BBF sent me this toon! Isn’t it a riot?

Benghazi cartoon Hillary Clinton Larry Johnson volunteer under the bus
Wow. What an ironic cartoon by Gary McCoy,, — it is important to acknowledge terrific cartoonists whose work I am using for free. Click this image to see more of his ‘toons.

Yes, Hillary did “volunteer” to take on that immense task of worrying about all those nations around the world. And, yes, she screwed up big time … but, you know, she cannot possibly keep track of every single little thing. She needs Uma, her long-time assistant – I bet Uma helped remind her about everything and possibly “previewed” those critical cables from Benghazi (if that’s allowed?). But Uma has a baby now, and she probably wants to have another baby. Then she has a husband and home to take care of.

Uma, Hillary needs you! 🙂 But you stay right where you are, and you love that baby as much as you possibly can. Which, I have no doubt, you are doing. So, Hillary probably had some assistant SCREW it all up, and she didn’t get the info in those cables. She cannot possibly keep track of all that! She needs help. So, probably someone (a new staff member, or a tired staff member?) let her down. So she is taking the brunt of the beating for that. It’s not fair. F–king Obama. Just like Susan Rice. Obama used her and put her under the bus too. Larry, that was a DAMN GOOD post (“Leave Susan Alone“). And, Larry, what you wrote about her … well … let’s go ‘neath and I’ll quickly write a bit more, then work on the other post and skeedaddle (sp?) outta here.

Larry, when you wrote this:

You think I’m exaggerating? I have a friend who knows Susan’s mother. Susan’s mother does not like Susan (which may explain why Susan is such a bitter, angry, little person). …

That sort of describes me (Bronwyn). Yup, I am bitter sometimes. And I do get angry sometimes. And I am “little” sometimes, and say/write undignified, terrible things at times. I’m just so tired and nervous about a lot of things.

I am sure you didn’t mean me at all. You probably DO know a friend of Susan’s mother. But it made my heart skip a beat or two, and it made me feel afraid. That’s because I am sensitive about such things and my feelings “get hurt” sometimes. Just like when I was in the second grade .. I remember sitting by myself outside on the playground during recess. And I’d watch other little girls whispering to each other, and I wished I could be a part of those conversations. And often, when one kid would pick other children to play some sports game, I was often the last child chosen. That’s because all my life, I have never been strong physically. For example, I never could stand on my head. Boy, did I try though. Over and over. Nope. Coudn’t do it. Somersaults too. So .. it is what it is. In fact, I told that excellent orthopedic surgeon I saw Monday afternoon, “I’ve been weak all of my life. I think it is very important that every doctor, physical therapist, etc. know that.

After I had both hips replaced in 2007, I had physical therapy that got interrupted by an emergency appendectomy — my appendix burst BEFORE I had my hip surgery. I remember feeling a very sharp pain one night in a lovely hotel near the same medical center. In a couple hours, the pain went away. So, I was relieved about that. And had the bilateral hip replacements.

After the surgery, those alert doctors noticed I was ill, and they all thought it was pneumonia so they pumped me full of antibiotics. (I didn’t mention the stomach pain because it had gone away.) And I took more antibiotics when i got home … finally, SIX months later, when my regular doctor (thank god) couldn’t see me, I saw a very good physician’s assistant. Praise the Lord. She sent me to the hospital where I had to sit for hours, drinking that awful stuff so they could do a scan of my tummy. YUP! The technician didn’t even remove the IV so I KNEW they had found something wrong with me. … and that took at least 7 weeks to recuperate and heal the large open wound (they used a Wound-Vac until it healed nicely). Boy, do I have a big scar though. I don’t care. I was so damn lucky that time too. Fortunately, there is a very good general surgeon up there, and he warned me as they wheeled me in to the operating room that I might have a colostomy bag after the surgery. But I didn’t. Thank god he is that good. And what a mess he to clean up inside my abdominal cavity.

So that physical therapy … well, I didn’t get enough of it, and that physical therapist was a bossy woman. OKAY, STOP, BRONWYN! I said that below too … but I always just keep writing, writing, writing.

Back to my mom: My very, very busy mother (who cleaned house constantly) kept me in a playpen. She proudly told me once that I was such a “good little girl.” My much older cousin had a PhD in Child Psychology (and, back then, was a provost at Alford University in northern New York State). He told me once that I was a “model child.” And I bet he said it with some irony. Probably because he noticed how my mom ordered me around. Like these past couple days, I keep turning the lights off in the bathroom and kitchen .. because my mom was always shouting at both my brother and me, “Don’t waste electricity!” WHICH! Actually, that is a GOOD thing. (I constantly had to tell former roommate the same thing .. my electricity bill doubled when she lived there, and she left me high and dry to pay that too.) By the way, ALL utilities are paid at my soon-to-be new home. But I will still be careful about turning off lights… it is a smart thing to do, for lots of reasons.

She taught me more good things:

One time, I recall, we were in a little grocery store in a tiny rural town, and I picked up a peanut and cracked it open. I LOVED peanuts and still do! So she saw me do that, and she slapped my little hand. I guess that was kind of mean — but, boy, she taught ME that lesson. Many, many times, I have been tempted to steal something — oh, like paperclips from an office I once worked in. I think I did that a couple times when I was in my 20s. Then I felt so guilty about it. Heck, I am tempted to take some of the nice silverware in this lovely hotel room … but that would trouble me greatly, for many reasons.

NOW — > It’s YOUR turn, all of you. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! And I am putting up another short post soon .. then I will quickly pack. I asked them to send me up three or four large plastic bags. And did they ever! I brought some food and other stuff down in a grocery bag,but it is wet outside. So, now I have a safe bag to carry all that back to my apartment.

That was cool. It got me thinking. The mover suggested I lay out a sheet and wrap my clothes in it. But I happen to have a lot of clothes at the moment. “Auntie Em” sent me three big boxes stuffed with lots of clothes and shoes. I LOVE some of them, especially the big t-shirts that I wear at home and often sleep in (along with some simple cotton pants that my adult child picked out for me at Costco, and for which I repaid her). Anyway, I am going to toss all of those clothes in several big plastic bags .. I have some left and I’ll see if I have enough. Then I’ll go to WalMart or Costco and get more, if I have to. (I wish I could have a garage sale too, but I’m not sure I have time for that. There are several things i don’t need anymore, and I could make some extra money that way too. Anything to help finance the move.

Oh god. I do this every time…. I think of more and more things to write about and tell you all about.

P.S. I KNOW this is probably full of typos. I fixed several already. But I have to stop .. oh dear, I keep saying that too, huh. THIS IS IT, typos and all!