I am really, really fed up with politicians and their ceaseless campaigning.  We just went through an exhausting election to basically end up with the same dynamics, the same players, as we had before.  It was all one enormous waste of time, judging by the results.

So, here we are, facing what everyone is calling the “Fiscal Cliff,” or as the Obots call it, an invention of Republicans.  After all, if the Republicans would just shut up and do what the Democrats want, there wouldn’t be a problem, would there? And after all, this economy isn’t Obama’s fault, it’s Dubya’s fault!  Yes, if Bush hadn’t come along, we’d still be living high on the hog, like we were during the Clinton Years, also known as the decade of the bubbles.  Dot.com bubble.  Real estate bubble.  Bush is the one who popped those bubbles isn’t he?

Oh, yeah, by the way.  Have you noticed?  And how could you NOT notice?  The new word all dutiful Obots have to work into every post is, you guessed it, BUBBLE!  It’s bubble this and bubble that.  They are forever blowing bubbles, bubbles, bubbles. Little infantile spit bubbles.

“Hey!  Want to piss off Republicans really bad?  Just tell them they live in a bubble!  It’s the ultimate insult!”

Right.  It just destroys them. 

Some Republicans are saying, “You know what?  You Dems have spent the last four years blaming Bush and the Republicans for the state of the economy.  Isn’t it about time that you stepped up and owned the fact that you guys have been in charge for four years of the worst economy in half a century?  When does it become yours?  How about now?  How about we just let you have your frickin’ way, and we’ll see what kind of improvements develop when you can no longer blame it on us?”

OK, I can understand their point, and their frustration.  Why shouldn’t they just demur and let the Democrats have their way?  Then the Dems will definitely own the results.  Since the GOP is convinced that if the Progressives do things their own way, the results will be an economic disaster, why not let them proceed? This will prove to everyone what happens when the Democrats control the economy.

Well, I see their point, but it’s not helpful to the country.  Job One for the Right is to keep the Left in check, to protect the country from the recklessness of the Liberal/Progressive economic philosophy.  Likewise, it’s the prime directive of the Left to keep the Right in check, to protect the safety net that helps the helpless.

Seriously, how long is this constant blame game going to go on?  And when are all these politicians going to prove they are responsible adults?  When will they sit down with their opposition and prove that they are willing to compromise for the good of all Americans?  And I am directing my rage at both parties equally.  I don’t give a flying frack which party you represent.  The fact is, your JOB is to represent the American people, not just your most loyal constituents.  So get the hell off your fat asses and get to work!  FIX THIS!!!!

Both parties have spent entirely too much energy forcing out the moderates from their ranks, isolating and attacking anyone who would dare buck the party leaders or suggest compromise.  To them, both parties, it’s considered traitorous to fraternize with the opposition in any constructive way.  If you don’t do what the party bosses say, you’re out on your ass.  So only the extremists have survived and worked their way into leadership positions.  NO MODERATES ALLOWED!

Well, if nobody is willing to MODERATE their positions enough to reach fair and meaningful compromises on the toughest issues of the day, then nothing gets accomplished!  It’s a constant stand-still stand-off.  And I, for one, am sick to death of ALL OF THEM!!

I’m not going to push one single suggestion in this rant, not about whether or not to raise taxes, not about Medicare, and not even about who’s causing the stalemates.  Everything should be on the table.  EVERYTHING!  If they can’t sit down like adults and sort through it to reach some consensus about these issues, then what the hell are we paying them for??

If they can’t reach some conclusions about how to fix this looming Fiscal Cliff, taxpayers should revolt in the streets and tell all these politicians, “WE’RE TAKING NAMES, AND WE’RE GOING TO KICK YOUR ASSES IF YOU DON’T FIX THIS MESS!!!!”

There.  Now I feel a little better.  Go ahead try it yourself!  Blow off a little steam!