I’ve created a new Web site for Bronwyn’s Harbor. Please visit this site especially for Bronwyn at a moment in her life in which she needs help.

I have asked her to add some descriptions of her physical challenges, and she will post those shortly.

In the meantime, please click here or above, and help her out. Thank you so very much.

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  • arturo_ui

    I’m confused. There’s lots of insinuations here about a medical challenge, but if you go to the website, it just says that Bronwyn is in need of a new roommate.

    • Earl Stick

      Would you want all your medical infirmities broadcast all over the web, especially if you were a 65-year-old female? She’s been barely managing her health care costs and living meagerly, but when a roommate bolts without notice and leaves you with the lease and cleaning bills for both of you, it creates an immediate financial crisis.

  • Sharon Long

    I, too want to thank Bronwyn for all she has done on this site. I think she is a great writer and always enjoy reading her writings. I intend to send what I can just as soon as my ss comes in next week. Everyone needs a handup with no questions asked. I found this blog in 2008 and it is about the only one I have continued with. The comments are always so informative and I love the humor too.I thank Larry for this site and all the bloggers (with the exception of the obots of course).

  • Popsmoke

    Steve… go to your website and get rid of that ignorant and stupid posting that is on it right now…..

    • Barb Bf

      I went to Steve’s website also..and was disgusted to see the stupid post from “go to hell”. I hope someone will remove it. I did make a small contribution. I have always enjoyed her blogs.

      • BronwynsHarbor

        Steve can’t … I don’t think i sent him the login for that site .. but you are ALL so kind to worry for me. I will take care of it in the next couple days. It’s 2:02 pm and I have to drive home before dark … which it will be as I hopefully pull into my parking spot.

        HUGS ALL!!!!

  • http://noquarterusa.net Larry Johnson

    Bronwyn has been a faithful volunteer and supporter of this blog for more than 8 years. She has become a dear friend. I am not at liberty to divulge the medical and physical challenges she is up against, but they are significant.

    People like Bronwyn are a reminder that the so-called “social safety net” in this country has big holes. If you want to do something meaningul for someone this Hoiday season, a gift to Bronwyn would be a generous gesture.

    • BronwynsHarbor

      BLESS YOUR BIG HEART, Larry. That is so kind of you … who have helped me so very, very much.

      You know, I don’t have much money and I wanted to leave the staff here,who have been WONDERFUL to me, a nice tip, but I think I’d better hang on to every penny until I move.

      So I did all the dishes … I broughtmy meals up here on a tray — didn’t even spilll anything! (was worried abouthat too of course) … and it felt GOOD to do those dishes … a quiet few moments, hands in that warm, soapy water. The dishwasher is humming .. and a couple items are still soaking in the sink (I’ll let them take care of those).

      I think about the people who work at this hotel so hard … and they too are struggling with money. I am sure of it!
      OH — I must tell you all this. Last night, I went down for dinner and was diappointed there wasn’t much .. nice, tasty soup! and a huge bowl of salad. .. I said, that’s okay .. and then a man came by with a tray of pizza slices. I grabbed one and wolfed it down. Then another young man came by with a tray. I asked him where they bought the pizza.

      He said, “I made it myself and brought it here.” Isn’t that neat? It was so good…. nice cheese, tomatoes and sauce.. with a bit of basil. Seasoned perfectly.

      Thank you, Larry. Wish me safe travels. The weather seems better now.

      I think tonight, I’m going to pull out the cords to my phone, and sleep as long as I can .. it’s never very long because of the pain. BOY — when I saw that HUGE bone spur in my shoulder on that x-ray. I tell you what, I’ll ask for a copy of that x-ray and I’ll figure out how to scan it or take a photo of it, and I will put it up. ALL this time, that bone spur has been growing — why didn’t any number of doctors who saw me EVER think to take a simple x-ray?

      SO — oh they are here to get my bags — and it is a GOOD thing I asked — I’d dragged a large plastic bag of FOOD, for one thing,and several other items I need (glasses), and they had already put it in the garbage! So they hauled it back, and I am on my way … hope I can find my car keys quickly. Everyone is in such a hurry these days .. HUGS ALL

      • BronwynsHarbor

        P.S. EVERYONE, listen up! THIS is important. In case I
        don’t get my other post done: I read and read and read on the ‘net … guess what. I diagnosed my problem on my own. I knew that I had had bone spurs near my hips … long story about that. BUT! I decided to look up “bone spurs” at Wikipedia. They grow EVERYWHERE. So, all of you who are reading this — if your bones hurt and it is painful to move your shoulders, knees, hips, arms, etc…. go and get an x-ray! That is all it takes. God knows how long that huge bone spur has been growing. I mentioned the pain in my right shoulder many, many times, and not one doctor ever took an x-ray.

        P.S. I told them I needed a few minutes to sit still and get relaxed before I hit that traffic The day before Thanksgiving? Wish me well — and ALL of you, get some d–n X-RAYS if something hurts! :):)

  • TriciaX

    I feel so badly for her. She has provided me with so many insights and enjoyment. I will donate!