Barack Obama isn’t a socialist. He only plays one to get liberals’ votes. A real bleeding-heart socialist knows food stamps won’t help without a home in which to cook and refrigerate food. This hard-working lady has been waiting 37 years. Obama, Pelosi and Reid could’ve added housing to food stamp legislation, but didn’t fight to keep Section 8 housing going.

Barack’s a capitalist whore to his pimps on Wall Street, as John Markman’s MarketWatch op-ed proves: “The stock market loves President Barack Obama. With all its cheating heart, and all its mercenary soul.”

More than that, actually — it adores him. The love story of Wall Street and Obama is a bromance like no other, a man-crush for the ages.

Despite his threats to soak the wealthy for more taxes, despite Fed Chairman’s attack on savers, despite even his threat to kill special treatment for dividends, institutional investors have thrown themselves at Obama’s feet as they have not done in the first term of any president in the past century. …

The S&P 500 has gained 76% since his inauguration in January 2009, while the Nasdaq 100 is up 128%. Compare that to the S&P 500’s 13% decline and the Nasdaq 100’s 45% wipeout in the first term of his predecessor, George W. Bush. […]

The administration and the Federal Reserve run by his appointed chairman, Ben Bernanke, have systematically stuffed big banks’ pockets with cash in an unending rescue effort [which Mitt said he would end], slashed interest rates to the lowest levels of the past 300 years, diverted senior citizens’ savings to revive the moribund residential construction industry and showered drug makers and insurers with fresh sources of revenue from his health care overhaul.

[Wall Street] in the past two months has thrown a tantrum to protest the surprising advancement of challenger Mitt Romney in the polls.

Little wonder then that Wall Street cannot bear the idea of parting ways with the Obama administration, and thus in the past two months has thrown a tantrum to protest the surprising advancement of challenger Mitt Romney in the polls. …

If you’re interested, the rest of the op-ed advises you on how to invest your money.

One of my favorite Tweets Tuesday night:

Rubio is correct:

Yes, Rubio IS correct:

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LOTS of Tweets re Obama’s comments about global warming:

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The fellow below has a point. Well, people tend to want to get what they can while it’s still around. I sure feel that way about health care. I’ve seen firsthand what being controlled by Medicare has done to a county hospital and clinic. MANY doctors resisted mightily. Including a fine general surgeon who did an amazing job on my appendectomy. One of the very few decent doctors locally. He was so angry about U.S. medicine… he’d even checked into Canada, he told me, and said he’d make more money up there. Now I fear that the best clinics will also be faced with having to sign up with Medicare in order to make it financially. So I want to hurry and get care while I can. THAT is why seniors voted for Obama. Yes, they should think of future generations. But, experience has taught them that they HAVE to look out for themselves too.

Even if we disagree with her, this is good:

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It’s a new day. We will be alright. Perhaps we here can figure out how to do better next time.