Damn. Am I disappointed. I was so hoping that Rice would stick it out and replace Hillary. Why? Susan Rice, while a smart, accomplished person, is as smooth as sandpaper toliet tissue in a cactus outhouse. She would have been a disaster at State. Sadly, she has now taken herself out of consideration.

We got a hint at her skills as a “diplomat” when she made the rounds in the Senate and tried to explain her delusional explanation of what happened in Benghazi on all major national Sunday news programs. Instead of calming the waters, she managed to piss off even the mild manner Maine Senator, Susan Collins.

The Obama team apparently woke up and realized that a Rice confirmation hearing would have been a blood bath that would have forced into a high profile venue a discussion of the Benghazi debacle.

But don’t worry, looks like Rice will have a chance to work her magic on foreign policy and hamstring the poor soul who eventually is named as Secretary of State.

She is rumored to be moving into the slot as the National Security Advisor. This will be fun. She has terrible judgment and no strategic vision. She is the kind of person who will worry about the color of the bark on a tree and ignore the forest fire.

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