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The story of Jill Kelley is especially curious. She is not your typical suburban mom. In fact, the picture emerging of Jill, who is a Lebanese Catholic and first generation American, is very curious. When her name was first bandied about over the weekend she was portrayed as “State Department’s Liaison to JSOC.” I knew right away that was total horesshit. Why? I have firsthand knowledge that State Department does not have a liaison officer assigned to JSOC. To label her with that is very odd.

Now we are told that Kelley was “unofficial social liaison to U.S. Central Command.” That is odd too. CENTCOM, to my knowledge, has never advertised such a position. What did Kelley do? She regularly hosted parties/dinners and social events for General Officers assigned to CENTCOM and SOCOM. Both commands are located on MacDill Air Force Base.

Last night we learned that General Allen, who has spent time at CENTCOM, was under investigation for his email exchanges with Kelley. What the hell is going on?

Let me suggest one possible and interesting hypothesis–Was Jill Kelley an Access Agent for a Foreign Intelligence organization? An “Access Agent” is someone an intelligence organization recruits for the purpose of arranging meetings with people that have access to intel you want. An “Access Agent” may or may not be witting of what they are doing. What do I mean?

The person may not realize that he or she is working for a foreign intelligence organization. They might be led to believe they are working for a business or a charitable organization. They might be persuaded they are working for a particular country they favor, say Israel, when the actual organization running the op is actually Russian.

Are you catching my drift?

So, we have at least two possibilities.

Scenario One–Jill Kelley is a good hearted ingenue who, out of love for her country, wanted to provide friendship and food to our soldiers, sailors and marines. She just happened to like to focus on Generals and Admirals.

Scenario Two–Jill Kelley is an unwitting “Access Agent” being used by a foreign intelligence organization to collect strategic and tactical intelligence on senior U.S. military commanders responsible for CENTCOM or SOCOM. Her mission was simple–strike up and maintain a personal relationship with these commanders and their families.

I don’t mean to suggest these are the only possibilities, but they are sure worth thinking about. More importantly, this could explain why the FBI is investigating this matter so aggressively. It ain’t about email, it is about counter intelligence.

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