My title is not intended to suggest that Israel is to blame for the Hamas rain of rockets that escalated this past week. It appears that this is an effort by Hamas, at the behest of Iran and with Iranian assistance, to divert Western and Arab attention from efforts to depose Syria’s President Assad. Why? Hamas is armed with some relatively new and more powerful rockets that come from Iran. Launching these on Israel at this time is a way to both shift the focus from Syria and remind all concerned that Israel can be hit and that Egypt is no longer willing to play the guarantor of Israel’s security by helping contain Hamas and the Palestinians.

After several rocket/missile strikes from Gaza, Israel deployed its version (Iron Dome) of what we used to call the Patriot missile system. The current Israeli version is far more effective and sophisticated than the relatively crude Patriot system that debuted back in the summer of 1990. Israel has had some success shooting down inbound “rockets,” but it is not achieving 100% prevention. Some warheads have made it through the defenses and killed Israelis.

So now Bibi is upping the ante. He is calling up 75,000 reserves and moving forces to the border. He is intending to scare the shit out Hamas and the Egyptians. While Hamas and Egypt will talk a lot of smack and threaten Israel with the end of the World, in actuality they both appear somewhat eager, now, to negotiate a ceasefire. I suspect that Egypt is not too thrilled that Iran’s support for Hamas has created a heightened security threat for it.

Meanwhile, Bibi gets to chest thump and show that Obama is his bitch. What’s Obama going to do? Hug the Muslim Brothers and inflame Jewish voters and legislators in the United States? I don’t think so. It appears this dust up will ramp down in the next few days. Hamas will be left licking its wounds. Hamas leaders, if they had coal shoved up their asses, will be rolling in diamonds (not really, but just another way of saying they were and will remain terribly frightened of going to meet Allah prematurely).

The fighting in Gaza and along Israel’s border with Gaza is a reminder of the kind of mischief Iran can spin up if Bibi decides to go after Iranian nuclear sites. This does not appear to be Armageddon. So, if you’re heading for the hills or the bomb shelter, you can go back to your couch and watch your fav TV.

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Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.

    per backtrack: the arab springs islamization of ME has NOT made Israel’s situation tougher.

    nobody could be that stupid could they???

    • Hokma

      . . . . and Benghazi was a reaction of a youtube video.

  • TeakWoodKite

    WASHINGTON — David H. Petraeus, the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, told lawmakers on Friday that classified intelligence reports revealed that the deadly assault on the American diplomatic mission in Libya was a terrorist attack, but that the administration refrained from saying it suspected that the perpetrators of the attack were Al Qaeda affiliates and sympathizers to avoid tipping off the groups.

    Is this administration THAT STUPID??? REALLY? they didn’t want to tipping them off? WTF? They just attacked us and they didn’t know they did? Or didn’t operate under the assumption that the US was running an intel operation to “track them”???

    What pure unadulterated bullshit.

    • Van_Dessel

      well, I made this comment before. The U.S., B.O., has stated that we are leaving Afghanistan in 2014. Why are we tipping the Afghans, or Taliban, off to this? B.O. does it one case, but not in another. Isn’t the U.S. giving Al-Qaeda guns anyway for Syria. The NY Times has an article about that. B.O. really thinks people are dumb.

      • binky354

        His supporters are really dumb (well ignorant anyhow)- I guess that’s the majority of Americans and illegal immigrants.

    • Hokma

      I know people who could be using it but I doubt that it will be necessary.

  • MG6
    • HELENK2

      get his marching orders for the next 4 years????

    • binky354

      I don’t know how to make people understand just how dangerous this man is. You can lead the horse to water, but you can’t make them drink – until they get thirsty. I have a gut feeling that the “agenda” is for the Union to destroy capitalism and Obama is part and parcel of the intent. The Union took down Hostess, and now they’re going after airlines, Wal-mart, and I forget what else. I think it’s planned and the Occupy movement is a planned part of it. Now, where did I put my tin-foil hat?


    msnbc anchor tells Israeli Ambassador , “hamas rockets rarely do damage”
    you can not fix stupid


    per FOX News, 100 senators send letter to backtrack asking him NOT to nominate susan rice.

    of course the dems are crying racism. Lie to American people NO PROBLEM

    • HARP2

      I think it was House Reps Helenk2

      • HELENK2

        you are right
        brain and fingers not working together


    United Nation’s Ban Ki-moon to meet Netanyahu in Israel, Abbas in West Bank after visit to Cairo, Egypt, UN spokesman says – @Reuters


    hamas miscalculation. I think they really screwed up


    palestinian islamic jihadist brags ” all our weapons are from Iran”

  • MichelleFromTheResistance

    Even the most popular newspaper in the Arab world, Asharq Alawsat, have seen the light:

    “Very well, but what about Syria? Now, the best solution to get out of this war – or air strikes – in Gaza is to return to Syria, and strongly, for whoever is responsible for the launch of thehome-made rockets in Gaza did this whilst being well aware that there is no equivalence. The whole purpose of this was to save al-Assad, whose days are numbered; indeed his ouster is just around the corner! This is also a war to distract the Arab parties, particularly as we haveseen a series of outbidding today. Therefore the Arabs have been
    unable to ask the fundamental question, namely: who incited the Gaza front? And why now? This is an essential question, particularly as Hassan Nasrallah is calling on the Arabs to pressure the US to stop the aggression. So why isn’t Nasrallah asking the agents of Iran in Gaza to stop pushing the Gaza Strip into the unknown? Why did he, and Iran,
    not ask al-Assad to stop the violence against the people of Syria? This is a series of outbidding, and everybody is playing this game.”


    muslim brotherhood spiritual guide asks allah to kill all the jews during sermon at Egypt al-azhar

    hell of a so-called religion they have there

  • HObama HObamanana

    Obama has Israel’s best interests in mind. Just ask him.

    It’s also preferable for Israelis, because if Israeli troops are in
    Gaza, they’re much more at risk of incurring fatalities or being

    The Great Omnipotent Obama has spoken. I think I’m going to faint.

    • Hokma

      Obama is impotent in all of this.

  • sowsear1
    • HObama HObamanana

      Did Obama, I mean Bill Ayers, write another book?

    • HELENK2

      sad but true

  • Hokma

    McCain suggests that Bill Clinton be sent to negotiate a cease fire in the Middle East.

    I actually think this is a good is idea since he does have credibility with Palestinians and Israelis.

    I guess Obama is too busy getting a massage in Thailand to be bothered

    • elijahzabmom

      Clinton has had to bail Obama out multiple times. This is ludicrous.

      • HARP2

        With any luck he could be the driver for the next Hamas leader.

        • HObama HObamanana


      • KenoshaMarge

        As long as Bill Clinton can stay in the spotlight he’ll do anything.

        • getfitnow

          I, for one, am sick of him.

          • KenoshaMarge

            I have long since passed “sick of him” to enter repulsed by him. Given the old liars part in re-electing Obama my revulsion and loathing is complete.

            Maybe it’s just my dislike for liars and cheats.

            • Hokma

              that’s a great one!

    • HObama HObamanana

      Isn’t this actually the responsibility of the Secretary of State?

      • Hokma

        What SoS? Oh yeh, she’s in Thailand hanging out with Bama

    • sowsear1

      BO couldn’t negotiate anything…he doesn’t deal with people.


    way off topic

    they nailed bush to the wall over Katrina and rightly so.
    where is the outrage over backtrack and Sandy??????

  • HELENK2,0,2846565.story

    arab league leaders to visit gaza to show solidarity.
    they really must want a war


    off topic

    2nd man held in tunisian prison over benghazi dies

    did the US ever get a chance to question these people???

    • elijahzabmom

      Obama never wanted to question them. Like Hillary said, “we will find the YouTube maker and put him in jail.” Serving one year in jail for the crime of blashphemy.

  • TeakWoodKite

    Iran is just reminding Obama that when he supplies weapons and support to Sunni Jihadists, Iran can play that game as well and actually is better at it than we are.
    I hope somone other than Jarret tells Barry….


    backtrack warns ISRAEL not to ramp up conflict with hamas.

    do you think he will ever get the balls to tell his muslim brothers that killing Jews, Christians and any other religion is unacceptable?

    • TeakWoodKite


    • Hokma

      Obama (meaning the U.S.)has no influence in the region at all – and that includes Israel

      • Popsmoke

        Well then Israel should be left to its own then… We have no influence? Then fuck’em…

        • Hokma

          They have always been on their own and fought their own battles.


    Israeli official in Cairo for cease fire talks

    I hope this works

    • Hokma

      It is not working

      Morsi has zero influence. Why? Because is still a puppet of Iran.

      I think Iran wants to force Israel into an incursion in order to distrac and deflect attention from Syria as well as Iran’s final stages of nuclear arms development.

      And Obama is is Thailand and once again completely disengaged from THE foreign policy crisis of his tenure.


    Israel fires into golan heights after being fired upon from Syria


    anybody know anything about this???? backtrack signs order in October to NSA


    a good article on how the war is reported from Gaza .


    these fools still do not understand that Israel is not playing, they are in a fight for their lives.
    the group anonymous seems to be an enemy to all free people

  • Hokma

    There are more and more historical parallels between FDR and Obama.

    FDR took as bad economy, made it worse, and never resolved it. Same for Obama and his bad economy saga continues.

    During FDR there was the rise of fascism in Europe with a
    bad economy and the rise of anti-Semitism as a scapegoat for the economic misery. Under Obama we are seeing the rise of radical Islam and also an enormous rise in anti-Semitism worldwide as well.

    Israel has been the focal point of that hatred no matter what they do or do not do.

    What the MSM which is not surprisingly primarily anti-Israel
    and pro-Hamas focus on is what Israel is doing or about to do rather than what Hamas has done to Israel or their own people.

    There is a passing mention at times that Hamas has fired
    over 1000 rockets into Israel during the past year. Most countries including the U.S. would regard just 5 of those as reasons for a full scale war and a complete removal of the enemy regime.

    Also, what the media and world disregard are the fact that
    Israel left Gaza completely in 2005 and in the hands of the Palestinian people who then chose to put the terror group Hamas in charge. Since then, Hamas has fired over 8,000 rockets into Israel.

    It should also be noted that Israel provides all electric
    power to the Gaza and can shut it off if it chooses. They also facilitate all food and relief into Gaza which they could have shut off if they chose to.

    After over 8,000 rockets one has to wonder why Israel has
    shown so much patience and restraint and why Israel has not gone in and reoccupied Gaza and gotten rid of Iran’s Hamas.

    Part of that is the surge in anti-Semitism that is compounded by the surge in Jews outside Israel who have chosen to turn their back on their heritage and religion while keeping their name.

    I am hoping that Israel does not have to start a ground conflict into Gaza. But if they do I would expect that they finish the job and remove Hamas and allow the Palestinian Authority to take control.

    • HObama HObamanana

      And let’s not forget that Hamas trained it’s weapons upon the Palestinian Authority to grab power. Muslim on Muslim deaths. No wonder Obama likes them, they only care about themselves, something he respects.

    • sowsear1

      FDR was not an enemy infiltrator trying to bring the country to ruin….


    Israel has called up 31,000 of 75,000 military reservists whose draft was approved by cabinet – @IDFSpokesperson tells Reuters’ @DanWilliams

  • MrLynn

    George Friedman at suggests that while Israel would prefer not to launch a ground offensive, they will if Hamas will not agree to give up all Iranian Fajr-5 rockets, which Bibi views as an unacceptable threat:

    /Mr Lynn

  • foxyladi14

    Spot on Larry.

  • MG6
    • HObama HObamanana

      It seems obvious to me that there is an international effort to limit free speech under the guise of silencing “hate” speech. Hate speech being defined as anything that offends Obama and the Muslims.

      • randi

        “limit free speech under the guise of silencing “hate” speech.” Touché.

      • foxyladi14


  • KenoshaMarge

    Does not political posturing, and/or chest thumping often lead to more, and worse things?

    It’s not that I have a problem with Bibi making Obama his bitch, actually although it does me no credit, I like it.

    Bibi has been forged in a tougher atmosphere than Obama can even imagine. Therefore he should be experienced enough to know just how far he can go. Problem there is he is not dealing with rational beings. But he should be used to that having dealt with both Hamas and Oblahblah before.

    All I see is a mess that will help no one and has the potential to harm a great many people. The same people that always get hurt when politicians posture.

    • randi

      Nothing to worry about – Obama is into peace, unlike Bush – he was even awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. Just ignore this stuff like drones and NDAA – (sarcasm) “Terrorism analyst and Act for America President Brigitte Gabriel said there are U.S. troops on the ground in Jordan. “We have actually positioned troops in Jordan to protect King Abdullah,” she said. “We’ve said that the Americans in Jordan are just there in case something happens in Syria so we can be close.”

      • HObama HObamanana

        Turkey has requested, and the USA is supporting , that they receive NATO Patriot missiles to be placed on their border with Syria.

        • sowsear1

          Oh goodie, more play things..

  • TeakWoodKite

    With all these elbows being thrown about it’s a wonder anyone has any ribs left. As long as Hamas has Iranian weapons it will not bargin.

  • no_longer_a_democrat

    Interesting how Hamas starting firing rockets the day(s) right after the election.
    I don’t see Israel backing down, and nor should they.

    • MG6

      Didn’t surprise me. I expected it. The ME was waiting for Obama to be reelected so they can unleash on Isreal.

  • Hokma

    We have been praying that you are right about a cease fire. A ground war into Gaza would be very bloody for both sides.

    I had read an analysis but can’t find the link that Iran was seeking to instigate this for reason you stated as well as re-establishing their influence with Hamas as they saw Hamas start to shift toward Egypt and Morsi.

    • Popsmoke

      There will only be losers on both sides of a ground war..

  • HARP2

    I believe Israel WILL move into Gaza, if only to destroy missile sites and tunnels.

    • HObama HObamanana

      If they don’t they are only asking for Hamas to do this shit again.

  • Popsmoke

    This has more to do with Bibi pissing on Obama than it has to do with HAMAS….

    • HObama HObamanana

      I fully and totally disagree with you. Hamas started this, not Israel.

      • Popsmoke
        • HObama HObamanana

          I find the intellectual dishonesty blaming Israel for Hamas attacks and spoiling Obama’s plans quite offensive. What an absolute crock of shit.

          • Popsmoke

            Look when Israel leaves a footprint when it does a targeted hit. Its making a very loud and political statement. Otherwise the Hamas military commander would have never known who or what hit him…
            In the meantime Bibi is pissing on Iran and using Obama as the toilet…

            • HObama HObamanana

              Let’s see… Hamas starts lobbing missiles indiscriminately at civilian populations. Israel takes out their military commander. Let’s Hamas know they did it (the footprint as you put it). So what?

              Do you really believe that people that indiscriminately attack civilian populations need to be coddled? To be treated fairly? To actually sit down at a table and negotiate a cease fire with?

              I sure as hell don’t.

              Hamas started this. If they can’t bear the consequences of the response that is their problem. They are counting on being able to play the victim here because Israel has military superiority. And that is exactly what is going on. Egypt is threatening them, Turkey is also, to a lesser extent. And Jordan is signalling that if Israel doesn’t stop defending itself they won’t be able to contain their radicals.

              Let’s not pretend to ignore what is actually going on here. Obama is pressuring Israel because if Israel goes in on the ground Egypt, Jordan and perhaps Turkey will escalate. And Obama doesn’t want to have to choose sides. That is what this is really about. Obama doesn’t want anyone to call his bluff.

              • Popsmoke

                By the way, the hit on Jabari was indeed the triggger for the increased rocket attacks…

                • HObama HObamanana

                  Absolute bullshit. You make it seem as if Israel defending itself is responsible for these rocket attacks. The rocket attacks were occurring before he was taken out.

                  • Popsmoke

                    And the occupation has been going on since 67… Look Hamas needs to go no doubt. But so do the Israelis…

                    • HObama HObamanana

                      What caused the occupation? Who was the aggressor?

                    • Hokma

                      Egypt and ALL the other Arab countries which Israel more than once soundly defeated. It’s called the spoils of war but in Israel’s case it is a buffer for protection.

                    • Popsmoke

                      I guess the USS Liberty was the spolis of war too?

                    • Hokma

                      always the weak irrelevant fall back for the jew hater. get friggin lost

                    • Popsmoke

                      Yeah what the hell is a few AMERICAN lives? But then again Israeli Statehood was by act of Terror. Or is killing British Soldiers a weak fall back too? Hell for that matter I guess you consider the Stein Gang national heros?

                      Always wanting the cake and to eat it too eh? But I do get a kick about being called a Jew hater. What page is that out of the AIPAC playbook?

                    • Hokma

                      The usual jew hater stench. Better get those ovens going.

                    • Popsmoke

                      Nice! When throwing bullshit use jew hater…

                    • Hokma

                      Because your comments are straight out of Al Jazeera, Daily Koz, and every left wing jew hating organ.

                    • Fred82

                      The Left doesn’t have a leg to stand on regarding Israel. Israel isn’t perfect but the Left is far from non interventionist and all too happy to get in bed with corrupt thugs like Arafat and Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood.

                      At the same time, I find it rather amusing that some of the anti-Israel crowd seems to think the Saudis are a better option. Is there a more corrupt, racist, oppressive state in the Middle East than Saudi Arabia? I don’t think so. The Saudis are also ardent imperialists.

                      About the only rational criticism of Israel tends to come from Libertarian types who tend to think that the US should not support anyone.

                    • HObama HObamanana

                      I don’t like how the conversation has devolved here. Fighting old battles, bringing up so many deeply ingrained hard feelings. Or maybe just providing camouflage so that the same battles may continue.

                      When I was a Dim I bought into the whole Palestinians are such victims nonsense. It’s easy enough to look back at history and find events on either side to formulate verifiable reasons for one’s particular intolerance. The truth is that there have been a few times when peace was actually possible but various groups/countries/terrorist organizations will not allow peace because they need an oppressor, war and hatred to fuel their ideology/religion.

                    • Popsmoke

                      Unfortunately I do not visit any of those sites. Besides just because I point out hubris on both sides makes me what? A jew hater?

                    • Popsmoke

                      By the way, how any innocent civilians were killed when the Jewish terrorists blew up the King David Hotel?
                      Sad note how history can come back and bit you is a real bitch…

                    • Hokma

                      sad footnote was that the jew-hater story leaves out the fact that there was sufficient warning for civilians to leave the hotel before.

                    • Popsmoke

                      Yeah sufficient warning… I guess the 90 or so civilians that died did not get the memo…
                      You cannot have your cake and eat it too. While Israel has the right to its security it also have the obligation to protect innocent lives. It is the big boy on the block..

                    • Hokma

                      Actually they did get notices

                    • Popsmoke

                      Yeah with a little to much starch in their laundry… Let’s rewrite history..

                    • Hokma

                      Inventing history is what you jew haters do so well.

                      When people hear about tghe King David Hotel bombing they think that it was a bunch of innocent lodging patrons. The fact is that the hotel was ised exclusively as the headquarters by the British government.

                      And, yes, there were repeated telephone calls to everyone in the building including directly to the switchboard to get out and they were all ignored for whatever reason.

                      Facts an be inconvenient to people who hate jews.

                    • Popsmoke

                      Repeated phones calls? HQ for the British? None of was an act of terrorism eh? I see so you have a double standand eh?

                    • HObama HObamanana

                      I am well aware of the history. I should have found a way to emphasize what was meant to be rhetorical.

                    • Popsmoke

                      You know we could go all the way back to bibical days and the sins if Israel or the Jews. The problem is it sovles nothing. The extremists in Hamas have to go there is no doubt. But the Israelis are not walking without sin here. The bloodshed has to end on both sides….

                    • HObama HObamanana

                      I agree fully with your last sentence.

                    • Hokma

                      You are a friggin liar

                      Israel left Gaza in 2005 which I think was a big mistake.

                      They supply Gaza with all of their electric power and facililtate food an aid into there.

                      The only thing they blockade are arms which they still find ways of getting.

                      All the other crap is pro-Arab propaganda and anti-Semitic rants.

                    • Popsmoke

                      Its always anti-semitic….always…..

                    • Hokma

                      You can smell a jew-hater a mile away

                      There is always a certain stench.

                      Like dead flesh from an oven.

                    • Popsmoke

                      Yes the blockage is just sooooooo human..

                    • Hokma

                      Sorry to disappoint but the ONLY thing they are blocking are weapons to that Jewish women and children are not killed by muslims from Gaza. Sorry that upsets you.

                    • Fred82

                      And if the Israelis left, who would fill the void?

                    • Popsmoke

                      That is the million dollar question..

                    • Fred82

                      Given the current state of the World, I do not think that the void would be filled by people that favor individual liberty or like the United States.

                • Fred82

                  I find that one to be quite questionable.

                  HAMAS may say that the hit on Jabari was the trigger for the increased rocket attacks, but they are probably full of shit.

                • Hokma

                  Timelines and facts are funny things when it comes to which came first

                  Jan.1: 2 mortar shells fired into Israel

                  Jan. 19: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  Jan.21: 3 mortar shells fired into Israel – IAF retaliates by striking a group of terrorists.

                  Jan. 22: 2 rockets fired into Israel

                  Feb. 1: 8 rockets fired into Israel – next day IAF hitting two weapons storage facilities, three tunnels used for terror activities and a weapons manufacturing facility.

                  Feb. 6: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  Feb. 10: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  Feb. 11: 1 rocket fired into Israel – IAF strikes on three tunnels used for terror activity and a weapons manufacturing facility.

                  Feb. 15: 5 rockets fired into Israel – IAF strikes 2 militant sites – France condemns both Hamas and Israel.

                  Feb. 17: 3 rockets fired into Israel

                  Feb. 18: 2 rockets fired into Israel (one landed in Gaza) – IAF struck a weapons manufacturing site.

                  Feb. 19: 2 rockets fired into Israel

                  Feb. 21: 1 mortar shell fired into Israel

                  Feb. 23: 2 rockets fired into Israel

                  Feb. 24: 2 rockets
                  fired into Israel – IAF thwarted another Hama cell before it could fire more.

                  Feb. 25: 3 rockets fired into Israel – IAF struck a weapons-manufacturing site and a smuggling tunnel

                  Feb. 26: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  Feb. 28: 1 rocket fired into Israel – Israel sends letter to
                  U.N. protesting no condemnation from U.N.

                  Mar. 1: 3 rockets fired into Israel

                  Mar. 2: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  Mar. 3: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  Mar. 8: 1 mortar shell fired into Israel

                  Mar. 9: 13 rockets and 2 mortar shells fired into Israel

                  Mar. 19: 19 rockets fired into Israel

                  Mar. 11: 39 rockets fired into Israel

                  Mar. 12: 42 rockets fired into Israel

                  Mar. 13: 7 rockets and 10 mortar shells fired into Israel AFTER a ceasefire.

                  Mar. 14: 2 rockets fired into Israel – IAF strikes a tunnel and a rocket launching site.

                  Mar. 15: 5 rockets fired into Israel

                  Mar. 16: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  Mar. 19: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  Mar. 20: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  Mar. 21: 1 rocket and 2 mortar shells fired into Israel

                  Mar. 29: 3 mortar shells fired into Israel

                  Apr. 4: 3 rockets fired into Israel

                  Apr. 7: IAF stop Hamas militants before able to fire rockets

                  Apr. 8: 3 rockets fired into Israel

                  Apr. 15: 2 rockets fired into Israel

                  Apr. 22: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  Apr. 23: 2 rockets fired into Israel

                  Apr. 30: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  May 1: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  May 9: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  May 15: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  June 1: 2 rockets fired into Israel – IAF struck militant facilities killing 1 militant.

                  June 3: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  June 5: 1 mortar shell fired into Israel

                  June 16: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  June 17: 2 rockets fired into Israel – IAF killed 4 militants.

                  June 19: 40 rockets fired into Israel

                  June 20: 65 rockets fired into Israel

                  June 21: 7 rockets fired into Israel

                  June 22: 2 rockets fired into Israel

                  June 23: 20 rockets fired into Israel

                  June 25: 2 mortar shells fired into Israel during a truce

                  June 26: 4 rockets fired into Israel

                  July 5: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  July 6: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  July 9: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  July 16: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  July 24: 2 rockets fired into Israel

                  July 25: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  July 27: 2 rockets fired into Israel

                  July 28: 2 rockets fired into Israel

                  Aug. 5: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  Aug. 6: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  Aug. 7: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  Aug. 8: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  Aug. 12: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  Aug. 16: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  Aug. 23: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  Aug. 26: 2 rockets fired into Israel

                  Aug. 27: 2 rockets fired into Israel

                  Aug. 28: 2 rockets and 3 mortar shell fired into Israel – IAF struck 3 weapons production sites

                  Aug. 31: 2 rockets fired into Israel

                  Sept. 1: 3 rockets fired into Israel

                  Sept. 2: 2 rockets fired into Israel

                  Sept. 4: 3 rockets fired into Israel

                  Sept. 6: 3 rockets fired into Israel

                  Sept. 7: 2 rockets fired into Israel

                  Sept. 9: 2 rockets fired into Israel

                  Sept. 11: 4 rockets fired into Israel

                  Sept. 14: 2 rockets fired into Israel

                  Sept. 28: 1 mortar shell fired into Israel

                  Oct. 1: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  Oct. 4: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  Oct. 8: 50 rockets fired into Israel

                  Oct. 9: 6 rockets fired into Israel – IAF struck tunnel

                  Oct. 10: 2 rockets fired into Israel – IAF struck terrorist training camp

                  Oct. 12: 1 rocket fired into Israel – IAF struck terrorist training camp

                  Oct. 14: 2 rockets fired into Israel – IAF killed group of terrorists

                  Oct. 16: 2 rockets fired into Israel – IAF struck base of Hamas’ armed wing

                  Oct. 17: 7 rockets fired into Israel

                  Oct. 18: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  Oct. 22: 7 rockets fired into Israel

                  Oct. 23: 3 rockets fired into Israel

                  Oct. 24: 80 rockets fired into Israel – IAF struck rocket launching squads

                  Oct. 25: 1 mortar shell fired into Israel during ceasefire.

                  Oct. 28: 5 rockets fired into Israel

                  Oct. 29: 20 rockets fired into Israel

                  Oct. 30: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  Oct. 31: 2 rockets fired into Israel

                  Nov. 4: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  Nov. 6: 1 rocket fired into Israel

                  Nov. 9: 2 rockets fired into Israel

                  Nov. 10: Fired an anti-tank missile at an IDF jeep patrolling the border, wounding 4 soldiers – IDF forces responded with tank fire – 25 rockets fired into Israel – IDF destroys several Palestinian targets being used for military purposes, including a water tank, an electricity company office, a brick factory, a metal workshop, a concrete factory, a poultry farm, and an agricultural store.

                  Nov. 11: 100 rockets fired into Israel

                  Nov. 12: 9 rockets fired into Israel

                  Nov. 14: Israel kills Hamas military chief Ahmed Jabari

                  Over 740 rockets were fired at Israel between November 14 and 17

                  Over 1000 rockets have been fired on Israel by from Gaza this year

                  Over 8,500 rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel since Israel completely left Gaza and in the hands of the Palestinian Authority who then lost it to Hamas. No moron, Gaza has not been occupied by Israel since 2005.

                  And the reason they did in the first place was the spoils of war and to protect the security of their people.

                  I hate to waste the space on this blog, but someone like you at some point has to be exposed for what an ignorant jerk you really are.

                  Israel has shown unprecedented patience and restraint in the face of a daily barrage of potentially deadly rocket attacks from people sworn to kill all of them. If even a few of these rockets ever crossed from Cuba into Florida the U.S would have declared war on Cuba and wiped astro off the map.

                  Yet there is not one word of condemnation from the U.N. and zero from the White House.

                  • Popsmoke

                    Nice you forget too add the Israeli side of the damage coin….

                    • Hokma

                      I did mention it. Or do you mean the fake photos and injuries? Or the human shields Hamas uses. Well show it jackass. Better get your Al Jazeera links

                    • Popsmoke

                      Fake photos? You mean like the fake house the Israelis hit today killing those fake people? Yes Hamas uses Palistians has human shields and that should be noted as a war crime. So is killing those human shields by the Israelis. You know the P5 need to send troops in and disarm both sides and then drag each to the peace table by gun point. Because innocent civilians on both sides are the only ones paying a very steep price…

                      But don’t worry Hokma no ones has the guts to do the right thing…

                    • Hokma

                      Ask CNN about the fake injuries and old photos. Or are you talking about how Hamas places rocket launchers nears mosques and schools and shields themselves using civilians.

                      If you have hard evidence (probably Al Jazeera as I said) then show it ior shut the hell up.

                    • Popsmoke

                      Of course Hamas is using the populas as shields. Like I said that is a war crime. But that does not mean that Israel needs to take out the block either. By the way, as long as there are Israeli Firster here claiming righteousness. I will not shut up…

          • Popsmoke

            Yes and I find it intellectually dishonest to say that Israel sending tanks and a few arty shells into Gaza in early Nov had nothing to do with Hamas responding with rockets.

            • HObama HObamanana

              You are ridiculous. The rockets were flying long before Israel took action. Hamas needs to either give up or be destroyed. They are an impediment to any peace. They only want jihad and war.


    hope this works. leaders to region to try and broker peace deal

    • HObama HObamanana

      This seems like a lot of posturing to me. Hamas started this. Israel doesn’t need to accept a cease fire, Hamas needs to stop attacking. Period.

  • sowsear1

    Couldn’t the anti-Israeli bunch just be backing away to give themselves more time to prepare?


    Brought this up from downstairs. as long as there is this kind of thinking things will never get better there.

    hamas gets more popular with gaza people


    Short while ago, Israeli Navy targeted several #Hamas terror sites in the #Gaza Strip.