I am really, really fed up with politicians and their ceaseless campaigning.  We just went through an exhausting election to basically end up with the same dynamics, the same players, as we had before.  It was all one enormous waste of time, judging by the results.

So, here we are, facing what everyone is calling the “Fiscal Cliff,” or as the Obots call it, an invention of Republicans.  After all, if the Republicans would just shut up and do what the Democrats want, there wouldn’t be a problem, would there? And after all, this economy isn’t Obama’s fault, it’s Dubya’s fault!  Yes, if Bush hadn’t come along, we’d still be living high on the hog, like we were during the Clinton Years, also known as the decade of the bubbles.  Dot.com bubble.  Real estate bubble.  Bush is the one who popped those bubbles isn’t he?

Oh, yeah, by the way.  Have you noticed?  And how could you NOT notice?  The new word all dutiful Obots have to work into every post is, you guessed it, BUBBLE!  It’s bubble this and bubble that.  They are forever blowing bubbles, bubbles, bubbles. Little infantile spit bubbles.

“Hey!  Want to piss off Republicans really bad?  Just tell them they live in a bubble!  It’s the ultimate insult!”

Right.  It just destroys them. 

Some Republicans are saying, “You know what?  You Dems have spent the last four years blaming Bush and the Republicans for the state of the economy.  Isn’t it about time that you stepped up and owned the fact that you guys have been in charge for four years of the worst economy in half a century?  When does it become yours?  How about now?  How about we just let you have your frickin’ way, and we’ll see what kind of improvements develop when you can no longer blame it on us?”

OK, I can understand their point, and their frustration.  Why shouldn’t they just demur and let the Democrats have their way?  Then the Dems will definitely own the results.  Since the GOP is convinced that if the Progressives do things their own way, the results will be an economic disaster, why not let them proceed? This will prove to everyone what happens when the Democrats control the economy.

Well, I see their point, but it’s not helpful to the country.  Job One for the Right is to keep the Left in check, to protect the country from the recklessness of the Liberal/Progressive economic philosophy.  Likewise, it’s the prime directive of the Left to keep the Right in check, to protect the safety net that helps the helpless.

Seriously, how long is this constant blame game going to go on?  And when are all these politicians going to prove they are responsible adults?  When will they sit down with their opposition and prove that they are willing to compromise for the good of all Americans?  And I am directing my rage at both parties equally.  I don’t give a flying frack which party you represent.  The fact is, your JOB is to represent the American people, not just your most loyal constituents.  So get the hell off your fat asses and get to work!  FIX THIS!!!!

Both parties have spent entirely too much energy forcing out the moderates from their ranks, isolating and attacking anyone who would dare buck the party leaders or suggest compromise.  To them, both parties, it’s considered traitorous to fraternize with the opposition in any constructive way.  If you don’t do what the party bosses say, you’re out on your ass.  So only the extremists have survived and worked their way into leadership positions.  NO MODERATES ALLOWED!

Well, if nobody is willing to MODERATE their positions enough to reach fair and meaningful compromises on the toughest issues of the day, then nothing gets accomplished!  It’s a constant stand-still stand-off.  And I, for one, am sick to death of ALL OF THEM!!

I’m not going to push one single suggestion in this rant, not about whether or not to raise taxes, not about Medicare, and not even about who’s causing the stalemates.  Everything should be on the table.  EVERYTHING!  If they can’t sit down like adults and sort through it to reach some consensus about these issues, then what the hell are we paying them for??

If they can’t reach some conclusions about how to fix this looming Fiscal Cliff, taxpayers should revolt in the streets and tell all these politicians, “WE’RE TAKING NAMES, AND WE’RE GOING TO KICK YOUR ASSES IF YOU DON’T FIX THIS MESS!!!!”

There.  Now I feel a little better.  Go ahead try it yourself!  Blow off a little steam!

  • http://www.facebook.com/je.colon.3 Je Colon

    Great piece , steve. The fiscal cliff should come and go for us. The only ones I really see that will be hurt by us doing nothing are the freeloaders, yep, the ones that put the New Jamie Fox ‘s Messiah in our whitehouse. I am so sick of seeing this guy still around in our livining room. He should be in the whitehouse doing his frigging job. I have never in my life change the channels as fast as I change them when it comes to this clueless half black man. Somebody, please impeach the frigging guy already!

  • HARP2

    This might be a great idea and put Obama in a sticky position.

    Simpson-Bowles, for all its faults, was conducted in an open and transparent manner and brought disparate political players into a room to forge a serious compromise. It overhauls and streamlines our byzantine tax code, takes some important first steps on entitlements, and reduces and caps federal spending. On substance, I’d wager that it would be considerably better than anything Obama and Boehner might produce after weeks of behind-closed-doors acrimony with the proverbial gun to their heads. Politically, it paints Democrats into a tough corner. Republicans could make a grand show of reluctantly supporting Simpson-Bowles for the betterment of the country. Ideally, the press conference would be led by Paul Ryan, who might explain why he voted against the plan as a commissioner, but is now willing to set aside someof his strong ideological preferences to move the nation forward. They would remind viewers that the proposal they’re now backing only exists because President Obama specifically and publicly asked for it. Plus, more Democrats than Republicans voted for it, including Harry Reid’s top lieutenant in the Senate. Put simply, Simpson-Bowles represents the very embodiment of bipartisan collaboration and problem solving — precisely the sort of thing “moderates,” the media, and the public are always demanding. It would be exceedingly difficult for Democrats to paint the plan as radical or draconian in light of the commission’s origins and participants. The GOP’s “party of no” problem would also be hugely diminished; after all, they would have just signed on to the president’s commission, with the previously recalcitrant Paul Ryan magnanimously leading the way. It would be fascinating to watch the president and his allies try to denounce and reject the very proposal hecalled for.


    • Steve_in_KC

      I followed the link to hotair.com and read the full article. Great post over there. You folks should read it. And thanks for posting this portion of it here, Harp2. I’m glad you put the link at the bottom, but until I got to the bottom, I thought I was reading your own composition, Harp! LOL Nonetheless, it’s a good piece to read, and fantastic food for thought. Thanks!

  • Retired_from_SPOnaj

    OT, but in the new Islamic constitution just approved in Egypt’s parliament (sans all but Muslim Brotherhood representatives), women do not have equal rights and slavery is not prohibited. Will someone please explain how this represents progress for Egypt? Our State Department, which supported the Arab Spring, is strangely silent. That may be because Egypt may not be accepting female diplomats in the future. Which seems logical, under their new way of thinking. How can you take a female diplomat seriously?

    • Steve_in_KC

      What? You mean they might not let Hillary come in and tell them to straighten up and fly right? How the hell do they expect America to respect them if they go all 7th Century Sharia on us? (half tongue in cheek)

    • TeakWoodKite

      When the couch is your only option.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sunnygirl8000 Jean Gabbert

    When Bush appointed Bernanke as head of the fed, I said then that here was the liberal chance to try out all of their theories. These theories still don’t work, but they will never admit it.

  • Hokma

    Imagine if the election were held today . . .

    The Communist-in-Chief came to New York/New Jersey and lectured that there would be no red tape. If this is no red tape, imagine what red tape would be.

    Residents in Staten Island, NY had a tea party like town hall meeting with members of the government including FEMA and let loose on officials.

    FEMA has been a complete failure – and Obama is getting away with this as the media intentionally ignore it.


    I mean what exactly does Obama do? He certainly is not engaged in anything internationally unless it is a free trip. He certainly thinks budgets are a laughing matter. He thinks his entire job is one long campaign and does not work.

    In this storm the government has been a complete failure.

  • foxyladi14

    Actually they have been in power for 6 years.took over in 07



    damn backtrack’s EPA will do anything to make people have to buy GM government owned motors.
    gives approval to gas mix that ruins cars

  • Hokma

    This is who Americans elected.

    One of his ideas is for Congress to give him the power to unilaterally raise the debt limit.


    Obama is nothing more than a banana republic two bit snake oil salesman dictator.

    • Heather Stein

      You mean like Congress raised the debt ceiling without question 7 times over 8 years for Bush or 18 times over 8 years under Reagan. It has only been raised 3 times under Obama.

      • Hokma

        PPAA, Lola. scottymac, etc, etc, . . . .

        Your comment is ignorant and irrelevent. So get lost maggot.

    • getfitnow

      And the GOP better wake up that their not dealing with another typical foe.



    when is congress going to get rid of the TSA
    an agency going crazy with power. tells congress ” your not the boss of me”

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ND2FCCGVV2IZTTAZQTXKJTCPNI Ruth

    dick morris sums it up very well. stop whining and get to work saving your country. there will always be idiots coming on here to insult etc. stay informed. morris said yesterday the usa wlll have to go through real pain to learn a lesson. i am sorry to see that is becoming true.



    • Heather Stein

      Love Dick Morris. Still waiting for the Romney landslide he predicted.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/ND2FCCGVV2IZTTAZQTXKJTCPNI Ruth

        dumbo soros was given the vote count for one of his companies. you want to be stupid, go for it.

  • MG6

    Even the French know what Obama is doing…


  • TeakWoodKite

    And I thought Mr. Bubbles was the man in my bath tub! Who knew it was really the ass clown at Motel 1600

  • getfitnow
  • Van_Dessel

    Both parties have become cults; the followers do not question anything, repeat what the “leaders” say , use an us versus them mentality, and money is the ultimate goal.
    I have some questions though. Why did John Pistole recently tell Congress they have no authority over the TSA, when Congress funds it. Why are no lawmakers irate over such a power grab?

    Why did “diplomats” at the Benghazi “consulate” have to buy phone cards in order to call DC and Tripoli prior to the attack? Was it that clandestine of an operation?

    But everyone should pay more taxes because it will make you feel better. Just say it, taxes. Doesn’t saying taxes make you feel much more comfortable with the world and don’t you feel better off now?

    • DianaLC

      I am shocked! You mean those people at the Benghazi consulate didn’t have Obama phones?

      • kc_tx

        give up the Obama phone meme and come up with something new and relevant. that shit started under Reagan.

        • DianaLC

          I’ll give it up when the Obama administration explains that they aren’t Obama phones. He sure as heck doesn’t mind taking credit for the purpose of votes. And you must admit that the rising number of people acquiring them does mean Obama has some credit for them.
          Bit touchy about some of the videos out there, are we? Maybe we should dig up some of those from the last election when the bots were being interviewed about his choice of Sarah Palin for a running made and they all claimed they thought it was just fine she was running with him. Lots of high intellect voting for Obama.

  • politicsisdirty

    It all boils down to lack of leadership.

    • getfitnow

      ..and there is no negotiating with this WH. I can’t really think of one recent administration that completed failed to work with congress on some issues. That One is not a king and congress needs to stop treating him like he is-tiptoeing around, acting like they’re afraid of their own shadows.

      I say, let That One/dems own it. He says he interested in growing the private sector economy–let him PROOF IT. He is only interested in growing government.. any discussion is going to lead us again to where we are today.

      These fools think That One wants the same things they do. He doesn’t and the sooner they realize that and start dealing with the big-government socialist, marxist, facist that he is, the better off we’ll be.

      • KenoshaMarge

        Obama’s idea of negotiating is that the right gets nothing and he gets what he wants. Will the right cave? Not if they ever want to be a viable party again.

        Krauthammer has it right. As usual.

        • DianaLC

          I’m with him on this. I’m old enough and crusty enough and understand budgeting enough that I can get by in a deepening recession. If I have to, I’ll continue to help my kids through it also. After awhile, you just get fed up.

          • KenoshaMarge

            I’m with him too.

    • KenoshaMarge

      No leadership as far as the eye can see.

      • DianaLC

        So funny! And Obaby would not understand the humor any more than his brainless obots.

  • KenoshaMarge

    The problem is that some politicians just don’t see negotiation the same way as other politicians.

    • Earl Stick

      Excellent cartoon, KenoshaMarge! You always come up with some of the funniest political cartoons I have the pleasure to see. Keep it up!

      • KenoshaMarge

        I love cartoons and find they often say what I want to say better than I could ever say it. Sharing them is great too. So thank you and glad you like them.

  • Heather Stein


    Is this your “independent” comment? A one sided blast at Obama and Democrats. You are a far-right wing Republican writing on a far-right wing bash Obama website. Stop fooling yourself.

    “basically end up with the same dynamics”

    That is completely false. Obama ran on a platform of raising tax rates on the wealthy and protecting the social safety-net. He won the election convincingly. He has a mandate to pursue his election platform. Republicans lost seats in the Senate and House (in fact Democrats actually got a high popular vote total in the House), so their mandate is weakened.

    “Yes, if Bush hadn’t come along, we’d still be living high on the hog, like we were during the Clinton Years, also known as the decade of the bubbles. Dot.com bubble. Real estate bubble.”

    You need a better read on history. The real estate bubble started in this country in about 2002 and went through 2007. That was entirely on Bush’s watch. Just look at the data when sub-prime loans began to be issued and really grow. The Clinton years ended with budget surpluses and a trajectory that would have reduced the debt to zero.

    ” You Dems have spent the last four years blaming Bush and the Republicans for the state of the economy.”

    Bullshit. There is no doubt this economic downturn started under Bush and the financial collapse happened before Obama was even elected. Obama has spent the last four year turnaround the economy and he has done a very good job at turning the ship. We are currently growing at 2.7%, unemployment is falling, job creation is accelerating, the housing market is coming back, the deficit if falling, etc. Obama and the Democrats have no problem taking responsiblity for this economy, this turnaround and improvement.

    “Since the GOP is convinced that if the Progressives do things their own way, the results will be an economic disaster, why not let them proceed? This will prove to everyone what happens when the Democrats control the economy.”

    Again you need a better read of history. This “fiscal cliff” was entirely created by the Republicans. They were the one who demanded the sequestors in return for them signing off on the debt ceiling. Actually, the economy always performs stronger under Democrat Adminstrations. Check the numbers.

    “When will they sit down with their opposition and prove that they are willing to compromise for the good of all Americans?”

    The Democrats have been talking compromise for the last couple of years. They have put spending cuts on the table for the last few years. It has entirely been the Republicans who have said no compromiste. They have said “no tax hikes”. I think you got it exactly backwards. During the Republican primary debates every single Republican candidate said they would not even accept a 10 to 1 spending cut to increased taxes ratio. It is the Republicans who have been saying for the last couple of years “my way of the highway”.

    “The fact is, your JOB is to represent the American people, not just your most loyal constituents.”

    100% agree. If you check the polls a majority of Americans, including a majority of Republicans, say raise taxes on the wealthy and do not touch Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. So if both Dems and Repugs reprsent the American people we will have taxes go up for income over $250,000 and no touching of Social Security and Medicare. The problem is the Republicans are not representing what the majority of the American public want, including what the majority of Republican voters want.

    “taxpayers should revolt in the streets and tell all these politicians”
    I agree. If the Republicans hold up tax cuts for 98% of Americans, by refusing to raise taxes on income over $250,000, people will revolt. They will revolt against Republicans and the Republicans know it. Obama holds the upper hand, particularly given a big majority of Americans just voted for him and his mandate.

    • Hokma

      same ignorant lies PPAA, Lola, scottymac or whatever you want to call yourself now.

      Unfortunately it is a reflection of what Pravda rightfully characterized an illiterate electorate.

      You are proof of that.

    • HARP2

      That`s a lot of words just to show the world your complete economic ignorance.

      • KenoshaMarge

        Hot air and talking points. Let alone the arrogance that makes the troll think that anyone here gives a rat’s ass what it has to say and reads all that bullshit.

        And doncha love how Obama won by a vast majority. Actually,
        Mitt Romney fell only about 360,000 votes short in the four swing states of Florida, Ohio, Virginia and New Hampshire combined.
        And with a Dem White House and a Dem Senate everything is still always all the fault of the GOP. These people can’t take responsibility for anything.

    • jrterrier

      President Obama won the election. Now own it. Take responsibility. Present a plan. To say that we will raise tax rates now & reduce spending later is — to borrow the president’s own words — bullshit.

      And by the way, let’s be clear — taxes are not something that those of us who pay taxes are being selfish about. Taxes is money that I earned that is being confiscated by the govt for its use. And don’t tell me that the Green Energy give aways to the President’s bundlers was money well-spent for the common good. Or that the money the GSA idiot spent in Vegas is for the common good. Or the multi-million dollar prosecution of pitcher Roger Clemens was for the common good. Or the millions of dollars the president spent on thinly-veiled campaign stops for the last year was for the common good. Or the millions that the First Lady spent to vacation in Spain with her girls is for the common good.

    • TeakWoodKite

      his mandate…
      Tiny balls. A dickless wonder.

    • Steve_in_KC

      Heather Stein, using one of his/her many sock puppet names said:

      “You are a far-right wing Republican”

      In your dreams. I’ve never been a Republican, rarely voted for a Republican, my primary contributions to this blog have been in promotion of the Clintons, particularly Hillary Clinton, which gets me in hot water with some of the readers here, who have accused me of being a Democrat! I’m about as much a Republican as I am a Rastafarian, which I assure you is not the case. Therefore, it looks like the one fooling themselves is you!

      I predicted you, in one of your incarnations, would claim that there is no “fiscal cliff,” and that it’s an invention of the Republicans. Bullshit. The Democrats are talking about it and using that term as much as Republicans, and the term was apparently coined by Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve, who was nominated for the post by both Bush and Obama, so I guess that makes him non-partisan, as it should be.
      From Wikipedia:
      “In late February 2012, Ben Bernanke, chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, popularized the term “fiscal cliff” for this crisis. Before the House Financial Services Committee he described that “a massive fiscal cliff of large spending cuts and tax increases” would take place on January 1, 2013.[6][7]”

      The housing / real estate bubble was precipitated by the repeal of Glass-Steagel, which Bill Clinton signed into law. This, along with pressures brought to bear on Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae to issue more sub-prime mortgages to people who couldn’t afford them, started the bubble. It didn’t pop for several more years, but it certainly started during the Clinton years.

      As I stated clearly, the two parties are both to blame and I’m mad as hell at both of them. You can try to put words in my mouth all you want, but I believe I spoke pretty clearly and don’t need an interpreter who can’t see the forest for the trees.

      • Heather Stein

        “In your dreams. I’ve never been a Republican, rarely voted for a Republican, my primary contributions to this blog have been in promotion of the Clintons, particularly Hillary Clinton, which gets me in hot water with some of the readers here, who have accused me of being a Democrat! I’m about as much a Republican as I am a Rastafarian, which I assure you is not the case. Therefore, it looks like the one fooling themselves is you!”
        Quite lying to us. You vote Republican, you do nothing but bash Democrats, you do nothing but support Republican policies, etc. You have never said one positive word on here about Obama and the Democrats. You have never said one negative word about Romney or the Republicans. You are a Republican. Quite living in your personal bubble. Independents tend not to continually and entirely support one party over another. You are writing on Larry Johnson’s website, who has become a far-right hate Obama hate Democrats loon.
        What does “fiscal cliff” mean? It means you step over the edge and you are in a freefall. Will the U.S. economy fall off a cliff on January 1st? No! It is not a cliff at all. Over time the tax cuts and spending cuts will have an impact, but it will be over time. Not a cliff at all. More like a “curb” or stair case. It is in fact very debateable as to how much the economy will actually be impacted. I thought you guys on NQ were fiscal hawks, so why do anything as the deficit will dramatically improve if taxes go up and spending goes down? How do you square that circle if you guys are so concerned about the deficit and debt?
        “Fiscal cliff” is largely a Republican invention to scare the country into make draconian cuts to the social safety net instead of raising taxes. By the way do you know that Bernanke is actually a Republican? Just fear-mongering. Pass Obama tax cuts for 98% of Americans and the impact of the “fiscal cliff” will largely be neutered.
        Yeah, we can go back to 100 years of history to talk about cause of the housing bubble. The reality is that the housing/derivatives bubble actually inflated from 2002 to 2007. Greenspan did nothing but promote the bubble and then burst it. The Bush adminstration did nothing when it was inflating on their watch, but actually promoted it.
        You need to actually understand what Freddie and Fannie actually do. You clearly do not have a clue. They do not issue any mortgages. They do not originate any mortgages. In fact, Fannnie and Freddie where quite late the the subprime game. They only got involved in insuring those types of mortgage well after the bubble had already been inflated by the private sector.
        Bullshit with your false equivalencies. Both parties were absolutely not to blame for the housing and financial collapse. It happened on Bush’s watch when his party controlled all of government from 2002 to 2006. Bush was also the one who completely blew up the debt and deficit and handed Obama a $1.45 tn deficit in 2009.
        Get out of your NQ bubble Mr. “Independent”. Get off the FOX and all the loony right-wing websites.

        • Earl Stick


          No sense arguing with a fool.

          • HARP2

            I wonder if Heather talks that much on the little yellow school bus ?

        • Hokma

          I would hope that the moderator would remove comments such as this which are pointless, inane, and intended to just be disruptive without ever having any substance.

          And it takes up a lot of thread to get through.

        • TeakWoodKite

          Quite lying to us.

          • MG6


        • http://profile.yahoo.com/ND2FCCGVV2IZTTAZQTXKJTCPNI Ruth

          hey barfie, you don’t like what is said here get your large backside over to liberal nirvana.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/ND2FCCGVV2IZTTAZQTXKJTCPNI Ruth

      you sure are a waste of time. it takes awhile to just go past the garbage dump you call a post.

  • HARP2

    Oops! Sorry Kids… Obama Forgot to Tell College Students He Cut Pell Grants Before Election

    Obama told American youth that he kept his promise to make college more affordable.

    Sorry, college students. President Obama has cut your access to Pell Grants by 33%; he just forgot to mention it before Election Day.

    Libs should be getting pissed off and they should send him an angry E-mail.

    Just make sure you address it to Hawaii.

    SUCKERS !!! WAKE UP !!!!!

    • kc_tx

      big deal. it was cut from 18 semesters (NINE years in college) to 12
      which is still enough for a Masters. Go ahead and cut it back to 8.

  • HARP2

    May be it`s the Gimme-Dat party that live in a bubble.


  • http://www.missmalevolent.com/ Miss Malevolent

    Voters are ignorant, and willfully so. They don’t know, and they don’t want to know.

    • Hokma

      Pravda was right when they said an illiterate electorate voted for Obama.

    • elizabethrc

      What I don’t understand is what motivates some highly educated, highly intelligent friends of mine to still support this man. One of them is vp of a well known women’s group and yet she still thinks he’s doing a great job.
      We live in the same planet but you’d never know it. We have a man who now wants to have control of the ability to raise the debt limit (shades of Morsi) and that’s just the beginning.
      After Obama gets back from his 20 day, 4 million dollar tax payer funded Hawaiian vacation, look for more power grabs from this guy that many believe is the second coming of Christ.
      It’s not going to end well for one side or the other but most especially, not for the American people until we have term limits and accountability in Congress.

      • KenoshaMarge

        Hey Obama is <entitled to spend $4 million of the people’s money because he’s done such a good job. And I’m sure he’ll spend every expensive sun-drenched day thinking of all those little people who can’t afford to vacation at all.

        • elizabethrc

          But,but,but his ‘people’ are saying that the people suffering the results of “Sandy” are uppermost in his mind. Is there anything they won’t say, no matter how obviously false and ludicrous in support of their messiah. (Have you read how one black ‘entertainer’ referred to him as their Lord and Saviour; have you seen the painting of Obama as the Christ on the cross?)
          This has become ridiculous and I think desperate people are so giddy at having “one of theirs” as president that whatever reason they were capable of has left them completely. They leave themselves exposed as rather mindless and possessed of extraordinarily low standards.
          Now Rep Johnson (of Guam tipping over fame) has said that the Constitution needs to be changed to no longer allow freedom of speech! I now understand the phrase, the lunatics are taking over the asylum!
          You just can’t make this stuff up!

          • KenoshaMarge

            Black voters vote for black candidates. Period. Crooks, liars, fools, whatever. As long as the candidate has enough melanin in their skin black voters and far left loons will vote for them.

            A majority of black citizens claim to revere Martin Luther King Jr. and yet ignore one of the most important things he ever said about race relations.

            “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

            ― Martin Luther King Jr.

            • getfitnow
              • KenoshaMarge

                Jackson-Lee isn’t playing with a full deck IMO but she does have the requisite amount of melanin, so she keeps getting elected.

                Her remarks are just typical liberal smear crap but did you see her attire? What the frakk is that gray thing around her neck? A velvet cobra? What?

                Damn she should be dis-elected just for crimes against fashion and good taste.

        • foxyladi14

          Eating shaved ice. lol