John Batchelor wrote: “The reversal of fortune in the Arab Spring appears to be a surprise to the Obama administration as Cairo now reveals the wolf in wolf’s togs of the Moslem Brotherhood.”

I spoke Eric Trager, Malcolm Hoenlein, Sebastian Gorka in re the Morsi declaration that the judiciary in Egypt is illegitimate because it is dominated by “Mubarak loyalists.

This is the same charge that fledgling dictators routinely make when justifying a grab. Stalin called his make-believe threat “wreckers.”

Washington is acting shocked. [I snickered when I read that. Those idiots can’t seem to do anything right. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the rest of them. – Bronwyn] There is noise that Morsi is walking back his fiery language of last Friday. Eric Trager tells me that the Moslem Brothers never reverse course. Seb Gorka tells me that the Arab Spring was always going to come to this with regard the Moslem Brothers, “One Man, One Vote, One Time.”

Above: Police in Cairo and Alexandria clash with anti-government protesters on Friday, after the Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi, announced in a decree he is to be above legal challenge until a new parliament is elected. The president told supporters on Friday that he was not acting against the interests of the revolution.
Above: Police in Cairo and Alexandria clash with anti-government protesters on Friday, after the Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi, announced in a decree he is to be above legal challenge until a new parliament is elected. The president told supporters on Friday that he was not acting against the interests of the revolution.
Malcolm Hoenlein tells me that the 1979 Peace Treaty with Israel is now at risk because there is no good way to trust a man who declares, as does Morsi, that he is above the law. Israel must police the whole of the Negev border with the rogue state of the Sinai.

The truce with Hamas is profoundly at risk, because Morsi cannot guarantee stability in Cairo. Two years after the state of the Arab Spring, what has come instead is a Syrian civil war, a Libyan anarchy of arms dealing and marauders against American interest (Benghazi) and a fleeting Egyptian democracy in tatters.

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  • Retired_from_SPOnaj

    Will no Obama supporter explain and defend why Congress may not know even the identities of the Benghazi survivors, let alone where they may be found? Executive priviledge, perhaps?

    • HObama HObamanana

      I’m certain you know why they don’t want to identify the survivors, let alone acknowledge that they even exist. CYA 101.

      The real question to ask is: Why aren’t the Republicans asking about what caused Benghazi? And I’m not referring to the lack of security or Rice’s bullshit smokescreen.

      Why was the Consulate attacked? What was the CIA doing in Benghazi?

      No one is asking, nor will they ask, those questions.

  • wyntre

    A sampling of lunatic left
    solutions to gun violence from twitter.

    Jjm Hoft Gateway Pundit

    Someone should shoot the mother
    f***ing NRA President.

    If you belong to the NRA you
    should have to shoot your kids.

    Murder every NRA member.

    Can we now shoot the NRA and
    everyone who defends them?

    Get every NR member in a
    circle. Aim and shoot.

  • jrterrier

    It pains me to say this but does anyone else think it’s a happy coincidence that Hillary’s fainting (dehydration from a stomach virus) and resulting concussion will keep her from testifying at the Benghazi hearing. She wasn’t hospitalized. She fell at home. It’s a mild concussion. Her doctors have recommended that she rest at home.

    • MG6

      Sounds like bullsh$t…..

      • HARP2

        Must have fallen off her broom.

    • KenoshaMarge

      Mighty convenient coincidence IMO. But then my belief in her honesty died quite some time ago.

      • jrterrier

        It probably says a lot about what a major FU the Benghazi attack was — before, during and after.

        • KenoshaMarge

          A FU by the obama administration? Well at least they don’t have to worry about any member of the MSM “reporting” about it.

      • HObama HObamanana

        I don’t trust or believe her either but I’m not going to criticize her over a physical accident. I hope she heals soon and that she testifies in the very near future.

    • DianaLC

      I’m not going to go there, but I would suggest that the people running the committee get a lock on a time for her to testify after she has recovered. If it is truly a concussion, it really is not something to mess with and rest is required.
      I have a brother and a sister and a son who would get concussions all the time from simple trips. My son did once falling on a soft lawn. The doctors did take them seriously. My mom used to laugh, saying that with me, however, she could drag me across the floor by my hair and my thick skull would not be affected.

    • wyntre

      This episode does not pass the smell test.

      How convenient for the pos. First the presumptive SOS nominee, Rice, recuses
      herself and then the current SOS is too sick to appear at the Benghazzi
      Hearings. This AFTER Petraeus was hounded out of office with the sex scandal
      and a half dozen military personnel have been thrown under the bus.

      Congress has been trying to contact the roughly 30 Benghazzi survivors but
      no one knows who they are and no information about their condition or
      whereabouts is forthcoming.

      So once again the pos gets off scott free.


      Honestly. Come on now. Kerry, of course, is HRC’s choice for her successor.

      “Clinton’s aides on Saturday informed the Senate committee chairman, Sen.
      John Kerry, about her health, and the Massachusetts Democrat “insisted that
      given her condition, she could not and should not appear” as planned, said
      Kerry spokeswoman Jodi Seth. Obama is expected to nominate Kerry to succeed

      The story she’s too ill to testify is pure unadulterated BS.

    • wyntre


      Why was she not hospitalized? Why, if the fall happened days ago is
      this just coming to light? Just another pos smoke and mirrors tactic.
      Sadly, it’s working.

      With the Connecticut shootings sure to dominate the news until
      Christmas – a deliberate LSM strategy to take the heat of the pos on the
      fiscal cliff and Benghazzi – there is now way the Libya massacre will
      ever be addressed. It’s history, soon to be erased and rewritten by Big
      Brother. And, I hate to say it, but HRC has a hand in this.

  • MG6

    When Fidel Castro declared he was not a Communist the people of Cuba believed him. One morning they woke up to see tanks and armed soldiers in the streets, Fidel appeared on TV and declared himself as a Communist. All chances to rebel or protest were squashed before it could begin. You see all guns were confiscated and the crack down on the free press was quietly done. With that little history….

  • KenoshaMarge

    Everything seems to surprise the Obama administration as well as Pelosi and Reid. Do they really believe that because they “believe” that things will simply fall in line with their liberal ideology and political agenda?

    Meanwhile here in the U.S. they are trying their best to create a nation of sheep in a world of wolves. That cannot turn out well.

    • DianaLC

      They don’t believe so much as just can’t believe that they are maybe not the brightest bulbs in the pack. So when things don’t go the way they just KNEW they would based on their own (flawed) reasoning, they become so confused. Cognitive dissonance all around. But don’t worry. They have amazing powers of rationalization. They will figure out a way to make themselved right in their minds once again.

      • KenoshaMarge

        If they were 1/2 as smart as they think they are they would know that wishing doesn’t make it so.

        Combine arrogance and ignorance with a heaping helping of ideology and you have a toxic mixture. Still they remain often in error, never in doubt.

    • exmaple

      It’s called “imperial hubris.” They think the world revolves them, and everyone shares their values and expectations. Since they are arrogant in this regard, they are susceptible to becoming what Lenin called “useful idiots.” Surely some MB fronts understood how to use them, assure them they can “work together.” they also think they are super-smart. Remember Obama’s multiple letters to the Mullahs of Iran which Khamanei openly ridiculed?

      • KenoshaMarge

        Imperial Hubris. I had forgotten that term. You’re so right, it’s a perfect fit. Also the thinking they are super smart when they are no such thing.

        There are many in our “elite” community who confuse “education” with “intellect.” Just as the aristocracy confused being born into their position with superiority.

        Once our schools began to teach “what” to think instead of “how” to think an education stopped being a wonderful thing. When schools become the failures to our children that they have become an “education” is of little value.