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My information is that the triad of Morsi of Cairo, Erdogan of Ankara, and the Emir Hamad of Qatar conferred and agreed upon a peace plan for Gaza that they then sent to POTUS Obama enroute to Southeast Asia. POTUS passed the peace proposal onto PM Netanyahu without comment or direction. That was Saturda, November 17.

My information is that the proposal is absurd, and that is said to be a compliment. Israel will continue to participate in the talks with Hamas, through go-betweens, however the probability of Hamas agreeing to anything credible is said to be low.

The jaw-jaw of negotiation is the war-war. The multiple voices in the parley include , in addition to the triad named, also the king of Saudi Arabia and his counselors. POTUS Obama is said to be much on the telephone to both Morsi of Cairo and to Netanyahu of Jerusalem.

Am told that POTUS Obama is demanding concessions by Israel that are unrealistic, such as lifting the blockade of Gaza at sea. Am told that The war-war will continue at its present confused and haphazard way, with rockets fired at Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Dimona, at the same time IAF continues to destroy the Hamas structures.

Human Shields

What is to be done? The Middle East is in a regional war. The dark hand is Tehran that is guiding and funding the rocket firings from Sinai.

A resupply of Fajr-5s said to be enroute, either overland from Sudan to Sinai and Gaza, or on the Med from Hizballah stores in Lebanon. Civilian casualties will be the way both sides keep score.

The latest report of 500 Egyptian citizens crossing into Gaza to act as human shields introduces and possibility of escalation from catastrophe. The other part of the threat is Hizballah in Lebanon. My information is that Hizballah will not open fire with its rockets on North Israel until and if Tehran orders. Also the Syrian civil war is unpredictable just now.

In Jordan, the king is said to be fragile, hanging on a fated thread, as the well-armed Moslem Brother faction can rock Amman at will. In sum, the next weeks are as unpredictable as promises of peace. Israel is looking at the November 29 UN Security Council meeting as a turning point.

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Bronwyn: If you haven’t, please check out “Black Friday Post.” I am trying to spread the news as far as possible so that none of you has to go through what I have had to. Of course, had I had the financial means, I wouldn’t be in this fix. But there’s also that I tend to be polite and respectful of others’ supposed expertise. I’ve always thought that doctors, with all that schooling, are wise and perceptive. Not so. I am here to tell you! Most definitely not so.