Ani e-mailed me this announcement:

Tune in Tuesday at 7 P/Pacific – 10P/Eastern…John Smart and I will do a full hour show on where women go from here in light of their victories in 2012. We’ll also cover media manipulation on the right and left! Don’t miss it!” (Ani’s book)

I just received this missive from Ani:

Writing Dirty Words on Clean Skin has turned into the adventure of my life. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and kind support all along the way…I never would have believed that documenting this journey would have privileged me to speak to so many wonderful people around the country.
I’m thrilled to announce that on Nov. 17th, I will be speaking and doing a book signing at the NOW-NY’s yearly conference in Albany. It’s not too late to register and join us if you’ll be in the area!

So do buy Ani’s book. She is putting that money to such good use. It is up to Ani to tell you about all that. I can tell you that she is caring for an elderly relative, she fought with all her might to find her a nice place to live in, and she cares for her continually on top of working two jobs, writing and promoting her book, loving her wonderful husband (who Reverend Amy has met, along with Ani, for lunch about a year or so ago).

And here’s the link to Ani’s radio show (where you can also listen to the archived shows as well as the link to Ani’s book.