fun at all for quite a while. But he’s had a whole lot of fun for a good long time. And he did have to grow up sometime anyway, right? I’m glad he stopped drinking. Did you know that liberals MADE FUN of him for being an alcoholic? Gee, I thought liberals were supposed to be KIND and WARM and CARING. Even when I opposed his presidency, I was appalled at their remarks.

They said the cruelest things about his drinking problem, and everything else about him. Well, I did too, but about his lack of leadership in office. FEMA, for instance. The response to Sandy was not all Obama’s fault. The Republicans controlled Congress for a good while, and had George Sr. and Jr. So …

We have had a HUGE lesson for TWELVE years. We need an actual grown-up who had a wonderful childhood with two loving parents, but who suffered through a near-fatal car accident. That had to have had an effect on a young man with big dreams. I bet he never forgot how KIND people were to him. Rich or poor, liberal or not … I hope the French helped him, and they probably did. I failed to get his books on his life. Someday. ESPECIALLY when he writes his memoirs of those eight years.

Mitt’s books will be truthful too. Not works of fiction posing as autobiographies. I wonder how many liberals ever read the superb, in-depth investigative work done by very hard-working Chicago newspaper reporters. They combed through everything in Barack Obama’s books and they discovered a lot of gaps, made-up stuff, some outright lies. Pretty courageous in a city known for its brutal politics. Can you imagine the flack they’ve taken?


That’s as far as I got … unfinished prose. An unfinished presidential contest. Now I must tend to some real-life issues. Those are such a struggle too. But I am a determined son-of-a-gun. Somehow, I pray, it will all work out. I need a lot of medical hope help, and that is starting to happen. Wish me luck. (“Hope” was a typo, but it is fitting too.)

Oh. One more thing. Larry has done so much for this blog, for all of us and a whole lot for me. Someday, I hope I can tell you all about what he did. I don’t know how he juggles it all — a lovely family, a wonderful extended family — across the nation, I’ve learned recently.

Please pop into Larry’s posts, and thank him for all he does. He is a remarkable human being. Actually, I think you already have. You regularly praise him, and — gosh — you’ve been showing up here more and more, through thick (Bob Beckel) and thin (Obama). He notices those numbers. It’s exciting to see.

I’ve got a lot of balls in the air. So do we all. Let’s help each other, and we’ll get through this somehow … the decline and fall of the American Empire too, I fear.

P.S. I am sorry if Disqus has caused you any hassles with logging in to make comments. I’m on it again. I wasn’t going to post about it, but I should. If they expect to become big shots in the discussion business, they need to communicate better, and to get the job done. All I would really like are those little buttons across the tops of your comments, so you can add HTML code easily. Instead, they embarked on an advertising venture that doesn’t seem nearly as important to building their business. Of course, it will probably make THEM a lot of money, cumulatively (site by site, blog by blog), for as long as they’re around.

Charles Krauthammer! He will write us prescriptions himself. He’s a neat guy. Cranky, but what brains that man has. He has picked himself and made a huge success of his life in spite of a tragic accident. What an example to us all. (If you don’t know what happened to Charles, look it up at Wikipedia, or one of us will tell you here.)