This is so mindless and senseless. It is one thing to be angry with your parent. When that anger inspires you to shoot your mother and her class of kindergarteners, that is totally insane. There is no “explanation” for this.

I cannot begin to imagine the horror and nightmare that is now reality for those parents who lost their child today.

I’m sure you have some thoughts.

UPDATE: Well, the usual suspects have shown up in the media with the inane, feckless policy recommendations — more school security and more gun control. Yes, if we lived in a magic world where no guns existed then it would be possible to eliminate firearms and prevent them from falling into the hands of criminals and crazies.

But we don’t live in “Magic World.” We live in the real world and there is no way to eliminate firearms. So, grow up and face facts. Guns are here to stay. While Barack Obama did a great job of being mourner in chief today, he fumbled it by his lame attempt to insist that the Federal Government must do something to stop this. He still does not understand human nature.

Then there is the hysteria about school security. JESUS JUDAS AND JOSEPH!! Has anyone paid attention to the fact that the school where this incident took place had a lockout policy in place? The kid who shot up the place was buzzed into the school by someone. A sad reminder that there is no such thing as fool proof security.

I’m sure some will insist a cop should have been at the door checking all people trying to gain entrance. That will be fine until the day comes that the cop at the door in some obscure part of our country has a mental meltdown and decides to go Columbine on the school he is supposed to protect.

Then there is the Geraldo Rivera hysteria. What a total ass he is. Rivera was describing this as the worst thing ever. Are you kidding me? Rivera believes this is worse than the ONE MILLION JEWISH CHILDREN exterminated during the Holocaust? Like I said, what an ass.

This was a terrible thing. We will find out in the coming days that the kid who did this probably attended this school and was considered emotionally disturbed. But the kid’s motives for going postal are irrelevant.

His actions are a stark reminder that there is shit in this world that is bad and, unfortunately, beyond our control. Deal with it.

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