As I annotated this image, I noted that my bone spur is larger than that in the image. So I found a drawing and drew two small circles where the bone spur begins and ends. It looks like a boomerang, over one inch wide, and it tapers off to the red circles. Next, we’ll need to find the bone spurs in my neck, arms, elbows, back AND hips.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I need to lie down for a bit. Have been up since @ 6 a.m. but wanted — most of all — to thank each and everyone of you who have helped me. (I’ll send you all thank you notes as soon as possible. I’ve had a lot of interruptions the past few days, and couldn’t find time ’til now. I am sorry.)

I am adding a couple images to show you what I saw on Monday. I was astonished when a fine ortho surgeon showed me my x-ray. Many weeks before, I wondered if bone spurs grow all over some people’s bodies. ALSO: The techs x-rayed my neck but we didn’t get a chance to discuss what was discovered that explains my excruciating neck pain — I have to see another doc who does necks. And another who does backs… etc., etc.

As I’ve told many of you, I looked up “bone spurs” at Yes! Bone spurs can grow on any bone in our bodies. So, as I wrote in a comment or post (i forget), I had a hunch that that might be a major reason why my right should hurts so much that I wish I could stay in a hospital some long weekend, get a morphine drip and sleep all weekend. I am serious. I hurts that much. As I told the ortho surgeon, if I even move my right elbow to rest it on a pillow, the pain is terrible. I am alright as long as I do not move a single inch.

You know what, I am pooped. I was planning to add another section here, but I want to lie down a while, relax, and then I am sure I’ll get up in a couple hours. I need to buy a new phone. I plugged it in, triple-checked the plug-ins. The little lights go on, but there’s no dial tone. I think the batteries ran out…. the phone was fine, and I haven’t done anything to harm it. Now, I did spill coffee on my answering machine a few months ago. Tonight, I am going to get over to WalMart and buy a new phone, hopefully one with an answering machine. (The reasons for that are explained in the next post I’ll try to get up tonight.)

Most of all, thank you, all of you who have helped me. I haven’t even made it to the mailbox since last Friday night. The main reason for that is that I can rarely walk that far, so I usually drive my car to the mailboxes. I have a certain problem involving the number 1 … yes, all that exertion apparently makes me need to take care of number 1 frequently. I will get that checked out too, in time. Right now, I am going to be a very busy Bronwyn.

I may have to pack everything myself… unless I can hire some reliable people to help me. I found two fantastic young Mormon missionaries who helped me SO much in a single hour. I was thrilled by how much they accomplished. But, sadly, they have little time due to church obligations. So I will need — sigh — more $$$ to get help for that and more issues I’ll explain later. If you can — only if you can — please stop by here and send me some funds. It is very embarrassing to me to have to ask. But I scarcely have enough to pay one month’s rent … then there’s the one-month rent deposit + a fee for my kitty. Well, let’s see. I will paste some of the note I intended to send you below … and add more later.

MOST OF ALL: I do not want any of you to go through what I have. I don’t care if you have to drive hundreds of miles to a good medical clinic (preferably all under one roof, like mine is). And get X-RAYS — NOT MRIs. Orthopedic surgeons need x-rays, and those require very careful x-ray technicians It was fascinating to watch two women take those x-rays on Monday afternoon. They took their time to make sure that my body was in the perfect positions. [NOTE: Orthopedic surgeons are FUSSY about x-rays. So don’t bother getting them at some local clinic in a small town … wait until you get to the GOOD doctors, and have them decide which x-rays they want taken. I know this because they received several x-rays of my hips in 2007, but that orthopedic surgeon insisted on having them taken by a technician he trusted.

Those x-ray techs also worried about me and my pain. I kept telling them, “I don’t care if it hurts. I just want to find out what’s wrong with me.” It did hurt. A lot. But I didn’t realized it until after i got back to a place I stayed at, thanks to a kind friend’s gift of airline points.

P.S. I had appointments all set up for late June/July. But I had to cancel them. Know why? Because my roommate kept forgetting to lock the door. Over and over again. I had to leave notes up so she’d remember …. I also wrote nice notes to her asking her things like, “Please don’t drink my water. I have no water left now to drink, and had to go out to my car to get more.” (That’s my little system of carrying in heavy items. I take a plastic sack out to the car, and unload items I’ve bought, bit by bit. So, I had to go out to my car again. BTW: Ordinarily, for a while, I drank the tap water here. But something is VERY wrong with the pipes. When I drink the water, I taste something metallic. I am leery of drinking that water. I hope I remember that when I see the docs in January/February, and make sure I don’t have a lot of some toxin or whatever might be lurking in those pipes. Are you thinking about what I’ve been thinking? Yup, I am going to TRY to find out if I can get a sample of that water … and other cheap materials to build this place. For instance:

(1) Everybody I’ve talked to has told me not to wash the walls. Why? The paint comes off the wall. One day, the handyman brought along a bucket of paint and a brush and covered up some markings on the wall.

(2) This is another reason I became worried about the water. There were some bad stains in the toilet …. a nice cleaning woman came over and got down on her hands and knees, scrubbed as much as she could with a SPECIAL type of pumice stone. I never got to find out what kind of pumice that is. I wasted a brand-new pumice stone trying to scrub it myself. ALSO: I noticed she didn’t get out all the stains. Why? Because those stains are where the water goes down through the bottom of the toilet. You’d need to have hands the size of a child’s to get at those stains.

You can imagine what I thought the stains were from. Nope, it wasn’t #2. I have scrubbed and scrubbed — Comet, bleach, Mr. Clean — anything I could grab that I have. No way … and the stains are getting bigger and bigger. I’ve spent a lot of money and time trying to scrub those toilets.

ALSO: At least twice a day, I have to use a big, expensive toilet suction pump. They have those toilets set up so that not enough water gets in the bowl. Often — to clean the toilet — and have to use an old plastic yogurt container to pour water from my bathroom sink into my toilet, just to fill the water enough so that I can put a bit of bleach or Comet in and let it sit for a while, hoping the stains will go away. That is a WASTE of my time and my money. No more, I’ve said. I am moving away as fast as I can.

So yeah, something that starts with the word “class” and ends with the word “suit.” The company owns LOTS of buildings like this and I bet they’ve built them with the same crummy materials.

Let’s not talk about that too much here … I want it to be a surprise, after I move out. And I have some people in mind — you can guess who — who I will speak with.

Couple stumbing blocks: How do a get a sample of the water to take with me that’s not tainted? A local utility worker said it costs thousands of dollars to test such water. So, I need to talk to those people soonest, so we can both figure out how to get a water sample. If you know of any, shoot me an e-mail offline…. or write to I am setting up that e-mail account to forward emails to my primary account.

THANK YOU!! Til later…

Forgive any typos. Thanks and I hope you’re going to have a fabulous weekend. P.S. If you can, please… if not, I understand.

And SPECIAL thanks to Larry for some wise advice he gave me about this. And special thanks to Steve, who got the ball rolling! Did he ever! Bless you, Larry and Steve.

P.S. I just thought about something else to share with you. Another kind person gave me some funds after my hip surgery — he/she thought I needed a nice desk and chair to sit at while I did the blog, etc. Well, I used to be able to do that, until 2010. … I was very ill for a long time (will supply those details later). Anyway, I couldn’t sit at the desk to type anymore. Most of the time, I typed sitting on the side of my bed, just I am doing now.

I don’t like to use the mouse pad that comes with laptops. I tried to use that pad for a long time, but my fingers got very tired, and it was hard to push that mouse pad around to get to spots where I needed to click. So, I came up with a simple system that works well: I take a hard-backed book, put the mouse pad on top of it, and place the mouse above it. Just as I am doing right now. Then when I lie down, I slip the book and mousepad under the edge of my bed, put “mousie” on a table right me, close up the computer and put it in a safe tight bag that a child gave me as a gift.

Oh lord, if anything happens to this computer, I am going to be in a world of hurt. So I am protecting this computer constantly. I get thirsty, but I set the laptop down far away from water and coffee, and take a sip, then put it back far away from the computer. So far, it’s working. I am afraid, though, that some night I might spill water or coffee on it, and it’ll be curtains for this computer.

Oh — I meant to tell you about that beautiful office chair that probably came from Microsoft. Roommate’s 15-year-old male cat vomited ALL OVER the upholstery. I tried to get some of it up last week … and will keep scrubbing it. It also needs to be adjusted … there are pedals all over that chair One time, an occupational therapist came to my little place and adjusted that chair and did several wonderful things for me. I recently asked local doctor, “Can an occupational therapist come to my home, once, to fix some things for me.” Nope. Well, god … I am going to take that office chair with me. I don’t want to sell it or give it away. And, if they can fix my neck and shoulder, I will be able to use that nice desk again. Also: I bet the medical center will allow me to have an occupational therapist stop by, I hope, to adjust that chair. But I am not going to try all the pedals just now. It took the therapist a long time to figure out which pedals to use– they are experts at that sort of thing. So I will let another expert fix it in my new home. It’s a great chair — it swivels so I can turn around easily, and it has wheels so it’s easy to move around. Lots of “bells and whistles” come with that nice chair.

And I hope (!) that former roommate has taken that old cat to a vet to be put to sleep — he has a large intestinal blockage of some kind — hairballs or a tumor? — and he has bad arthritis to boot. But I bet she is stalling on that too because she spends all her money mostly on herself. Grrrrr.

Okay … nuf about all my daily trials and tribulations! 🙂 Later!