DISCLAIMER/REMINDER:  I write my own opinions, not necessarily shared by Larry Johnson or other writers at NoQuarterUSA.net.  I’m NOT a Republican or a Democrat.  I’m an Indy, a political cynic, and a former (disappointed) supporter of Hillary Clinton. And I keep my tongue firmly in cheek.

I’ve been reading many articles from “conservative” columnists, and those who profess to be moderates who usually make the case for Republicans.  It’s bad enough to have to see the progressive/liberal/Democrat politicos strutting and preening as they gloat about their victory over “low information voters,” which is their code phrase for “ignorant tea-bagging conservative redneck Republicans.”

The election is over, and most of us really just want to put it behind us for awhile.  There are other things to talk about, and the “fiscal cliff” should be on everyone’s front burner right now, not “the Republicans blew it, the Republicans shoulda known better, the Republicans need to join the 21st Century, etc.”  All the Republicans need to do is stop picking on illegal immigrants.  I mean, they hire them for doing all those low-paying jobs nobody else wants, so why pound their chests and pretend they want to deport them all?  Who’d clean their pools?

Mitt Romney lost, and since Republican turnout was low, which is the real reason why he lost, a lot of down-ticket Republicans suffered losses along with him. [See Larry Johnson’s “What Really Happened in the Presidential Election.” – Bronwyn] But they kept the House and are still quite relevant, despite what the Dem propagandists would like people to believe.  I’ve heard so many times in my life that one party or the other is on the endangered species list right after an election.  I frankly wish they both were near extinction.  We need three parties: conservatives, progressives, and moderates.  If all the moderates who have been driven out of office by their own parties were to band together, they might actually have a voice in government.  That is, if they dared raise their voices, the pansies.

I repeat for emphasis, the real reason Mitt Romney lost was because ONCE AGAIN Republican turnout was low.  It wasn’t because he lost the middle ground undecideds and independent voters.  The damn “true conservatives” ONCE AGAIN sacrificed the RINO candidate by refusing to turn out in support of him, allowing the Dems another victory.  The purpose?  So that (at least in their minds) a REAL Conservative can run in 2016.  Somebody who truly represents conservative values.  Someone like Eisenhower (non-partisan military man), Nixon (liberal criminal), Ford (incompetent boob), or Reagan (former Democrat).  OK, how about another Bush (all of the above)?

I don’t know who they plan to put forward as this ideal conservative candidate they will actually get off their sofas and stand in line to vote for, but I fear it’s going to be Jeb Bush against Hillary Clinton.  Just what we fucking need, another “dynasty” election!

I guess some people think Chris Christy would be a good choice, but I’m not sure for which party.  Maybe Hillary should nab him for her running mate.  All she has to do to win him over is give him her cell phone number.

I suppose some of the true believers among the conservatives who refused to support Mitt Romney are of the opinion that the party would have done better with Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum on the ticket.  I can’t say if that would have improved their chances for winning, but I can say that I truly believe the losses would have been even greater with either of those two on the ticket.  That’s just my opinion, based on the political fact that they are both repugnant.

I stand by my earlier position, from back when the Republican debates and primaries were still in full swing.  Romney should have teamed up with Ron Paul from early on, and kept Paul on as his running mate.  This would have completely won over that all-important “choom” demographic, those who believe that Ron Paul, by virtue of his being a gynecologist, would have single-handedly made marijuana legal, just because he happened to mention a few times that he thought it should be legal in some form, mostly medical.

Seriously, if Romney/Paul had been the ticket, it would have robbed the Dems of the easy target of Paul Ryan, who I always thought was a mistake, a poor choice for running mate.  People don’t want an intellectual dweeb for VP.  They want a ridiculous avuncular fella like Joe Biden or Ron Paul.  Someone who feeds the humor mill with zany comments, instead of scaring people to death with talk of dismantling Medicaid and Medicare, conjuring images of pushing old ladies in wheel chairs off of cliffs.  Ron Paul would have conjured images of giving Grandma hash brownies.  Ahh, much better!  Me some too?

So now there is talk of Ron passing the torch, and the joint, to his son Rand, who obviously is named after Ayn Rand of Atlas Shrugged fame.  I can’t say I like the politics of Ayn Rand any more than I like the politics of Jerry Brown, but if the libertarians and liberals can get together on this marijuana thing, I think they could steal a large chuck of the Boomers, the youth, and the Secret Stoners of this country away from the Democrats.  If the Republicans campaign on legalizing cannabis, they have the potential of sweeping the nation of its feet!

I think it has more potential than outlawing abortion and making Medicare a voucher system.  It’s certainly something to think about.

Or maybe it’s just a pipe dream.