Let me state up front that I hope and pray that Susan Rice is confirmed as Secretary of State. Why? She is a total, dysfunctional bitch and will make Barack Obama’s life miserable. (Lest you think that sexist, I’m happy to amend my description to refer to her as a “total prick,” instead). You think I’m exaggerating? I have a friend who knows Susan’s mother. Susan’s mother does not like Susan (which may explain why Susan is such a bitter, angry, little person).

So we come back to the Susan Rice talking points. Today, some anonymous toad reportedly working for Jim Clapper told CBS:

that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) cut specific references to “al Qaeda” and “terrorism” from the unclassified talking points given to Ambassador Susan Rice on the Benghazi consulate attack – with the agreement of the CIA and FBI. The White House or State Department did not make those changes. …

However, an intelligence source tells CBS News correspondent Margaret Brennan the links to al Qaeda were deemed too “tenuous” to make public, because there was not strong confidence in the person providing the intelligence. CIA Director David Petraeus, however, told Congress he agreed to release the information — the reference to al Qaeda — in an early draft of the talking points, which were also distributed to select lawmakers.

“The intelligence community assessed from the very beginning that what happened in Benghazi was a terrorist attack.” DNI spokesman Shawn Turner tells CBS News. That information was shared at a classified level — which Rice, as a member of President Obama’s cabinet, would have been privy to. …

The head of the DNI is James Clapper, an Obama appointee. He ultimately did review the points, before they were given to Ambassador Rice and members of the House intelligence committee on Sept. 14. They were compiled the day before.

What a crock!! Not true. Clapper testified late last week to both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees that he had no idea who made the change. So, here is what needs to happen. A joint intel committee needs to have Clapper and his spokesman before them and under oath to testify about who knew what and who changed what.

The explanation out of the DNI’s office is total horseshit. The “intel community” does not make changes. There is a manager or an analyst who physically typed the words. If that was done in the DNI office then they will know who did it. These people need to be put under oath.

But don’t get distracted by this nonsense. Obama and his entire National Security team knew the night of 9-11 that the United States had been hit by a group tied to Al Qaeda. No doubt about that. They wanted to cover up their covert op that was shipping weapons to jihadists in Syria and did not want to disrupt Obama’s meme about having Al Qaeda on the run.

So, if you need a clueless bimbo to go on TV and sell a load of crap who ya gonna call? Susan Rice. Hell yes. Let’s make her SecState. If we’re going to fuck up America we might as well go all the way.

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Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.