Obama is a tragic figure. If only he had kept his promise to offer a new tone and be above partisan politics. If only he had made a genuine effort to reach out to and embrace some key Republicans, tonight would have been a no contest and Obama a triumphant victor. But he succumbed to the temptation of Chicago partisanship. He listened to the likes of Valerie Jarret and decided to play only inside the Democrat party lines.

But here is what is really puzzling–rather than make common cause with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and craft a comprehensive legistlative plan to transform the economy and seize the initiative, he went small. He decided to reward financial contributors with insider deals but was strangely passive. He could have taken the lead on the stimulus bill and got out front with three or four key goals. He did not. The bill itself was the quinessential lobbyist payoff tool and stretched things out. It was not integrated with a coherent vision for economic growth. And the results? A weak economy headed back into recession with the added burden of an enormously swollen Federal deficit.

How about health care? Obama’s plan has split the country and galvanized the right. And was Barack proud of his plan? Did he run on it? No on both counts. In fact, when it came to crafting the health care deal on the Hill, Obama reverted to his inivisible status that he cultivated as a State Senator in Illinois. He would vote “present,” but take no risk.

Obama now has been relegated to lying about his record.

Just yesterday he was touting the fact that he has reduced the Federal Deficit. But Obama is not alone with this kind of crazy talk. Bob Cesca, a typical Obama disciple, insists that Obama has worked economic magic:

With the end of fiscal year 2012, the Congressional Budget Office announced the 2012 federal budget deficit: $1.1 trillion. Taken purely at face value, this number is enormous. Yet every Democrat, and especially the Obama campaign, ought to be telling anyone who will listen: Not only has the president cut the deficit by $312 billion during his first term (so far), but he’s cut the deficit by $200 billion in the past year alone. And the CBO projected that the 2013 Obama budget, if enacted as is, would shrink the deficit to $977 billion — a four year total of nearly $500 billion in deficit reduction.

Okay, yeah, I get it. It’s risky to mention the deficit, but not when you couch it in math and the facts.

As I’ve documented before, the CBO reported in January, 2009 that the federal budget deficit for that fiscal year, which began on October 1, 2008, was already $1.2 trillion. President Obama’s additional ’09 spending added another $200 billion to the deficit, bringing the total to $1.412 trillion. Unprecedented and huge, but given the enormity of the financial crisis and the depth of the recession, there weren’t many other options on the table. Add two wars into the mix and there you go.

Forbes magazine offers the best, most objective analysis of the situation I have seen anywhere:

It is easy to dispense with the argument that the president has been tight with money. Assume that during the year 2009 your already-overweight friend gained forty extra pounds, and since then your friend has continued to overeat such that his body weight has remained roughly constant. Since he hasn’t gained much weight in the past four years, can I conclude that he doesn’t have a weight problem? Of course not. Same goes with the president and his spending; a low rate of spending growth does not imply the absence of an extremely high amount of spending. . . .

The first year of the Obama presidency, 2009, is the largest year in decades, with federal outlays totaling a whopping 25.2 percent of GDP. Since then, federal outlays relative to GDP have fallen, but they are still incredibly large. In fact, you have to go back to 1946 to find a year when federal outlays were as large as they have been every year of the Obama presidency.

Having said that, it is impossible to look at the chart and not to see a large ramp up in outlays under George W. Bush — the president who reversed the direction of federal outlays, which had been falling. Indeed, it is perfectly reasonable to argue that much of the responsibility for 2009’s 25.2 percent rests with President Bush, and not with President Obama; in January 2009, before President Obama took office, the CBO released its forecast that fiscal year 2009 would see outlays of 24.9 percent of GDP based on pre-Obama policies. . . .

So is Mr. Obama’s performance on spending quite bad? Yes. But a difference in kind rather than in degree? Over his four fiscal years as president the average outlays-to-GDP ratio is 24.4 percent. During the Reagan years the average was 22.4 percent. Given the Great Recession, this two percentage point difference, though deceivingly very large, isn’t enough to claim that President Obama represents a radical departure from post-war presidents with respect to spending. . . .

Each of Mr. Obama’s annual deficits has been larger than any since the 1940s. Deficits aggregate into debt, and as I have previously written it is reasonable to think of President Obama and George W. Bush as each being responsible for roughly one-third of the debt — with all presidents from George Washington through Bill Clinton responsible for the remaining third. (In the absence of George W. Bush, it would of course be much harder, perhaps impossible, to argue that President Obama has not been a radical departure from previous presidents on debt.)

President Obama did significantly increase the path of future federal outlays — e.g., Obamacare — at a time when we need to decrease them. Given our extremely poor long-term budget outlook, this decision strikes many as particularly shocking. Though again, previous presidents have increased future outlays when they needed to be cut. Check your encyclopedia for Bush, George W. . . .

Rather than acknowledge reality, Obama shuts his eyes and pretends things are swell. It is that disconnect with reality that pisses off the average American. We ran into the same phenomena with Bush and Cheney, who insisted we were “winning” in Iraq. We were not and we did not. Iraq is now solidly in Iran’s camp and is no reliable friend of ours. Anyone want to argue that is a winner?

Obama is on his way out. He failed to make good on his vision. He went for the small and the banal. He opted for class warfare rather 21st Century visionary. His legacy will be his sad, pathetic embrace of the likes of Sandra Fluck. That does not create a record that will have people lining up at his Presidential library.

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Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.
  • Renfrew Squeevil

    How are you all feeling this evening? Feeling good? No? Oh, that’s too bad. I’m feeling good, myself. Well, I can’t say I feel bad for you. You’re turds.

    Oh, and I almost forgot: Hahahahahahahahaha!

  • skinny_malinky

    What a wonderfully ironic title for this post. This from the man who wrote “Why Romney Will Win”.

  • win43

    Wow, you’re “moderating” my comments now? Guess I touched a nerve. Hoping I didn’t hurt anyone’s widdle feewings too much.

    • Bill O’Reilly

      Censorship from a conservative and conservative website that always crys about the constitution. Typical hypocracy.

  • Bill O’Reilly

    Larry Johnson the great thing about America is that you are entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to create a 100% 24-7 hour hate Obama website and community. However, in your bubble you are not entitled to be right. In fact, over the last few years you have almost entirely been wrong on everything. Your credibility is completely shot. You are now just embarassing yourself. I am still waiting for that tsunami of a double dip recession that you promised us two years ago or that Israeli/U.S. attack on Iran you promised us last spring. Continue on with you bitching, complaining and conspiracies. Your crowd always does. But, you are irrelevant. You are the angry incoherant strange uncle at the diner table that no one really pays attention to. Hard to believe I actually once had some respect for you when you were not 24-7 hate Obama. By the way when Obama gets us out of Afghanistan, does a deficit reduction deal, gets tens of millions healthcare insurance for the first time and as the unemployment rate returns to more normalized levels in the next year or two Obama will go down as one of the best Presidents this country ever had. He will have conquered enormous problems and brought a little more respect back to America. I am sure that will drive a guy like you nuts and futher into the darkness of your hate. You are the classic old white guy who cannot stand the power slipping away.

    • Hokma

      You are right. The majority of the people of this country made a choice. That choice is the inevitable last step toward communism. There are those that understand that and embrace it and then there are those who are too willfully ignorant to understand that. Your choice.

      • Bill O’Reilly

        “That choice is the inevitable last step toward communism.”

        Congratulations you are the winner of the looney-tunes NQ comment so-far of the day. Crawl back into your Tea-Party hole. You are the reason your side got their asses handed to them last night.

        • Hokma

          Try coming back with a coherent defense of why Obama is not a communist or just shut the hell up dimwit.

          And if you do don’t be upset when I slam dunk anything you do come back with.

          Obama is a direct result of an education system that indoctrinates dimwits like you,

          Did you ever even read his friggin book? Oh that’s right, you are functionally illiterate!!!

  • http://wiskeytangofoxtrotoscar.blogspot.com/ James Ala

    Oops, wrong again. Obama is the clear Electoral College winner, just as Nate Silver projected. Obama is up by two million votes (one million of those coming from the land of fruits and nuts–California.) Romney lost in Ohio and thus lost the election.

    I’d like to talk you down off that ledge you’re on Larry, but since you put yourself up there in the first place; it’s up to you to figure a way down.

  • win43

    You want to talk denial and delusion? Look at the Republican Party.

    The GOP is overdue for a serious reassessment. As James Carville just pointed out, the Tea Party just cost the GOP five Senate seats. Five! They primaried out Dick Lugar, for crying out loud, and that idiocy cost them a seat.

    And they nominated their best candidate to take on a President who had unemployment sitting around 8%… and LOST. The Republican Party needs to accept the fact that their anti-tax, anti-choice, anti-government Tea Party extremism makes them unelectable. If they sober up and recommit themselves to sincere efforts at governing the country, I’m sure they’ll be welcomed back into the mainstream. But for now, if you’re wondering why you couldn’t beat a politically weakened incumbent… look in the fucking mirror, folks. You’re the problem.

    • mumphrey

      Yes. By all rights, the Republicans could have kicked President Obama’s ass all around the block. They had about the best climate to win that they could have. And they pissed it away. Of course, a big part of that is that, as you said above, they nominated their best candidate and that was Mitt Romney. When Mitt Romney is your party’s best hope, then, damn, if you don’t need to take a hard look at what the fuck you’re doing. Not that they’ll do that. We’ll now spend the next four years hearing these assholes shrieking about Voter Fraud! and The New Black Panther Party! and Jackbooted Union Thugs! and Chicago-Style Politics and who the hell knows what else. I really fear these dickwads are going to burn the country down. Fuck, Donald Trump is calling for some kind of revolution or some such shit. We’ll be lucky if these nuts don’t begin shooting things up pretty damned soon.

      • win43

        And the thing is, they actually executed their strategy — which was to prevent Obama from accomplishing practically anything legislatively — perfectly.

        It was just a shitty, destructive strategy — shitty and destructive both substantively and strategically — and it didn’t get them the White House back. Unfortunately I don’t think they’ll change it up going forward, because these morons here are in charge of the party now.

        • Freedom Fighter

          I have always been amazed at how the GOP could win nationally when there have always been more registered Democrats. Once we figure out how to turn out every single voter, there really isn’t anything the GOP can do. I’ll be frank here. When I am at the polls today in NYC, I’d estimate maybe 75% of the voters there have no clue of what they are doing, I almost felt like I was in a refugee camp or something. But I was certain 100% of them voted for us. Sometimes I feel bad that the elections are decided by these folks, but this election is just too important.

        • Fred82

          Yawn, yawn.

          Valerie Jarrett did more to ensure that Obama accomplished nothing worthwhile than the Republicans ever did.

          That said, its not like Obama was ever out to accomplish much to begin with.

      • Dbb3

        I would put in my 2 cents but I’ve nothing to add to mumphrey’s and win’s posts. Sweet dreams, Larry.

      • http://noquarterusa.net Larry Johnson

        You ignore the fact that Obama and his team flat out lied about Romney and continue to spin the bullshit that they have turned around the economy. Watch what happens over the next three months. The fiscal cliff is real and it is the creation of Barack Obama. No amount of increased taxes on the wealthy will put a dent in the deficit nor prevent us from falling off that cliff.

        But the pain will be felt by all Americans, especially the middle class. Just because a slim majority of Americans put a gun to their head yesterday and pulled the trigger does not mean that suicide is a good thing.

        • Bill O’Reilly

          Lied about Romney my ass. Romney was the most dishonest candidate for President ever. Plenty of lies on NQ as well. Justify this enormous loss to your party and candidate anyway you want if it makes you feel better. It was not even close.

          • stodghie

            sure they lied about romney your assness!

          • Hokma

            Benghazi was a result of a youtube video.

            Obama increased federal oil production permit over the past 4 years.

            Obama had nothing to do with fast and furious.

            There are countless factually based lies by Obama. The only lies about Romney are lies created by obama/axelgrease/cutter

        • skinny_malinky

          The fiscal cliff is not the “creation of Barack Obama.” That is an amazingly stupid statement. Your president (and he is your president too) had a deal made with the Republican leadership. They backed away from that because they were completely unwilling to raise any taxes. The congress came up with this law that said if there wasn’t a compromise made, sequestration would go into effect. Because of the Republican intransigence, now we’re facing the fiscal cliff.

          Hopefully with this election they’ll realize that they need to actually work for the country and not just be obstructionist. They failed in their goal of holding Obama to one term. The public clearly supports increasing taxes on the wealthiest people. Maybe the Republicans will actually listen this time.

    • KataKimbe

      It wasn’t the fiscal tea party crowd that lost it. It was the female voters more concerned with their ovaries than the economy, because they bought all the fear mongering. And seriously, Obama has not received more votes yet.

      • win43

        Yeah, imagine that! Women actually care about controlling whether and when they reproduce! Not to mention about their own health. CRAZY HUH?

        • Freedom Fighter

          I don’t really think it was the female vote. From what I can tell, Obama didn’t really have much of a gender gap advantage, something previous Democrats have always enjoyed. What made the difference was this election was an election of registered voters. It doesn’t really matter how motivated or enthusiastic GOP voter are, as long as we have enough time to turn out all registered Democratic voters through early voting, the GOP can’t ever win again. If Obama can repeal the 22nd Amendment, he will be able to run as many times as he wants, and the GOP can’t do a thing about it.

          • KataKimbe

            “According to early exit polls, 60% of voters said the economy was the most important issue, 59% thought abortion should be legal and 50% wanted Obama’s health care reform law repealed while 43% wanted it to remain in place or be expanded.”
            59% voted on the abortion issue. That is the female vote.

          • KataKimbe

            It’s interesting that you seem to think that silencing half of the country is power for the cause. That is not a democracy. Obama did not win big. It’s an evenly divided nation. Things go up and down and before long… you will be on the opposite side. Bush for 8 years and now Obama for 8 years. Both bad divisive Presidents. Maybe you also missed the part that Independents are becoming a bigger part with each election… and we, I am one, don’t bow to the party like you do.

            • Renfrew Squeevil

              So who the fuck “silenc[ed] half of the country”, Sparky? You guys had the same chance to vote that everybody else had, but there weren’t enough of you, thank God. You people truly suck ass. You’re willing to play by the rules, but only as long as you can still win. The minute you fall behind, you want to throw out the rules and write them over in your favor. Do you know who else wants to do that? My five year old daughter.

              And, God, you did just that all through the last two years. You fucked around with voting laws all ovr the country. You did all you could to keep the darkies, the wetbacks and the worthless poor moochers away from the polls, and you still lost. Get the fuck over it, for God’s sake. Deal with it. You lost. You guys broke every standard of decency and every rule of fair play you could get away with, and you still lost. Ooh, that must sting.

              But, for the love of God, get over yourselves. You ran a shitty candidate, and more voters turned him down than voted for him. That isn’t “silencing” anybody. That’s life. That’s how we do things in this country (most of the time–2000 aside).

              Nobody shut you up. Nobody forbade you to rally or to go vote or to buy all the ads you could. Nobody put you in jail. Nobody blasted your asses down onto the street with fire hoses. Nobody loosed the police dogs on you.Nobody beat you half to death for speaking your mind. Nobody strung you up from a tree or burned your houses down or set fire to your churches and roasted your children alive inside.

              That shit did indeed happen, but it was your side, you asshole, that did that shit to a lot of liberals a while back, or maybe you missed that. All we Democrats and liberals have done was vote for our candidate in greater numbers and call you some mean names.

              Shit. If you wilting flowers can’t even handle a few harsh words being flung your way, then maybe you should just swear off politics, since your tender, tender feelings are going to keep on getting scraped raw in years to come. If that’s too much for you, then that’s your tough luck. You don’t have any call to demand that we keep our mouths shut so you don’t have to fucking feel bad.

              Really. For all your tough talk, you really are the world’s biggest pussies. You can say whatever the fuck you want to. You can still say it today, even though the Armies of Darkness have won the day yet again for another four years. We Agents of Satan Himself are not going to forbid you to speak what I will for a lack of a better word call your minds. But that doesn’t mean that you get to spew whatever shit you want and then all the rest of us will nod along and chip in with a rousing “Good show! Jolly good show!” Fuck that shit.

              You want to talk, then great, talk. Hell, even tell lies if you feel like you need to. But if you wade into the grownups’ pool, then you need to abide by the rules, which are as follows: We get to talk, too. We even get to call you sad, pathetic losers and scummy liars. We get to point at you and laugh at you. We get to mock you. We get to gloat that the scaaaaary-ass black dude who has wrought you up into a panicked froth for the last four years now gets to do it for four more. If you really are as smart and mature and big and bold and tough as nails as you always tell everybody you are, then, trust me, you can handle it. I had some harsh words come my way for eight years while Bush was in office, and I’m still standing.

              But if you really can’t deal with this, then just shut up about it. That’s all I can say. If it’s too much for you, then you’re better off staying in the kiddie pool, where you can argue about who totally looooves Justin Bieber the totally mostest. Maybe you could handle that a little better. Otherwise, speak your piece. But for fuck’s sake, fucking shut the fuck up about fucking being “silenced”.

              • KataKimbe

                Poor poor you… the continuous victim and rude person. An apparent miserable and angry person filled with hate to boot. Somebody should treat you some manners… but whatever. Can’t read all your hate and drivel. Not worth my time. Good luck because you will need it… your guy got 7 millions fewer votes than last time and he has no mandate. Last time he had the Senate and the House, now he has the Senate, no House and barely made the majority votes and only up by 1% in popular votes. That is not big enough for a mandate. You try to silence the opposition all the time and censor those you disagree with. You name call and bash because that is who you are. So much for tolerance. Politics is a see saw… what goes up must also come down… enjoy the high while you can.

                • Renfrew Squeevil

                  Victim? No. Not really. We won last night, or maybe you hadn’t heard. Yeah, he got fewer votes and a lower percentage than he had the last time around. We don’t care. It happens. And, yeah, he got a few million fewer votes and a fractionally smaller percentage of the popular vote than Bush got in 2004. But when the best you can come up with is that “Oh, your guy didn’t get as many votes as the last guy who won another term,” then you’re really, desperately, almost tragically reaching.

                  So, no. I don’t feel victimized or put upon. I feel pretty good. Truth is, I don’t even feel angry at you assholes. I did, through most of President Obama’s first term, as you and your party tried your best to delegitimize and dehumanize him, even as he was dealing with an unprecedented heap of shit that the guy he followed into office had left for him to clean up.

                  Now, no doubt, you’ll go right back to flinging your shit, however impotently, and it’ll piss me off. But I’m going to do my best to just laugh at you, as you really are pitiful, but in a way one can’t help laughing at. That’s why I come here. To laugh at you.

                  You guys just truly are so sad and lame, it almost seems sinful watching you seethe helplessly as you don’t get your way. It’s like driving by an awful car wreck. You don’t want to look; you feel like you’re doing something wrong when you look; ut it’s so hard not to. Though, at least here, there’s no carnage, so it really isn’t as serious–well, unless you count the carnage of your shattered dreams, but I don’t, because you’re so pathetic and loathesome.

                  I mean, jeez, don’t you tools ever get tired of being wrong all the time? Romney’s going to win big! He has this locked up! Everybody hates Obama but a tiny bad of deluded, worshipping hangers-on.

                  But, wait–what’s this? What happened? Oops, looks like maybe we fucked up, but good, this time. Oh, shit, how could we have been wrong? We had the math on our side. Rush Limbaugh and Karl Rove and Romney himself kept telling us we were going to win. How could this happen?

                  Shit. Why, just days ago, even as this trainwreck of a “campaign” was about to drive out onto the bridge with a gaping hole halfway across, even as pretty much every sentient being on this earth knew what was about as sure a thing as an election can be, even then, you had two posts up here, telling us that Romney would win, why Romney would win, how Romney would win, blah, blah, blah.

                  Don’t you ever get sick of being wrong? Evereything any of you clowns solemnly swears will happen, has to happen, must happen, well, it’s a funny thing; it never happens.

                  You live in this little online world, where everybody thinks what you do, and you tell each other how smart you are, how dedicated you are, how fearless you are to stand up to the jackbooted thugs of the Obama Administration and its minions of assassins who roam the earth, silently cutting down anybody who dares breathe a bad word about the president. You listen to Fox News [sic]; you listen to Rush Limbaugh. You read the right-wing nuts. And every day, you hear what you want to hear. You hear and read other people telling you hoow wise you are, how perceptive you are, how you have everything all doped out, and it’s the other guys who are in for an ugly awakening.

                  And, you know, it works for aa while. Right up until election day. Oh, sure, there are a few of us who show up once in a while and poke at you. But youo wave us off as “Obots” and sneer that we’ve so deluded ourselves that we don’t know what’s really going to happen. Oh, dear, but then it all comes crashing down, that whole big fantasy you’ve all built together, and it turns out we knew all along what was likelier to happen. Yes, we, we the Obots, we the koolaid drinkers, we the deluded, the doomed to bitter defeat, we had a better grip on what was happening than you did. Must sting a little, eh? Well, too bad.

                  Look, I know what it’s like to be on the losing side. We all do. The difference is, most of us don’t con ourselves into believing that God Him or Herself has ordained our side to win from on high. We know we can lose. It doesn’t make it any more fun as you watch your candidte slog it out through the last, pointless days of the campaign when everybody, the candidates themselves, even, know it’s over before the polls even open. The difference is, it isn’t a big shock when we lose. Our world doesn’t fall in around our heads.

                  Even in a tight race, like 2000, we were ready for it to end up either way. It sucked ass when it happened, but because we never conned ourselves into believing that it was a done thing, that there was no way to lose, well, as much as it stung, at least we were spared that awful feeling of having been sucker-punched, of having had the seat yanked out from behind us as we were sitting down.

                  Ehh. You guys really do deserve each other. No doubt you’ll work yourselves up into a lather about how some sovereign citizen civilian grand jury will somehow impeach and prosecute the president, yank him out of office and throw his ass in jail. Wouldn’t shock me if some of you clowns yourselves end up pushing deluded, doomed causes like that.

                  But none of that shit is ever going to work. You need to deal with that. You’re almost surely going to lock yourselves into this virtual fantasy world all over again, and learn all the wrong lessons from this loss. Nobody betrayed you. Nobody stole the election. People weren’t falling all over themselves to vote for Romney. The people whoo voted for President Obama, almost all of them, were not lazy moochers or welfare addicts or dangerous and scaaary New Black Panther Party thugs. Unions didn’t go out into the streets and beat up Romney voters.

                  What happened was this: You chose a turd of a candidate–who, to be fair, was most likely the best one you had running, which itself belies the trouble you still have heading down the pike toward you if you don’t do something abut it–and people didn’t like him. He’s creepy. He’s contemptuous of the rabble he seeks to rule over. He calls half of the country, most of whom work hard and struggle and follow the law and behave ethically, he calls them moochers who only want rich people to wipe their asses for them and who won’t take any responsibility for their lives. In truth, that was what settles the race, that, right then.

                  But even then, you idiots couldn’t–or wouldn’t–see it. You didn’t want to. I saw posts here about how Americans liked what Romney said. They thought he was right. He needed to say it more. That right there tells anybody who looks why you’re never going to get out oof this whole: You lose a badly-run race with a creepy, sociopathic candidate, selling policies made to drag us all back to the Gilded Age of the 1890’s, and you think the problem is that the New Black Panther Party was “suppressing votes”; that anybody who votes for Obama is either a deluded, starry-eyed cultist or a freeloader looking for free stuff.

                  And now, in your anger and bitterness, you’ve resorted to “moderating” comments and forbidding dissenters from posting. And, hey, it’s your site, do what you want with it. But I am telling you that if that’s what you do, then you’ve learned the lesson that’s 180° from the one that you needed to learn. Shutting yourselves away and listening only to your ever more unhinged and deluded ranting is going to doom you to a whole lot more election nights like this one. Your fault, dear KataKimbe, lies not in the stars, but in yourselves. You can overcome it. But you have to wake up. Good luck.

                  • KataKimbe

                    You are a poor pitiful soul my dear. You have no clue about me. I am an Independent because I don’t bow to one party… I stopped that in 2008 when the DNC decided to give the person I supported, Hillary Clinton, got the shaft… maybe you don’t know… but the DNC are as bad as counting real votes as the Republicans are. Hillary actually had more votes cast in her name in the primary than Obama had. Hillary got 18 046 007 votes versus Obama’s 17 869 542 with all States counted. So don’t ever complain about votes not being counted and honored. Obama did not compete in Michigan for whatever reason… so the DNC made up votes trying to imagine what those who voted were thinking. Like an imaginary friend. They were the DNC’s version to the FLA hanging chad mess. Hillary had more votes and the DNC decided to give the nomination to Obama. Why? Probably because he was new, fresh and black and it was a good play to get even more minorities involved. When the Obama campaign threw the race card at Bill Clinton, who was my favorite President and somebody I supported and still have a letter from, I knew what dirty people you were dealing with. They did not care about the truth and freedom. That was the day I left the party… because I value truth. I overcame the loss in 2000 and survived that depression and I will survive this too. Both parties suck… I just think that the Dems are clueless as far as the economy goes. Coming from Europe I know how the gravy train eventually gets stuck and heading to a cliff. So keep being hostile, ignorant and run your mouth and agenda. There are future elections. The good thing is that the high you are now feeling, you can fill with going to Colorado when you lose. They just voted in legalized MJ… that seems fitting for you. Enjoy. Because you can hardly have your head up more in your ass judging people you don’t know. That is what you do.

                    • Renfrew Squeevil

                      Look, Brains, I know a lot about you. I know that you’re an angry, bitter, selfish asshole. I know that you seem to be vaguely homophobis and racist. I know that you just can’t let it go that Hillary Clinton ran a shitty campaign and blew her chance. Maybe you missed this, but the Democrats don’t nominate presidential candidates by who gets the most votes overall. It’s by state. States have different rules. Some have caucuses, which means the winner comes away with far fewer votes than a winner of a state the same size with a primary does. Hillary Clinton knew all of this heading into the race, and she didn’t seem to think there was anything unfair about it. Neither did her supporters. It was only after she fell behind Barack Obama that this suddenly became “unfair”. Get over it.

                      You guys all whine and piss and moan all over the place, and then, when one of us uninvited bargers-in point that out, you come back with, “Oh, you know nothing about me! I’m an independent or whatever. Some of my best friends are black. Republicans are just as bad as Democrats…”

                      Yeah, we’ve heard all of this bullshit from you losers before. And, oh, yes, you have all the answers. You know how and why the 2008 primaries were rigged. You know where the president was really born. You know about President Obama’s secret gay lovers. Nobody else knows anything abut this stuff, but you know everything.

                      You people are pathetic. You really are. You’re like the freako on the street corner ranting about the secret government coverup form New Mexico, where they implanted alien DNA into his bloodstream or something. There comes a point at which you have to ask yourself, if you have any intergity or gras of reality at all, “How likely is it really that everybody is wrong about everything but me and my little band of cranks? How likely is it that out of 300,000,000, we’re the only ones who understand what’s going on? I wonder; could we maybe be wrong about some of this? I mean, hell, Fox News [sic] doesn’t even beat these drums as mercilessly as we do. Maybe we don’t have all the answers.”

                      Yeah, but you’ll never do that. You have too much invested in being right, while everybody else is wrong, and brainwashed and deluded and suckered. Well, hell, I guess if it means that much to you, then have at it. But, ultimately, you should know that you’re doomed to fail. The world has a way of crashing in on your fantasies. It happened on Tuesday, as the “impossible” happened and your guy lost. So now you make up a bright, shiny new fantasy to explain why it was a fraud or everybody who voted for President Obama is a dupe or a mooch or well, now you’ve done it, now the country’s going to go to hell, and you’ll see, we were right, and you’ll be sorry, we told you so.

                      Jeez, you people are sad. And yet you’re funny in some weird way at the same time. You’re tragically funny; or maybe funnily tragic. You’re like those idiots who confidently predict the end of the world on July 7, 2014 or something. It’ll happen, just you wait. But then the day comes and nothing happens. But, rather than own up to being wrong about the overall prediction, they say that they were only off on the specifics, they only got the calculations wrong. And all the rest of us can do is laugh at these buffoons, while feeling a kind of sorrow that people would choose to piss their lives away on such pointless shit. You guys are just political end-of-the-worlders. That’s all. I wouldn’t come here at all, but for two things. The first is that it’s fun to screw with you. Sorry, but it’s true. The other is that I long to really understand you. I want to understand what it is that drives you, sonce in many ways, you are the microcosm of American conservatism as a whole. And if we’re ever going to overcome this scourge,we need to understand what drives you idiots. I know that what I’ve said will piss you off. And that doesn’t get me any farther along on the road to understanding you, it’s true. But at least it’s fun.

                    • KataKimbe

                      You are as I said in the first post, one ugly miserable hateful human being who do nothing but judge people you don’t know. Tolerance of different thought does not exist. Typical. Enjoy the next four years and try to lighten up. In case you have heart problems I hope you get better care than my mom got who was sent away many times because somebody thought it was anxiety. She died at 46. Great health care. I feel pity for your child growing up in such a pathetic home.

                      Very sad… that we live in a country where the person with most votes do not win. I felt that in 2000 and the same in 2008. Partisan hacks like you wouldn’t know truth if it hit you in the face. Done with your BS long rants now. It’s been real. LOL.

                    • Renfrew Squeevil

                      Look in the mirror, douche. Jeez, you clods are a sad, sad bunch. It feels almost shameful to write this, but reading your thoughts makes me feel lucky. Hell, my life isn’t flawless; I have struggles, like anybody else. But however badly things might go now and then, I guess I could always feel some grim satisfaction that at least I’m not you. I feel bad for you, all of you. I’m really sorry for you, not for being on the wrong end of this one election, but just for being stuck living with yourselves. Grow up. It’s worth it.

                    • KataKimbe

                      Not that you would know about growing up. You are exactly what is part of the Democrat Party’s problem today… you like to put people in groups and you do not understand individuality and freedom.

                    • Renfrew Squeevil

                      You put yourself in this group, genius. You sit around day after day, spinning fantasies about communism and welfare moochers, makers and takers, and you wonder that people think you’re unhinged whackjobs? You people are hilarious, but, as I said above, in the tragic way of people who throw their lives away on paranoid fairy tales, where you’re the only ones with The Truth, lonely and bitter that nobody will believe you. I read this shit for laughs, but in all truth, most of the time, I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

    • Freedom Fighter

      Actually the real reason is early voting and a strong Democratic ground game. In the past, Republicans have been competitive in national elections even though there are more registered Democrats. The reason is that Republicans tend to better access to voting and also tend to take it more seriously. Now with easy early voting and a half decent ground game, the national election is no longer based off the likely voter model, but on the registered voter model, as early voting has effectively allowed every last registered vote to vote. Couple that with the changing racial demographics of America, the GOP will find it more and more difficult to win another national election. This is the permanent majority James Carville was talking about.

      • win43

        None of that, true though it may be, addresses the structural problem the GOP has: they don’t have enough voters in their tent. And the only way to bring in more voters is to move off of the ideological extreme they’re settled on.

        • Freedom Fighter

          The structural problem the GOP has is that it can only win by making it harder to vote. If only people who are very motivated get to vote then the GOP can stay competitive, if everyone can vote without much effort then they will always lose.

  • samb1

    Heartbroken yes,
    Now lets get back to the BITCHING AND MOANING
    about this poser president,
    The race is over but my opinion hasn’t changed!!!!!!

  • MrLynn

    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until a majority of voters discover that they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury.”—Attributed, possibly erroneously, to Prof. Alexander Frazer Tytler. See http://www.lorencollins.net/tytler.html

    /Mr Lynn

  • piattq

    Fox projects O wins second term. What a disaster.

  • Popsmoke

    Oh well…

    • TeakWoodKite

      Oh swell

  • piattq

    Guess I have to process my own delusion and denial. Haven’t had a presidential win since Bill Clinton. That is a long losing streak.

    • KataKimbe

      Me neither… but having heard him joking about not voting for a liar kind of made me rethink that support too.

      • wylrae

        Me neither…but with this election, I have definitely lost any respect I had left for Bill Clinton. Admired him as a politician and a president but it has become very obvious to me that he thinks only of party and to hell with the country. He knows damn well that Obama has no clue how to go about straightening things out and getting our economy going again.

        • Fred82

          Clinton was always an amoral, self serving SOB with a lousy foreign policy and a shitty relationship with the military.

          At least he would have been better than what we are stuck with now though.

  • piattq

    Update. With O taking O it looks like this race is going to O and Romney will not prevail. I am so sad. Going to bed.

    • mumphrey

      Sweet dreams.

  • mumphrey

    In the words of the otherwise worthless Tom Friedman, Suck. On. This.

  • KataKimbe

    At least Obama will have to clean up his own mess, because there will be a financial breaking point coming. You can’t keep giving and giving and not have to pay for it. He will have to take responsibilty for something. And in the mean time I will follow the advice of Jeffrey T Neal.

  • http://twitter.com/geffbeck jbeck

    Dear Friends,
    Denial is not a river in Egypt. It’s a state of mind! You are going to spend the next few days coming to terms with this election. I hope with this loss the Democratic Party is rid of its DINOs, racists, misogynists, banksters and corporatists. This is going to be as big as the exit of Dixiecrats. I pity you guys. Chin up, get ready to lose again in 2016 to a Democratic candidate. Good Luck!

  • Freedom Fighter

    President Obama, Jay Z, Beyonce, Will Smith and the rest of the good guys won tonight. The majority of Americans aren’t wrong, you guys are on the wrong side of history.

    • Fred82

      Masses tend to be asses.



  • KataKimbe

    OK… it seems to be too close with possible loss in both FLA and OH for Romney. I am not hiding that I can’t stand Obama and his arrogance… while there are other Dems I support. However, I survived 8 years of Bush and have learned to tune the BS out. I may just have to turn off media for a while… because the partisan hatred will continue and my life is too short. This President if re-elected will never work with the opposition. So it’s Gridlock and fights. Now, who will win the popular vote…. because that clearly matters when agendas are pushed. Bush had the popular vote against him and we only came together after 9/11. Do we really need tragedies to act as one country?

    I also believe that no other primary candidate on the Republican side could have come as close. I think FLA would have been doing better with Rubio on the ticket. For the future… the Republicans better think before they go too far right if they lose this one… because women often vote emotionally and with their ovaries. I read it every day in the Swedish papers. They want to be taken care of. That is my sexist remark for the day.

    This song has been playing in my head. http://youtu.be/xZbKHDPPrrc

  • Cocotrini

    If this election result is not a serious matter I would of been laughing all now wondering what the hell do some people think about, sad to say its is serious and Americans will now have to pay the price for their complacency

  • KataKimbe

    OK… it seems to be too close with possible loss in both FLA and OH for Romney. I am not hiding that I can’t stand Obama and his arrogance… while there are other Dems I support. However, I survived 8 years of Bush and have learned to tune the BS out. I may just have to turn off media for a while… because the partisan hatred will continue and my life is too short. This President if re-elected will never work with the opposition. So it’s Gridlock and fights. Now, who will win the popular vote…. because that clearly matters when agendas are pushed. Bush had the popular vote against him and we only came together after 9/11. Do we really need tragedies to act as one country?

    I also believe that no other primary candidate on the Republican side could have come as close. I think FLA would have been doing better with Rubio on the ticket. For the future… the Republicans better think before they go too far right if they lose this one… because women often vote emotionally and with their ovaries. I read it every day in the Swedish papers. They want to be taken care of.

    This song has been playing in my head. http://youtu.be/xZbKHDPPrrc
    I also believe that no other primary candidate on the Republican side could have come as close. I think FLA would have been doing better with Rubio on the ticket. For the future… the Republicans better think before they go too far right if they lose this one… because women often vote emotionally and with their ovaries. I read it every day in the Swedish papers. They want to be taken care of.

    This song has been playing in my head. http://youtu.be/xZbKHDPPrrc

  • TeakWoodKite

    I played guitar for 3 hours striaght and very loud.


  • HObama HObamanana

    I knew from the start that Obama was a fakir, con man that had merely figured out how to bamboozle people. I never expected him to live up to any of his campaign promises. I knew they were all lies. Fucking lies, to be exact.

    To say that I am disappointed in the Democrat party would be to assume that I had any faith whatsoever that they stood for anything American to begin with. Obama was never anything other than a liar that has a tremendous capacity to convince people that he isn’t. He is the absolute worst kind of person and the party he represents is a perfect reflection of him.

    Fluke Barack Hussein Obama and Fluke the Democrats!

  • piattq

    If only your header to that last paragraph is correct. This election is still way too early to call and I am genuinely afraid for the outcome.

  • jrterrier

    Agreed that if he had stepped back and realized the potential that could easily have been his, he could have been great.
    But disagree that “rather than make common cause with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and craft a comprehensive legistlative plan to transform the economy and seize the initiative, he went small.”

    I believe he did find common cause with Pelosi & Reid. The plan he/they crafted is the liberal DEM dream plan. It’s a sophomoric plan that is not workable. On paper, it looks great. In reality, it is a loser. Just look at CA.
    Had he been half-as-smart or half-as-ready as his supporters fervently believed, he would have realized what might have been.

  • mumphrey

    “If only he had made a genuine effort to reach out to and embrace some key Republicans…”

    I guess you must have missed 2009, when the Democrats brought up pretty much what was Mitt Romney’s own policy in Massachusetts, and that was what the Republican Party brought up in 1993. Yeah, I guess anybody can sleep through a whole year. Anyway, the Republicans in Congress, with only one dissent, voted against the bill, against their own policy. They also went around the country that summer talking about “death panels” and telling ignorant, easily swayed voters that the bill would, as Senator Charles Grassley said, would “…pull the plug on Grandma.” Sad…

    • http://noquarterusa.net Larry Johnson

      You are delusional. He did not do that.

      • mumphrey

        Idiot. This was a fucking Republican plan. The Republicans shat all over thier own plan because taking down President Obama meant more to them than good policy.

        I’m torn here between choosing to keep coming here and laughing at your sad, impotent bitterness and just giving up. I don’t know whether it’s worth it to read such worthless, self-pitying, borderline-racist sobbing for some long-lost Golden Age of America when them darkies knew their places and women stayed home where they belonged and poor people were left to sink or swim on their own. I don’t know. You people are kind of funnny in a way, but, Lord, it’s a bitter kind of funny. You’re like Jennifer Rubin, only less coherent, self-aware or decent.

        • Fred82

          And the Lefties are just champions of equality, racial tolerance, and the poor? I don’t think so.

      • buddhistMonkey

        ((( “You are delusional.” )))

        You called me delusional last week, too, for thinking that President Obama was winning in the polls. Well, I wasn’t delusional, you were. I was dead-on accurate, you were totally off the mark. I’m a genius, you’re a clownshoe.

        In short, suck it, Larry. You’re a racist and a loser. Your site is a toilet, and you’re the king turd. Of course, I mean that with all due respect.