Love this moment from today’s (Monday) press conference at State Department. Spokeswoman Nuland gets tuned up by a nasty white male and deserves every verbal lick she gets:

Cowering before Turkey is a non-starter. Israel, at least in terms of the current war with Hamas, is not a terrorist state and, in my view, has acted with remarkable restraint. Unlike the chest thumping and trash talking in the previous Gaza invasion, Bibi and company appear to understand the peril that an emotional invasion of Gaza would present.

Remember, the current missile barrage was launched at the instigation of Iran who wanted to create a worrisome diversion for the Arabs keen on deposing Iran’s Syrian ally, Bashir Assad.

Hillary and Obama would be better served by telling the Turks to shut the fuck up and act like an ally. Instead, they are play acting as aspiring muslim extremists. The EEC should think long and hard before allowing those muslim ass clowns into the EC.

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