“Yes, POTUS Obama sides with the Arab Spring strongmen of Morsi, Erdogan, Hamad of Qatar. …” (more below)

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(Photo: Israelis took cover from an attack between Beersheba and Ofakim.)

I spoke with Larry Kudlow of CNBC’s “Kudlow Report,” along with Ambassador Marc Ginsburg, in re the Gaza crisis. [Video below.]

My information is that Hamas is boasting of its success the last five days, because delegations of state dignitaries from Egypt, Turkey and today Iraq have traveled to Gaza City in sympathy.

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Also Hamas has fired several Fajr-5s toward Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and nothing final has happened to shut Hamas down. My information is that Mohammed Morsi of Cairo is the big winner, because he is seen as a peacemaker.

The new Triple Alliance is Cairo and Ankara and Tehran, with Doha serving a supplementary role.

Tehran can turn on and off its provocation.

John Bolton reminds me that Israel only has one IAF, and it cannot deal with Iran at the same time Hamas in Gaza and Hizballah in Lebanon are firing rockets. The Gaza episode is a victory for Hamas, and a strange stalemate for Israel.

Yes, POTUS Obama holds Jerusalem back. Yes, POTUS Obama sides with the Arab Spring strongmen of Morsi, Erdogan, Hamad of Qatar.

However, the long game is the ability of Tehran to project power through proxies. I am told that Tehran is demanding a major gift from Obama in exchange for agreeing to a ceasefire in Gaza.

Will StateSec Clinton provide Tehran what it wants? Unknown. Will Hamas accept a ceasefire? Likely. Will Morsi intercept the new Iranian convoy of rockets headed for Gaza? Not.

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